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Dr. Sergio Cortes Weighs in On Zika Virus after Mother’s Complaint of Neglect by State

Marilia Lima is a frustrated woman. Holding her two and half month’s old Zika virus affected child, Lima painfully expresses her disgust with the government for neglect. Her son, Arthur, is one of the more than 3,500 children all over Brazil that were born with microcephaly, a condition inhibiting natural child development, in the course of this year. Her bitterness arises from the feeling that her child and many others across Brazil are suffering and there is nothing she can do about it while the government doesn’t act concerned.
Lima lives in the northeastern part of the country and the numerous trips she has been making to and from the local child care center don’t seem to be yielding. She says there has been no followup towards her case and neither are the doctors at the facility of much help. Given that this is a new disease, they don’t seem to know much about the disease. The facility also can’t seem to hold the pressure of the number of children affected and the government seems reluctant with allocations.
About the Virus
Dr. Sergio Cortes, a long time physician and secretary to the Rio de Janeiro state health department, weighs in on the Zika virus scare explaining its origin and symptoms. According to an article on National Public Radio he published on his sergiocortesofficial website, Sergio traces the origin of the Zika virus that causes the microcephaly condition in infants whose mothers are affected by the virus while pregnant. He further says that the virus is transmitted by mosquitos but is quick to differentiate it from a similar viral disease, Dengue, that has been plaguing Brazil for quite some time.
Sergio points out that the Zika virus and its effects are new to Brazil and the entire Latin America. He indicates that the virus was first discovered in the central parts of Africa especially in Uganda and Sierra Leone and only reached Latin America in early 2015. Nevertheless, he acknowledges its outbreak and the need for cautiousness for Brazilian people living near water bodies as he confirms that the virus is mosquito-transmitted.
In one of his other post on his website that he regularly updates on different topics revolving around health,Sergio educates on how to differentiate between the Zika and Dengue viruses. Sergio is quite conversant with these two viruses not just because of his experience but because he served as the state secretary for health when Dengue virus first struck Rio.
He notes that apart from the striking similarities these two diseases share including high fever, body and muscle aches they have some differences. He notes that the most obvious symptom between the two is that while dengue results in severe pains behind the eyes, Zika is more associated with itching in the eye cup and red eyes. Sergio is regularly advising on such and other diseases through his social media sites and can be followed on twitter as well as LinkedIn.

Is George Soros’ 2008 prediction at heart of Russian Controversy?


George Soro’s Bold Prediction

In 2008, the world was entering the first stage of what became known as the Great Recession. The global economic crisis came from a variety of factors. A US stock market crash and a dangerous geopolitical environment was combined with the interconnected global financial system to disastrous effects.

Fast forward to 2016. The stock market has been in the worst 10-day decline in history. Russia is engaged in another land war, much like the Russian-Georgian war of 2008. And already, global markets across oceans are triggering panics at home.
It is no wonder that George Soros sees a resemblance between the world in 2016 and in 2008. His prediction is drawing controversy from powerful global leaders, whom have a surprising target.

George Soros the Philanthropist

To understand the current controversy, let’s take a look at the work that George Soros has done outside the markets. The Open Society Foundation is an organization that George Soros founded. The ideals behind the foundation are human rights, government accountability and freedom of truth. By supporting independent watchdog organizations, Soros’ efforts have helped create awareness of exploitative and abusive enterprises, allowing international agencies to bring sanctions and punishment on these types of rulers and businessmen.

Controversy in Russia

Soros’ stance on openness, human rights and transparency cause friction against many of the world’s large and powerful governments and companies. Most notably in Russia, where free speech is repressed by the government and accountability is as transparent as a brick wall, there has been a rejection of Soros’ Open Society work and of his values. According to CNBC, the Russian government has taken on the antiquated use of book burning to denounce the values as “perverted” and “alien to Russian ideals.” Soros’ foundations have targeted as well, accused of “soft aggression” against Russia. (CNBC)

The Heart of the Matter

Soros has been a philanthropist for over 40 years now, so why has this controversy arisen today? Perhaps it is related to the ominous prediction that Soros has made, claiming that 2016 is set to look like 2008. In 2008, the Georgian-Russian conflicted erupted into full-fledged war. In 2016, the scene seems to be set for a Ukranian-Russian war. As reported in the New York Book Review, so far, global leaders have been hesitant to take aggressive steps against Russia in this matter, and Soros’ seems to believe this will have consequences. Russia however, is eager to avoid such comparisons and draw more international anger. In this light, Russia’s denouncement of Soros’ foundations makes more sense.

Hire Wikipedia Writers to Put Your Best Business Foot Forward


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Strategic Acquisitions and Investments made by CCMP Capital under Stephen Murray

All over the world, people are searching for new ways of increasing their wealth through meaningful investments. Many of these people require the services of top investment firms to actualize their goals. A number of investment firms offer quality investment opportunities. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on blogs.wsj ranks high in this category. It is a reliable investment company that has built a strong reputation in the years that it has been in operation.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was established in 2006 when JP Morgan Partners’ investment professionals split from JP Morgan Chase. Since then, it has been providing premier financial services and investment solutions to a varied client base. Additionally, CCMP Capital has invested over $12 billion in different ventures. The private equity investment company specializes on leverage buyout transactions in addition to growth capital transactions.

In 2007, the New York based firm was ranked number 17 among the world’s leading private equity funds. Presently, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has offices in New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and London with over 50 employees. The investments that the firm makes are grouped into four categories that include energy, industrial, healthcare and consumer/ retail. CCMP Capital mostly invests in companies that are valued between $500 million to $3 billion.

In the energy category, CCMP Capital has made major investments in power generation, renewable energy production, as well as oil exploration and production. CCMP Capital focuses on automotive, manufacturing and distribution services in its industrial investments. Under the healthcare category, CCMP Capital has invested in pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. CCMP Capital has also made foray into the media services and telecom sector. It has invested in an array of services that include cable, content publication and broadcasting in addition to wire and wireless communication.

A number of companies make up the CCMP Capita portfolio. They include; Quiznos Subs, Aramak, and SafetyKleen Europe. Additionally, Jetro Cash & Carry, Vetco International and Latigo Petroleum are under CCMP Capital. Over the years, CCMP Capital has been making strategic acquisitions. The firm completed the acquisition of Shoes for Crews in October 2015. Before that, CCMP Capital had acquired Eco Services in July 2014. Additionally, CCMP Capital acquired inforgroup in March 2010. The strategic investments and acquisitions that CCMP Capital has made over the years have been overseen by Stephen Murray.

Stephen Murray started his career in 1984 as part of Manufacturers Hanover Corporation credit training program after graduating with a degree in economics from Boston College. He went on to earn his business administration degree from Columbia Business School in 1989. Murray was founding member of CCMP Capital and served as the president and CEO of the corporation. He had served in all the heritage firms that gave rise to CCMP Capital. Murray has been a great business leader and philanthropist. He supported organizations like Stamford Museum and Make –A- Wish Foundation.

TOWN Real Estate Property Cream of the Crop Properties

TOWN Real Estate has one done quite well in 2015, and it looks like another great year is one the way. This company is shattering the real estate records for sales in rentals, and most clients just keep showing up. Everyone is trying to get their bid in to live in the Big Apple, and TOWN Real Estate is accommodating tons of customers.

When people come to TOWN Real Estate for homes they are not looking for the typical apartment. This is a company that is linked to luxury apartments and homes. There are penthouses that have a $50 million dollar price tag. There are condos that are being sold to businessmen and businesswomen that are part of the NYC elite. TOWN presents the best luxury that New York has to offer, and people that want this upscale lifestyle are going to be thrilled by the beautiful townhouses and rentals that are available.

New York is considered a melting pot. It is a city that has a little bit of everything from everywhere. There are contemporary and trendy neighborhoods. There are also historical districts. There are neighborhoods like Soho that are hip and trendy areas for the young crowd. There are Brooklyn brownstones for the older established couples that may want a spacious home. Lots of people love this city because it has a lot of different elements. TOWN Real Estate has continued to promote this luxury real estate, and even the clients just continue to keep coming.

In many instances people are actually inquiring about properties that are still under development. Many people are moving here even though they don’t work in New York. It is a city that is close to New Jersey so lot of commuters will call New York home even though they work elsewhere.

TOWN Real Estate has managed to build a very successful company because this organization has managed to provide listings to the homes that are considered the cream of the crop. It is a company that people contact when they want to get the very best of what New York has to offer. There is no coincidence that these properties are in the upscale parts of New York. This is where the most expensive spots are, and that is what TOWN Real Estate specializes in. People that have money to spend will search for quality townhouses and condos through TOWN Reality.