Strategic Acquisitions and Investments made by CCMP Capital under Stephen Murray

All over the world, people are searching for new ways of increasing their wealth through meaningful investments. Many of these people require the services of top investment firms to actualize their goals. A number of investment firms offer quality investment opportunities. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on blogs.wsj ranks high in this category. It is a reliable investment company that has built a strong reputation in the years that it has been in operation.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was established in 2006 when JP Morgan Partners’ investment professionals split from JP Morgan Chase. Since then, it has been providing premier financial services and investment solutions to a varied client base. Additionally, CCMP Capital has invested over $12 billion in different ventures. The private equity investment company specializes on leverage buyout transactions in addition to growth capital transactions.

In 2007, the New York based firm was ranked number 17 among the world’s leading private equity funds. Presently, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has offices in New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and London with over 50 employees. The investments that the firm makes are grouped into four categories that include energy, industrial, healthcare and consumer/ retail. CCMP Capital mostly invests in companies that are valued between $500 million to $3 billion.

In the energy category, CCMP Capital has made major investments in power generation, renewable energy production, as well as oil exploration and production. CCMP Capital focuses on automotive, manufacturing and distribution services in its industrial investments. Under the healthcare category, CCMP Capital has invested in pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. CCMP Capital has also made foray into the media services and telecom sector. It has invested in an array of services that include cable, content publication and broadcasting in addition to wire and wireless communication.

A number of companies make up the CCMP Capita portfolio. They include; Quiznos Subs, Aramak, and SafetyKleen Europe. Additionally, Jetro Cash & Carry, Vetco International and Latigo Petroleum are under CCMP Capital. Over the years, CCMP Capital has been making strategic acquisitions. The firm completed the acquisition of Shoes for Crews in October 2015. Before that, CCMP Capital had acquired Eco Services in July 2014. Additionally, CCMP Capital acquired inforgroup in March 2010. The strategic investments and acquisitions that CCMP Capital has made over the years have been overseen by Stephen Murray.

Stephen Murray started his career in 1984 as part of Manufacturers Hanover Corporation credit training program after graduating with a degree in economics from Boston College. He went on to earn his business administration degree from Columbia Business School in 1989. Murray was founding member of CCMP Capital and served as the president and CEO of the corporation. He had served in all the heritage firms that gave rise to CCMP Capital. Murray has been a great business leader and philanthropist. He supported organizations like Stamford Museum and Make –A- Wish Foundation.