Kheradpir Looking to Bring About New Excitement to Coriant

Coriant brought in Kheradpir in order to help take the company into the next decade as a thriving, successful company. Shaygan Kheradpir is an individual who has proven successful wherever he has gone, which is why he is such a desirable individual to bring on board. From his humble beginnings in Iran to becoming a top executive for Barclays and Verizon, he has proven to be a success and he is continuing on in order to assist with this exact process.

So how did Kheradpir come to be as the CEO? It took a while and a ton of hard work, but Kheradpir eventually made it to the top. After graduating with a Ph.D. in engineering, he went on to work for a company that became Verizon Communications. While working in the electronic online division for the company, he helped create some of the most important future specs of tech for the company. This included the DVR services the company would go on to provide and the FiOS fiber optics Internet service. This has made Verizon Internet one of the fastest in the United States due to the superior aspects of fiber optics over other forms of data streaming.

Eventually, Kheradpir moved on from Verizon and took up a job with Barclays. Barclays is one of the largest financial companies in the world, and even so, with his background in engineering, he went on to become a two-part member serving the board of directors for Barclays. This was the first time someone in the tech industry made it to the board of directors for Barclays.

Eventually, Kheradpir went on to move from a few different positions until making his way to Coriant within the last year. He has become the CEO recently after the former head stepped back in order to offer him the position in order to take up the vice president spot. He has already started a rather impressive campaign in order to boost the capability of Coriant and to take it into the future. The sky is looking bright for Kheradpir and what he can do for the company.