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Lime Crime: Hard Work Brings Success

I have always admired people who get and idea and work hard to bring it into reality. When we see other people work from the ground up, we get a better sense of confidence. Even as a child, I have always wanted a business of my own. Of course, I found out that Edison was right when he said that success was 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

One of my greatest entrepreneurial inspirations is Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime. Deere is living proof that people can still immigrate to the United States and pursue the American Dream. She was a dreamer from her childhood, just like me. I read a recent online interview, where Deere opened up about growing up in Russia. She learned to make her own clothes and had drew her own temporary tattoos to sell at school. Her business skills were pretty rare for such a young person who lived in an oppressive country.

Like Doe Deere, I have never been satisfied with the status quo. When I was thirteen, I adopted a Goth sense of fashion that was completely my own. There were many people and things that influenced my style, from classic punk, to steam punk, to vintage Gothic. Deere also was influenced by the fashion trends of music. When she immigrated to New York City, she and some friends started a rock band.

It amazes me that Deere came to this country and basically had nothing but her dreams. She started touring in her own rock band and even designed the clothes for the group. In her interview, Deere said that when fans discovered that she made her own costumes, they wanted to buy outfits like them. In a true entrepreneurial spirit, Doe Deere signed up for a small shop on a famous Internet auction site. She made several different outfits and modeled them for customers to see. She named her shop Lime Crime.

Deere wanted makeup that complimented her clothes and was never happy with the selection in stores. She began mixing up unbelievable color combinations and modeled them with her clothes. Her fans were thrilled with the fabulously fluorescent colors that she created in eyeshadows, lipsticks, bronzes, blushes, and nail polishes. Demand for her makeup got so big that she eventually bought a factory to produce it. Now, Lime Crime is shipped all over the world from Deere’s popular website. It is an internet business that is worth millions of dollars.

An outfit is not complete without the right makeup and accessories. For this reason, I found my niche in fashion. I have a little store-front business in our local flea market where I sell Goth outfits and accessories I design. Doe Deere truly one of my favorite inspirations. As a matter of fact, I use Lime Crime cosmetics and recommend them to all my customers. If we are willing to work, we can see success in our business, too.

The Expansion Drive at Coriant under New CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir

Coriant is a technology company and a proven supplier of innovative and quality networking solutions to leading networking firms in more than 100 countries. Its customer base consists of government agencies, enterprises, and cloud providers. Out of the top 10 Tier I communication service providers in the globe, nine subscribe to Coriant’s services. The solutions that Coriant provides serve as a strong foundation for end user revenues that run into billions of dollars. This success has been achieved courtesy of hundreds of thousands of deployed networking systems.

Coriant was established in 2013 as an independent company. Its technology initiative is derived from Siemens Optical Networks, Sycamore Networks, and Tell abs. The company was created by Marlin Equity Partners. Through the combination of the three networks, Coriant delivers top-notch packet optical transport and mobile back haul solutions. The solutions rely upon a renowned heritage of technology innovation of more than 35 years.

Presently, Coriant holds more than 1,800 patents. Among its initial achievement is the world record transmission capacity, which was at 57.6 Tbps on hollow core fiber. Coriant also scored highly with ROADM-on-a-blade and optical layers SDN solutions that were the first in the industry. Coriant caters for over 500 clients in 6 continents and in over 100 countries. It provides its excellent services with local expertise and global reach.

Recently, Coriant appointed Shaygan Kheradpir as the chief executive officer and the chairman of the board. Shaygan Kheradpir is a renowned leader in the fields of technology and business. He joins Coriant after working earlier this year with the leading management team at Marlin Equity Partners in the capacity of an operating partner. Capitalizing on his active engagement in the firm’s strategic planning in addition to operations, Shaygan Kheradpir takes up the new responsibility to strengthen and drive Coriant’s growth strategy. His focus will be on providing valuable solutions to Coriant’s clients in today’s competitive and highly dynamic end user market.

In his new role, Shaygan Kheradpir replaced Pat DiPietro, the president and CEO. DiPietro took up the role of vice chairman for Coriant and returned to his former position of operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners. He is credited with successfully introducing new products and ensuring the growth of the company. Shaygan Kheradpir points out that Coriant’s comprehensive portfolio of data and packet optical networking solutions, global outreach; excellent technology innovation and a larger consumer base were among the factors that attracted him to the company.

The Truth Behind One Life to Live

Some shows just have a way of really impacting life as we know it. One Life to Live was definitely one of those shows. This ABC daytime drama aired for over 43 years. For the majority of that time, the show was broadcasted on national television. However, with the new wave of television that came through, One Life to Live was one of the many soap operas to be given the axe. Instead, television stations wanted to air daytime talk shows like The Chew. Fans weren’t ready to say goodbye to this classic. One Life to Live was then transferred over to the Internet world. Both Hulu and iTunes went on to air new episodes of the series. In 2013, the show said goodbye for good and was officially canceled on all means.

A world without One Life to Live is hard to even imagine. This show had been a staple for so many people for so long. Opposed to other soap operas, this one always made sure to touch upon hard, pressing issues. Whatever was going on in the world, One Life to Live brought light to it. The characters were also individuals from all races and social classes. One Life to Live really was a gem for its time.

Something that everyone will remember from One Life to Live is that it featured so many well-known actors before they hit it big. Of course this includes the likes of Tommy Lee Jones, Blair Underwood, Ryan Phillippe and Judith Light. One actress in particular that really made her presence known on the show is Crystal Hunt. For those who don’t know, Hunt played the role of Stacy Morasco. She was on One Life to Live from February 2009 to February 2012. That’s not all, though. Hunt reprised her role twice, both appearances can be seen on her Vimeo, as a ghostly sort of figure.

While she has appeared in some feature films like Sydney White and The Derby Stallion, and recently Magic Mike XXL, Hunt focuses most of her time on producing movies. She just produced the movie Talbot County with her longtime friend. Hunt also owns her a high-end pet boutique store in her hometown of Clearwater. Follow her on Instagram to see which films she’s working on next.

One Life to Live was a show that brought so much joy to its fans. From the amazing cast to the incredible storylines, One Life to Live was exactly what daytime television needed back in 1968.

Why Is OrganoGold A Gold Mine For The Philippines?

OrganoGold is a Filipino company that grows coffee in remote orchards on many of the smallest islands in the country. The Philippines has been starved for industry, but the OrganoGold brand has become a welcome addition to the nation. OrganoGold is a coffee brand, an energy drink and an international company that has brought its wares to America. This article explains how the OrganoGold brand has created new businesses, helped keep the world caffeinated and helped the economy of the Philippines explode.

#1: Where Do They Grow?

OrganoGold coffee is grown in organic fields on many small islands in the Philippines. The nation is made up of thousands of islands, and some of the smaller islands are perfect for growing coffee. The coffee is grown to maintain the natural flavor gained from the soil in the region, and the growers release that coffee to OrganoGold as part of a massive production deal.

#2: How Is OrganoGold Sold?

The OrganoGold brand of coffee is sold by independent contractors throughout the world who manage their own businesses. These small business owners sell the products from the company after purchasing each product at a wholesale price. OrganoGold charges fair prices for each product, and the small business owners make a tidy profit when they sell their coffee.

#3: The Energy Drink

The energy drink market was flooded with OrganoGold products when Bernardo Chua came to America to speak, and to run the American operation for OrganoGold. The energy drink market immediately reacted to the new drink, and Bernardo was able to have a large customer base in California alone. Bernardo’s leadership helped OrganoGold to grow, and more independent contractors were starting businesses in California.

#4: The Marketing Scheme

As his resume predicted he would, Bernardo Chua appealed to Californians who wanted to make a little extra money, and he released a new campaign that had Californians starting their own business to sell OrganoGold coffee and energy drinks. The state was flooded with the products, and Bernardo was hardly able to keep with the demand for his new items. America loves the OrganoGold coffee brand, and Bernardo led the introduction of the products to North America.  Follow him on Facebook to keep up with what Bernardo is doing next.

The OrganoGold coffee brand has become the most recognized the world over because of its marketing scheme and organic growing plan. These coffees help keep the world caffeinated, and people across the globe are selling these products for a fair profit. OrganoGold keeps the world awake, helps people make a living and has properly invaded the American market.