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Bernardo Chua Continues to Expand His Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua has continued to expand Organo Gold’s global reach by opening a branch in Turkey. The opening of that branch brought the total countries the company does business in to thirty nine. This new opening is not just notable because of ticking another country off a list. Turkey was the first place to open a coffee house over five hundred years ago. This gives the country and coffee a strong and long standing relationship. It is likely that relationship is what motivated Chua to expand to Turkey. It appears that this is a country uniquely situated to appreciate the product his company has to offer.

CrunchBase writes that Chua started Organo in 2008 with the goal of combining the touted benefits of the Ganoderma mushroom with the popularity of coffee. He did not limit the product line to coffee and made sure tea and hot chocolate fans could enjoy the benefits as well. The mushroom is a part of traditional Asian medicine where it was once considered the highest ranking herb. Chua managed to fuse that tradition with modern sensibilities in a way designed to leave customers happy.

The relatively recent start of the company makes its presence in thirty nine countries even more impressive. Chua was no stranger to marketing as he had extensive experience before bringing Organo into being. That experience gave the company the boost it needed to bring its products to the active consumers who could best appreciate them. His experience with multi-level marketing and the distributors that make such a company thrive clearly was not wasted in his Organo endeavours. It will be interesting to see where he brings Organo Gold to next.  Read more about Bernardo on Wikipedia.

Nutrimost Promises Results With Safety

NutriMost is changing the lives of many people due to the promises of weight loss. People that struggle and worry about their weight is finally able to see some results by using the Nutrimost product.

Nutrimost is a product that helps individuals lose weight at the rate of about a pound a day. Each person that takes this product and completes the weight loss program can walk away lighter and happier with their appearance. Weight loss is difficult using any product but Nutrimost is a formula that helps individuals see results immediately. The faster a person sees a result, the better results and the easier it is for them to stay on the same regime.

People all over facebook are seeing the same results. Weight is dropping off. This product is fantastic and following the program is easy. Nutrimost has a supplement that you take while you cut down your calorie intake daily. The supplement is all natural and approved by doctors. This supplement is helping people to get rid of the poundage safely.

An overweight individual does the yo-yo diet all their life. They try diet pills, exercise videos on YouTube, low carbohydrate, liquid, and even expensive weight loss surgeries to get rid of the weight. Over the course of a 40 year old woman, she probably goes on a diet 20-30 times with the same results. She may lose a couple of pounds but eventually she will return to her old ways, putting the weight back on and beginning a depression again. Being overweight is hard and losing the excess is harder. When a product is on the market with this much success, people should check it out. Talk to your doctor before beginning any diet. If you are truly serious about losing the weight one last time make sure you check out the results of the newest and most successful diet program on the market. promises results.

Fabletic’s New Swimsuit Line

In 2013, award winning actress, style icon, and mother Kate Hudson launched Fabletics with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, their goal was to offer high quailty fitness clothes at an easily accessible price. The mostly online service gives consumers an opportunity to subscribe to a membership, so every month they can receive fashionable gear of the highest standard right to their doorstep, without draining their bank account.

The Fabletic website has an easy to follow three step process. The first step is to take a pop quiz, it just asks a few simple questions to help them understand your body type and style preferences. The second step is to shop for your new clothes, you can also choose from thousands of styles beyond your personal recommendations –

During the third step, you have the option to check out as a guest or join the VIP membership program, this allows you to get new styles every month.

Fabletics stores offers a wide variety of active wear and fitness clothes for men and women, they offer promotions like $25 for your first order. Along with their array of fabulous outfits, they offer accessories like bags and water bottles.

In an interview with Elle Magazine, Kate Hudson demonstrated how easily Fabletics active wear can be introduced into your casual wardrobe by sporting her Fabletic top with a pair of jeans. During many of Hudson’s interviews, she can be spotted wearing Fabletic clothing while promoting the company she co-founded.

Elite Daily has announced Fabletic’s new swimsuit line, and just in time with summer right around the corner. The article written by Emily Arata, is an interesting viewpoint detailing the new swim wear line. Every single swim suit is made from recycled materials, they also boost UV protection. They offer sexy and stylish suites, inspired by tropic and nautical themes for every body style. Spokeswoman and co-founder Kate Hudson has ensured us that Fabletics has taken extra care in making the suits comfortable to wear.

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George Soros on the EU-Turkey Asylum Issue

The New York Review of Books reports that the EU-Turkey’s new asylum policy has already resulted in many hundreds of Greek and Turkey refugees on who were seeking asylum. This information has worsened the opinion of the policy of its serious detractors. These detractors have four basic criticisms of the policy: 1) It was not truly European since it was a deal made by the Turkey and solely the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, 2) it is severely underfunded, 3) it isn’t voluntary, 4) since there aren’t enough facilities to hold these asylum seekers, Greece has itself become one big holding cell for George Soros.

Not all the refugees are even allowed to stay. There is so little room, that some refugees are forced to return from whence they came. The European Commission according to George Soros is finally taking steps to fix the obvious problems with the policy, reconvening the convention that formed it in the first place. However, many of the critics doubt this will fix anything. In fact, some even think that it is going to get worse. The critics like George Soros say that the only sure way to fix the problem is to set up on overall “surge” fund instead of trying to gather the necessary finances on a year by year basis.

This will mean that the EU on will need to be willing to fork out the big funds right out front. It is not that the EU can’t afford it. It is also not the EU does not have access to the right resources. They just don’t think it is necessary. There also needs to be multiple countries with facilities available and funding available to both house refugees and to give their children schooling. A good number to shoot for, say George Soros, would be room for several hundred thousand refugees throughout Europe. Plus, they would need to segue these refugees into the host country’s work force. Visit to know more about George Soros

There needs to be a systemized policy according to George Soros that will do away with the current chaotic mess.

Venezuela Projected To Approach 500% Inflation

Oil-dependent Venezuela is projected to have inflation of 481% this year with that figure growing to 1,642% the following year, according to the most recent estimates from the International Monetary Fund.

The South American nation is home to the world’s largest oil reserves, depending on oil for 95% of its exports. With oil prices at record lows of late, the value of those exports has fallen drastically, even as President Nicolas Maduro continues to institute the expensive reforms undertaken by his predecessor, Hugo Chavez.

The extreme inflation has come coupled with high unemployment rates, projected to hit 17% in 2016 and as high as 21% in 2017. The nation’s currency, the bolivar, has seen an extremely low exchange rate compared to the U.S. dollar, further complicating things for residents trying to buy the most basic goods.

Economist David Osio posted on daividosioblog he thinks things are projected to get worse before they get better for the beleaguered nation with the prices of basic goods such as flour, milk and sugar soaring in line with recent inflation. On black market currency exchanges, a single U.S. dollar equals 1,125 bolivars, up from a more normal level of 258 bolivars just a year ago.

With many residents unable to afford food and basic necessities like medicine, David predicts the Venezuelan government will need to turn to lenders to fill in the gaps if the oil economy does not improve soon. In the meantime, residents are feeling the crunch of a drastically inflated currency with every shopping trip.


FreedomPop Expanding While Other Companies are Being Fined

When it comes to saving money with mobile service plans, one of the best ways to do this is with the help of FreedomPop. The company has been able to expand its services not just throughout the United States (over one million users have switched from previous contracts in order to use what FreedomPop offers over the last three years) but around the world. This is at a time where other companies in the U.S. are being fined for going against the word of their contracts and installing content onto user’s phones without them knowing about it. Although FreedomPop is not near to knocking off the major providers, the services will likely ensures the company will expand for the foreseeable future.

So what is it that other companies have been doing that is not all that desirable? For starters? Verizon Wireless recently received a $1.4 million fine. Now, this might be pocket change to Verizon, but it shows the company is more cared about making money and not on how it treats its clients. The company installed what is known as a super cookie onto mobile phones. The cookie is designed to collect information about what an individual does online, which Verizon can then use in order to adjust advertisements and sell the content directly to the user. Verizon did this without asking individuals first, which is why the fine came about. Now, how did Verizon fix this? By putting out a notice. The company didn’t actually remove the cookie.

This is not something FreedomPop has done and it is not something it is going to do as it continues to build its services while offering discounted mobile phone coverage to individuals inside of the United States. As the services continues to grow, so too will the users of the company.

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