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Headline Worthy K9 Food

Many pet owners are beginning to say no to that old time putrid canned and dry food. Opening a can of food now smells closer to Thanksgiving dinner, and those brave enough to try it, say the taste is not far off something we humans may eat. Blending up quality meats, grains, and vegetables is not a new concept to the pet food industry; however, seems as though the healthy “fresh is best” movements has crossed the line from human to pet. Every company seems to be competing to create the freshest, and most unique flavors such as lasagna and stroganoff and all their competing has pet owners opening their wallets. The sales of premium dog food have risen 45 percent in the U.S. since 2009 according to wikipedia. Fresh and premium dog food sales now account for more than half of the market. You can read more about what’s going on in the fresh gourmet dog food industry here. Purina has gone to the extent of creating a website for owners to visit where they can create tailor-made food for their pets. According to their website, “the best nutrition is customized.” Beneful, also created by Purina, has concocted 14 different tubs of meals for dogs. It’s tough to even call Beneful’s creations dog food with mouth watering names like “Simmered Chicken Medley” and “Savory Rice and Lamb Stew” It seems as though Beneful has jumped aboard the new dinner table fresh dog food movement. Taste is not the only thing pet owners seem to be concerned with when it comes to their beloved pets. The food choices of pet owners still keeps health as the number one factor when purchasing, just before palatableness. Leading dog food companies, such as Beneful, are taking measures to ensure pets are receiving proper nutrition from their tasty dishes. Beneful has a whole team of professionals in the Nestlé Purina Nutrition Research department, which evaluates the safety and ingredients of Beneful dog food. Their lead nutritionist, Janet, confirms that everything that goes into Beneful, has a specific, beneficial purpose in the pet’s body. It can become pricey for companies to use fresh healthy ingredients. This leaves some on Wall-street skeptical about the potential of the products ; However, the way most in this niche of dog food sees it, with the movement of families into a more healthy lifestyle, it’s only right to bring along the family pet. They are, after all, a part of the family.

Buying Real Estate With Town Residential

Has New York City real estate peaked? That’s what many real estate professionals are saying these days. Many in the real estate industry are saying that the days of the apartment bidding war are long gone, with many people in the city not even looking to buy or rent. For years, the New York City real estate industry was a booming atmosphere, with many looking to buy or rent whatever they can get their hands on. Now, many people think that the industry has peaked. Currently, New York City has seen its highest vacancies in years. Many are saying that the way Million Dollar Listing New York portray how the market can be a little bit of fiction. On the show, it can be seen people spending millions upon millions on apartments in the city.

Now, people are not spending the money simply because the rents and the sale prices are too high. Experts think that the cause of the vacancies is the prices and how the prices cannot go higher than they are right now. People are seeing that it doesn’t make too much sense to spend a significant amount of money on an apartment. This is not the first time experts saw a shift in real estate vacancies. The Miami, Australian and London real estate bubbles have popped a long time ago. It also must be pointed out the bubbles burst in the luxury real estate market.

Town Residential is a boutique luxury real estate brokerage firm, located in the heart of New York City. Town Residential was founded in 2010 with the belief that brokers should take a handcrafted approach when finding clients luxury real estate. Town Residential was founded by Joseph Sitt and Andrew Heiberger.

Town Residential mostly specializes in luxury real estate sales, real estate leasing, marketing and the sale of property developments. Town Residential seems like the perfect place to work for. The real estate brokerage firm was awarded several recognitions including, The Best Firm To Work For award and the Top 50 Best Places to Work. Town Residential has industry leaders that make buying and renting luxury real estate an enjoyable experience.

Doe Deere Explains Why It Is Good To Break Fashion Rules

The world of fashion is always filled with rules and regulations made by those who sit upon high within the industry. For many these rules are written in stone and should not be altered or broken for anything, but the world of fashion is now becoming more fluid and the rules of the past are being broken by a new breed of fashion designers and cosmetics producers. One of these is Doe Deere, who has been at the forefront of the change in fashion since her LimeCrime brand was established as an independent producer of cosmetics.

The range of rules that people are told to stick to when they dress themselves or do their makeup should not be seen as rules set in stone Deere believes, but should instead be a guide around which anybody can create their own sense of fashion and style. The rules Doe Deere believes should be used simply as a guide include the creation of more than one bold area of makeup being used at a single time. Deere believes this is a rule that can always be broken as she often combines a bold eye makeup design with bold lips that would be seen by many fashion experts as a problem in the classic sense of style.

The idea that fashion has a set of specific rules has never been something Doe Deere has entertained, even when she was studying fashion in the cultural hotbed of New York City. Instead of following the traditional route into fashion after completing her education the CEO of LimeCrime developed a clothing line using her own sense of style as the influence of the brand.

Deere has always looked to extend her areas of interest and success, which has led her to a career with a wide range of interests that now focuses on the cosmetics industry. Doe Deere has looked to created a range of cosmetics in the mold of her own sense of style, which has seen the bold colors she loves become a staple of her brand. Deere remains active in the development of new products, which has seen her spend the majority of her time looking to develop new products that reflect her own movement through life.

This different attitude Doe Deere takes to fashion and her own sense of style can be seen in the rules she feels it is fine to break if your own fashion choices fit into their use. Deere believes a wide range of successes can be found when anybody blends many different patterns and prints in their outfits; even the most famous fashion rules are now open to being broken by the fashion icon and her growing group of followers who even go so far as to wear socks with open toe sandals. The CEO of LimeCrime believes you can mix different colors and seek out the clothing you like instead of sticking to styles deemed perfect for a certain age in life.

Kheradpir Looking to Bring About New Excitement to Coriant

Coriant brought in Kheradpir in order to help take the company into the next decade as a thriving, successful company. Shaygan Kheradpir is an individual who has proven successful wherever he has gone, which is why he is such a desirable individual to bring on board. From his humble beginnings in Iran to becoming a top executive for Barclays and Verizon, he has proven to be a success and he is continuing on in order to assist with this exact process.

So how did Kheradpir come to be as the CEO? It took a while and a ton of hard work, but Kheradpir eventually made it to the top. After graduating with a Ph.D. in engineering, he went on to work for a company that became Verizon Communications. While working in the electronic online division for the company, he helped create some of the most important future specs of tech for the company. This included the DVR services the company would go on to provide and the FiOS fiber optics Internet service. This has made Verizon Internet one of the fastest in the United States due to the superior aspects of fiber optics over other forms of data streaming.

Eventually, Kheradpir moved on from Verizon and took up a job with Barclays. Barclays is one of the largest financial companies in the world, and even so, with his background in engineering, he went on to become a two-part member serving the board of directors for Barclays. This was the first time someone in the tech industry made it to the board of directors for Barclays.

Eventually, Kheradpir went on to move from a few different positions until making his way to Coriant within the last year. He has become the CEO recently after the former head stepped back in order to offer him the position in order to take up the vice president spot. He has already started a rather impressive campaign in order to boost the capability of Coriant and to take it into the future. The sky is looking bright for Kheradpir and what he can do for the company.

Slyce Makes a Huge Power Move

These are truly exciting times for the visual  search platform Slyce Inc. (TSX VENTURE:SLC) They announced a new and improved contract with one of their existing Fortune 500 retailers. The company, which is a major toy retail outlet within the United States and the rest of the world, announced that they had doubled their contract with Slyce. In a nutshell, this is a great day for Slyce because this partnership will essentially double their revenue for their digital search and coupon-related services over the term of the contract.

Another reason this has been an extremely important week for Slyce would be in the fact that they have recently developed a new proprietary retail technology solution called “Slyce Link.” This platform, which has been in development for over a year, is now in beta mode and will enable retailers to expand their marketing capabilities by showing products that are visually similar to what the customer was searching for. The Slyce Link apparatus is designed to increase sales and serve as an aid in preventing cart abandonment on an online platform.

Slyce Link has been the recipient of some great feedback from the retailers who have integrated it into their online platform. Part of the reason for this would be in the fact that the software uses visual relevance analysis in an effort to offer the potential customer an extremely relevelant alternative.

Slyce CEO Mark Elfenbein is highly aware of the cart abandonment problem. “Current statistics show that cart abandonment in the online retail markets is anywhere from 75% to 85%,” he said. “We developed Slyce Link to help consumers who have ‘purchasing interest’ and to help retailers who want to close more sales.”

Originally introduced in a Market Wired article, the Slyce Link program offers broad alternatives under such categories as “You May Also Like”, “Show Me Similar” and “Find Similar”.