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Doe Deere- A Drop of Golden Sun to brighten up your wardrobe

In 2008, a new brand of cosmetics hit the scene. A brand so fierce, so ferocious, and so fun, that it could only be worn by unicorns. Or at let’s that’s what CEO Doe Deere calls her loyal and substantial fan base, her unicorns. She created Lime Crime, a whimsical cosmetics brand that is all about feeling good, being happy, embracing femininity, and doing what’s right for you. The brand welcomes color with open arms and uses it to bring what’s inside out while turning conventional fashion wisdom upside down.

Deere says she wishes she had started her business earlier, and that the secret to her success is trusting her gut and testing all her products on herself first. Her brand stands true to a cruelty-free policy and never tests on animals. She even carries this philosophy into her business practice and says that she does not believe in “iron-fisted” rule but prefers a team spirit of growing, learning, and respect. Along with her husband, she has worked to make her cosmetics line and her world-at-my-fingertips fashion sense as unconventionally common as the woman herself.

Doe took 7 of the most common fashion rules and gave them a Lime Crime, love yourself makeover.

1. Bold eye and bold lip, at the same time? Yes, please! Her reason? Feed your heart with color. If it makes you happy, wear it.

2. Don’t mix too many colors. Deere says…Why Not? Her philosophy, mix and match as you please. Color coordination is the key. Pink and green, or peach and periwinkle, bold, but in a complementary way.

3. Patterns! Yes, you can mix them. Doe’s tip for beginners is to mix patterns or colors, not both. On the other hand, if you’re experienced, go all in sister!

4. Fun socks are great socks, wear them with open toed heels. She says ‘what’s the point if you can’t show them off.’

5. Rainbow hair does not mean funeral attire. Doe says keep carrying color throughout. With pastel hair, try softer colors. With deeper color, try more saturated tones in your wardrobe.

6. Don’t dress your age, dress your emotions. The Unicorn Queen says that just because you reach a certain age does not mean fun is off limits. Keep wearing what you love.

7. The special occasion is today if you want to wear it. Don’t hide your favorite pieces in the back of the closet waiting for the right time and place. Fashion is about you, so make it your own.

The Right To Live

Yeonmi Park knows perserverance. Her quest for freedom is a story about determination, heartbreak, exceptional strength, and hope. Yeonmi Park told her story to the world to shed light on the oppression in North Korea. Now skeptics are trying to discredit her story. A company, Pyongyang, has made a video in the hopes of discrediting her story. Critics are accusing her of trying to gain “celebrity” status by depicting her story with exaggerated details so it is more news worthy. Her story is a sad, hard story of a life surrounded by oppression and desperation. Park told her story from her perspective and even agrees that some of the details may have been altered due to the language barrier. That does not discount the fact that her life was a struggle and hardship.

For those trying to discount and discredit her story on the, they should understand that personal trials and tribulations are just that, personal. Unless you lived with Yeonmi Park, you don’t truly know what happened. Her life is not a glamorous life. It was a living hell and some parts were things most of us would never want anyone to know. Trying to discredit a personal triumph story is spiteful. Unless you have documented proof that she gave false details of her life, accept her story for what it is. A personal depiction of how life was for her. Most of us have no first hand knowledge of life with these kinds of hardships. It is not our place to send the message to anyone that your life doesn’t matter.



Newest Addition To The Board

Having efficient people join your marketing team can further improve strategic planning and insight on campaigns. For Status Labs, their work has always been highly recognized for fulfilling marketing services and giving brands what they need to save their business no matter what kind of advertising struggle they are dealing with. What most people do not realize is the fact that Status Labs continues to ensure and provide their users with great ideas and businesses by bringing on somebody new to their public advisory board.

Mike Paul is the man they are adding in, and his expertise in this field will help them understand deeper what is needed to grow a brand and bring it back up despite the marketing turmoil that they may be facing. Mike Paul knows first hand that efficient and powerful marketing strategies can be attained with the right approach.

Status Labs is actually known for being an online reputation management company. They simply help businesses, high-profile individuals, and even local brands fix their reputation. If you are dealing with a marketing difficulty where people are looking at your business negatively, Status Labs is there to simply provide the solution using powerful marketing solutions to fix their brand and get them all ready. It’s tough at times to fix a brand’s reputation when they are struggling with people and other websites saying horrible things about them online. Just a single bad review or a few bad information about a business online can cause that brand to close and lose customers.

Status Labs is the ultimate management company for those struggling with a major crisis difficulty within their reputation, and Paul jumping in will only improve what they have always been capable of. The best companies out there rely on Status Labs to get rid of those horrible reviews about their brand online. They know that Darius Fisher is more than capable of fixing anything in the search engines and also help with enhancing any online media within a company so that they avoid future turmoil for the brand. This industry continues to grow with Status Labs providing new strategies.

The Hawks Over Sold

Once again a NBA franchise has been sold and not to a majority minority owner. The former owner Bruce Levenson agreed to a $850 million deal to sell the underachieving basketball team and all of its shares. A report on USA Today states that the team was sold to billionaire Antony Ressler and a team that includes former NBA superstar Grant Hill. this seems like a likely match with Grant Hill on the team because just as his career has been one of underachieving, maybe he can turn the tables on a struggling franchise that has yet to win a NBA championship. The real winner is Bruce Levenson, in 2001 he brought the Atlanta Hawks and the NHL Atlanta Thrashers and the rights to operate at Phillips Arena for $250 million. In 2004 he sold the Trashers to Winnipeg for $170 million. This makes a total of $1,020,000,000 profit from just the sell of the two franchises. The extremely high sales price of the Atlanta Hawks expresses the faith in the value of NBA franchises and the future of the league. Owners feel as though the next ten years in the business will be the best ten years ever in NBA history. An article in Forbes Magazine shows a report from the bankers of the Bruce Levenson sales team stating that the team was under priced. The bankers valued the franchise and its operating rights at the Phillips Arena to be and excess of $1 billion. This is not far fetched being as though the luxury cap in the NBA will rise in the next couple years and the amount of money dumped into teams will raise at least 10%. Bruce Levenson came out to be the genius in the group appraising the team at $850 million and he got exactly what he asked for. Bruce Levenson’s wife is the owner of SPANX. He is the co founder of UCG the United Communications Group, known as a businessman and a philanthropist. He is also the owner of the Atlanta Spirit which is not included in the sale of the Hawks.


The Humble Beginnings Of Eucatex

In Brazil, everyone knows the name of Eucatex. A company known for it’s place in the paper industry. Founded by the Maluf family in the city of Salto, and Sao Paulo. A family run business began in November of 1951. It opened its first factory in 1954. Using the Eucalyptus trees and producing acoustic ceilings and wooden fiber plates. It wasn’t long before it ventured into producing insulation and acoustic plates.

In 1965, they began offering export to Europe and continued to expand so by the 1970’s they had opened more factories that produced not only plates and ceilings but the paint to use on them. They continued to invest and grow to expand and open more factories that the hard plates were created. In Barueri, Sao Paulo, they opened a plant dealing with metals. It was in Salto that they opened their newest factory. This opened more doors to experiment and develop inventive labs for a new line of varnishes and paints.

Succeeding lucratively, they continued to experiment with different products made from the Eucalyptus wood. With that, they planned for the future by opening two plants that all together have over 10,000 hectares, (a metric unit of square measure, equal to 100 ares (2.471 acres or 10,000 square meters)of grounds and nurseries to continue growing Eucalyptus plants. This assures them, they will have plenty of product to use in the future.

Their success has helped employ over 3000 people and their product line now includes ceilings, doors, floors, partitions, particle boards and more. Their products are shipped to over 40 countries across the globe.

The Brazilian entrepreneur Flavio Maluf, the president of Eucatex, shares some important points to be successful and profitable, while going international with your business. Mr.Maluf is a mechanical engineer who graduated from FAAP in Brazil. He took his place in the family business in 1987 and worked in the trade division. He expanded his knowledge by including the industrial part of the business and in 1997, the family agreed to make him president of the family company. Because of his success, he gives you a few tips to remember:

  • Study and know your target market
  • Act as the local market, but think globally not always what works in their country will result in success abroad
  • Seek help from a global consultancy is essential to seek help from a global consultant or an expert in the country to detail the best strategies within what you want to accomplish
  • Seek help from a global consultancy is essential to seek help from a global consultant or an expert in the country to detail the best strategies within what you want to accomplish
  • Hiring and training of a specialized team The people you hire will need to be qualified and to understand the international market.
  • Analyze the logistics sector Check customs barriers, taxes collected, the local laws of the country, the logistics of goods and services, among others.

Flavio Maluf states on Twitter that each tip is important to build your business, but consider enlisting experts in the field to prepare you better.  Flavio is well known for Rubbermaid analysis, as he talks the major merger going on there.  Just as Flavio Maluf was called upon by the chemical industry, to break down the Dupont and Dow merger.