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Steve Murray’s Immeasurable Contribution to CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital is a private equity firm dealing with leveraged buyouts. The firm mainly invests in retail, consumer and services, industrial, media and telecom, and financial service industry. In the retail, consumer and services sector, the firm focuses on direct marketing and specialty retail. In the media and telecom investments, its focus is on consumer and trade publishing, broadcasting, content and programming, wire line and wireless communication sectors. Within the industrial sector, the firm makes investments in manufacturing and distribution.

CCMP Capital was initially formed as Chemical Venture Partners in 1984. It acquired the chase bank of Manhattan in 1996 changing its name to chase capital partners. Then there was the acquisition of JP Morgan &co that led to another change of name to JP Morgan Partners. A section of the JP Morgan left in a span out that occurred in 2005 after the acquisition of one bank. At this point, a reconsolidation of the company was done renaming it CCMP (Chemical, Chase, and JP Morgan Partners.)

Due to its visionary management team and sound economic plans, CCMP continues to earn itself high investments and significant support from its various stakeholders. The firm is currently investing and controlling some of the notable companies like AMC Entertainment, Berry Plastics, Aramark, Bill Barret Corporation, Medmack, Inc, and Pinnacle Foods.

Through CCMPs formation stages many leadership transitions have been experienced. But the most significant of all is the reign of Steve Murray. Steve served the company since 1989, all through in the affiliate firms till 2015 when he left due to health related issues. Even after his departure the firm is still fondly referred by many as Steve’s CCMP Capital. He played a crucial role in consolidation and formation of CCMP after the company’s spin-out. Steve was named the company’s CEO in 2007. Steve has led many significant achievements in the company.

During Steve Murray‘s tenure, the company rose to over $16 billion value of buyout. The company also expanded into sectors such as industrial scope, consumer retailing, healthcare systems and also the chemical and energy sector. It is during Steve’s tenure that CCMP was ranked 17th among the largest private equity firms in the world. CCMP has more than 50 employees and an extensive network of offices in London, New York, Tokyo in Japan and Hong Kong in China.

Apart from being an investor, Steve was involved in many charitable and philanthropy activities. He served the Boston College board of trustees as the Vice Chairman, founded the Make A Wish Foundation and also supported the Columbia Business School and the Stamford Museum. Steve Murray according to died in 2015 at the age of 52. He left behind his wife Tami Anne Monti to whom he was married for 29 years and four children.

Industry Leader Modernizes Inmate Visits

The article is detailing the recent boost in popularity and downloads from Securus Technologies inmate phone calls via video app on apple and android devices. The android app which had been on the market for 6 months at the time of the publishing of the article has been downloaded over 60,000 times. The apple app has been downloaded over 5,000 times. “The app makes it easier for family and friends to visit their incarcerated loved ones,” said the Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Securus Technologies. The application also allows users to sync the details of their visit to the calendar on their mobile device and receive notifications about upcoming visits. I think that this is a great service for families of incarcerated individuals to have. You can’t always make the trip to go see your loved one so being able to still see and talk to them through video chatting is great. With this service offered by Securus the incarcerated person can witness birthdays and family gatherings that they would have missed out on if this service was not in place.

The Securus company offers civil and criminal justice technology solutions. The company is committed to connecting what matters. The Securus headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas and serve more than 3,200 public safety, law enforcement, and corrections facilities. The companies services reach over 1,200,000 inmates across North America. The company provides emergency response, incident management, public information, inmate self-service, and an abundance of other services. All the services that the company offers benefits inmates, corrections officers, loved ones of the incarcerated, and law officers. You can find more information about the Securus Company at

Securus Technologies is in not a part of the product Securus used for health nor the Securus America agent site.

Republican Accepts Contribution from George Soros

In politics as in life, the enemy of my enemy is my friend and that seems to be the case when it comes to the recent major contribution that was made to the PAC, New Day for America, which funds the presidential dreams of Ohio governor John Kasich by famous liberal George Soros according to The Political Insider. It would seem a contradiction for all parties involved until you consider the current political climate that exists in the Republican race and providing the ultimate defeat of Donald Trump brings people from all ends of the political spectrum together to make sure that there is little chance that Trump can win the nomination.
The political season has shown that there is a faction of voters who will listen to the rhetoric that Donald Trump has produced over the course of his campaign. However there are more people who are concerned and even a little frightened by the specter of Trump ending up in the White House. His statements that disparage immigrants and Latinos are chief among them. That is how funds from George Soros found their way into the political coffers of John Kasich according to Latino Fox News. There was a belief that if Kasich could win the primary in his home state of Ohio then it would be much more difficult for Trump to gain the required number of delegates to secure the nomination.

George Soros is an experienced player in the field of politics and saw the chance to provide a small bump to a Trump rival and lead to his ultimate demise. This is probably part of a grander scheme in which he sees whomever the Republicans nominate be destroyed by the Democratic nomination in November. It looks more and more like that will be Hillary Clinton. Soros has been straight forward in his support of liberal leaning democratic practices throughout his life. Born in Hungary in the 1930’s, Soros survived the Holocaust to become one of the most successful financiers in the world. He has proven to be intelligent and savvy in business.

Soros has supported the ideas of freedom across the globe throughout his life, so it should be no surprise the narrow minded sputtering of Donald Trump is a threat to his beliefs. He supported oppressed black South Africans during apartheid and Eastern Europeans during the Cold War. Today according to much of his philanthropic efforts are driven through creating organizations called Open Societies. These are dedicated to protecting the individual freedom and rights of all people while at the same time demanding transparency of government. After his life experience with the Germans in World War II there is little wonder. Today his organizations have spread across the globe.

With all this in mind the contribution of George Soros to John Kasich is really a small surprise in a big game of politics in the United States. With the desired outcome a Democrat in the White House, Soros is showing foresight and creativity in defeating a potential threat to America before he has the chance to get close to becoming President of the United States. John Kasich is receiving this gift but ultimately the winner of the game will be the Democrats and Soros.

Why More People Are Choosing Lime Crime Cosmetics

Lime Crime has been a brand that has been incredibly popular over the years. For so many people, getting a good brand of makeup has always been quite a chore. This is because so many brands are either too expensive or have the same boring colors that you have seen for years. If you have always thought about choosing a brand new brand, Lime Crime might just be the one for you. This is because they have worked diligently to get you the products you need to feel good about yourself. The founder and owner of the company, known as Doe Deere, continually works to improve her products and keep her clients happy.

You will find that Lime Crime is so popular with the Pinterest crowd because of their range of colors and the fact that they can work with just about any wardrobe. You can feel confident in knowing that you are choosing a brand that cares about you and about its own value. You will find that all products made by Lime Crime are vegan, which makes it a wonderful choice for those who might be looking for something that is going to benefit them tremendously and enable them to still wear makeup without having to worry that they are giving up their own true core values.

The best thing about Lime Crime, as identified on social media at Lime Crime (@limecrime) | Twitter,
is that they are also affordable and it can be easy for you to buy what you need and not have to worry that you are getting something that is just too expensive for your price point. Instead, you can buy a ton of products and know that this is something that will benefit you tremendously. From some of the hundreds of different reviews online, you will find that Lime Crime is one of the best out there and tons of women are choosing the brand for themselves. You can feel good knowing that this is a brand that is going to be around for quite some time and that you are choosing a brand that has some of the best quality makeup on the market for you to choose and buy.  Check out their line on Dolls Kill, and the Facebook Lime Crime has further information.

George Soros Donating Millions To Super PACs Campaign

George Soros, the Hungarian-born billionaire, is not new in the political funding arena. In 2014, he organized and advertised a mobilization campaign, for voters in an attempt to unseat the President, George Bush. This campaign cost him $200 million making him the liberal hero. He is at again; political spending, this time contributing over $5million to Super PACs and other political organizations according to The New York Times, in a bid to mobilize Latinos and the other immigrants, to have them vote for the Democratic candidates come November.


The surge has been fueled by Donald Trump’s constant insults to the Latinos and the immigrants. The Latinos victory projects chairman Mr. Christobal Alex said that he has seen Trump attack them from the very first day. “He called us thieves and rapists, which could have adverse impacts on our families.” The voter mobilization outreach, carried out through Super PAC is aimed at turning out already Democratic Latinos, and also finding and persuading more immigrant voters. The organizers target is at least 400,000 new voters by November polls.


Strategists have said that this spending is headed to become the largest, in all the efforts ever made to increase voter turnout for the Democrats. The money is to be spent through organizations, in states with large and growing Asian and Latino populations like in Florida, Colorado, and Nevada. These populations will be vital in the race to the white house and the senate control battle. This time round, the Latino and immigrant voters will have enough money, to fully participate in the negotiations for their rights, which they have not had for so long.


According to George Soros, the Republican has been fuelling anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim campaigns. He says that this is offensive to the countries democracy and national interests. These people making such outrageous statements should face the consequences. This is why Soros is committed to a legal campaign, led by the Democrats to remove the very restrictive voting laws in Ohio, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. George Soros has time from time been seen to finance education and campaign for the protection of the rights of immigrants.


George Soros is very committed to the idea of an open society. For this, he founded the Open Society, which is a network of foundations, projects, and partners in over 100 countries. His philanthropy work started in 1979, where he gave scholarships to black South Africans during the apartheid.


He also contributed in undermining communism in the Eastern Bloc where he provided Xerox machines for copying banned texts. In his efforts to have transparency and accountability in the natural resources extraction industries, he assisted in establishing an international system that will enable this.


Television Series with New Ideas

We are all familiar with the typical drama television series. The same characters and same plots are often overused and repeated too many times. Every once in a while, a new television series comes along that breaks all of the old ideas and creates a new premise. The new television series Queens of Drama accomplishes just that. This series follows a group of former actors and actresses as they attempt to create and produce their own television series. Some of the actors in the show include Sam Sarpong and Mark Zunino. The series also includes some well known actresses such as Crystal Hunt, Chrystee Pharris as well as Joan Collins.

The series follows this team of actual actresses and actors behind scenes and during actual shooting as they try to create their own television series. All aspects of production are left to these group of actors. The filming, casting, production and everything else that comes along with making a television series is left to them. At the end of the season, they introduce the series and hope to land a deal for developing a pilot episode.

One of the most well known actresses on this new series is none other than Crystal Hunt herself. Crystal Hunt has been acting for nearly three decades as she began in the early 1990’s. Hunt’s character Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light is perhaps the role she is best known for. This was an important role for launching Hunt’s acting career as Guiding Light was one of the most popular soap operas for a long time running. To be sure, Guiding Light set a record for the longest running American soap opera. It reached an unprecedented 57 years. From here, Hunt continued acting in soap operas and her next famous role came through the character of Stacy Morasco on One Life to Live, another very popular television series.

Beyond acting, Facebook shows Crystal Hunt leads an interesting life in her home state of Florida. Currently, Hunt resides in Tampa Bay, Florida. Although Hunt does not act as much as she used to, she is not done working or creating a business for herself. In fact, Hunt is the owner and founder of My Pet’s Dream Boutique which is a high end boutique for dogs. This boutique can be found in the Clearwater, Florida area and is the only one of its kind. Recently, Crystal Hunt also released her first full length film by the name of Talbot County.  Crystal has an acting reel on YouTube, and can be followed for behind the scenes footage on Instagram.

Skout Survey Reveals That More and More College Kinds Are Doing Random Acts Of Kindness

Have you ever been in a predicament where you went up to a drive through window to pay for a meal and realized that someone else picked up the tab? Random acts of kindness like these can help to keep you smiling the entire day. It may also invoke a profound feeling for you to do something for someone else as well. The global App – SKOUT – which helps people to expand their social circle, surveyed approximately 2,750 users to evaluate how they feel about the concept of receiving or conducting random acts of kindness.

This was done in the honor of the Random Acts Of Kindness Week which runs from February 15 – 20. What the survey revealed was that, despite the hectic schedules that college students have, 51% of them conducted a random act of kindness for someone on a daily basis. While an overwhelming 93% of them did something unexpected, yet kind for a complete stranger. The survey also asked the participants to rank various random acts of kindness based on the significance they consisted of. Here are the results for the top 5 random acts of kindness which are ranked from most meaningful to the latter.

  • Having their tab picked up at a drive-thru coffee shop.
  • Sent an SMS thanking a friend just for being a friend.
  • Randomly hug a significant other/friend.
  • Leave more than the standard 15-20 percent tip.
  • Use a friend’s car and return it with a tank full of gas.

Skout is regarded as being one of the first dating mobile Apps that focuses on emphasizing generalized user location. Available on the Android and iOS operating systems, the App has been able to make over 500 million connections ever since it was released back in 2013.

The App utilizes the smartphone’s GPS to assist users when it comes to finding other users that are within close proximity of each other. However, the App does not determine where the user’s exact location is and people who are uncomfortable with this feature can opt-out of the tracking features of the app. Additionally, the GPS location feature is only enabled amongst the adult audiences. This indicates that people who are not 18, cannot use the PS feature of the App. Besides being able to search for people, users can view the recent activities as well as the profiles of people who they may find interesting.

George Soros Sees A Bleak Future For Europe

The future of the European Union has rarely looked as bleak as it does at the outset of 2016, according to hedge fund expert George Soros; in an interview with his own Website Soros reveals his fear that the European Union stands at the brink of collapse. The European Union currently faces multiple problems that have all been handled poorly by the leaders of the continent, particularly by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, George Soros believes. The many different issues facing Europe have come to a head with the arrival of Russian aggression in Europe and Syria that has now pushed the European Union to the edge of disintegration.
George Soros aims the majority of his criticism in the Bloomberg interview at Angela Merkel, but does agree her leadership skills have evolved over time with an initial success scored by her during the first stages of the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis. Soros was himself a refugee after being freed from a Nazi concentration camp at the close of World War II; the journey undertaken by Hungarian born Soros took him from Communist controlled East Germany to freedom in the U.S., and success in his financial career. The problems within society have always caused concern for George Soros and have prompted him to use his personal fortune of more than $24 billion to assist those in closed societies.

Angela Merkel has already stated her belief that the refugee crisis is the most important one facing the European Union in the 21st century, a stance George Soros agrees with wholeheartedly. George Soros does not believe the mass of refugees flooding Europe is occurring by chance, but has instead been orchestrated by the Russian President Vladimir Putin. The chance to destroy the European Union opens up a number of avenues for Russia to continue its aggression into Europe that began with the invasion of Ukrainian held Crimea.

The problem of Russia is not the only one facing the European Union, which George Soros believes has learned the trick of juggling numerous problems without solving any. The crisis in Greece has continued without any form of solution being offered by European Union leaders who are watching on as refugees place more strain on the struggling government of the nation. As the Greek crisis continues the borders of European nations are becoming increasingly difficult to control, which George Soros believe will prompt their closure and the end of the open society held so dear by supporters of the European Union.