George Soros on the EU-Turkey Asylum Issue

The New York Review of Books reports that the EU-Turkey’s new asylum policy has already resulted in many hundreds of Greek and Turkey refugees on who were seeking asylum. This information has worsened the opinion of the policy of its serious detractors. These detractors have four basic criticisms of the policy: 1) It was not truly European since it was a deal made by the Turkey and solely the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, 2) it is severely underfunded, 3) it isn’t voluntary, 4) since there aren’t enough facilities to hold these asylum seekers, Greece has itself become one big holding cell for George Soros.

Not all the refugees are even allowed to stay. There is so little room, that some refugees are forced to return from whence they came. The European Commission according to George Soros is finally taking steps to fix the obvious problems with the policy, reconvening the convention that formed it in the first place. However, many of the critics doubt this will fix anything. In fact, some even think that it is going to get worse. The critics like George Soros say that the only sure way to fix the problem is to set up on overall “surge” fund instead of trying to gather the necessary finances on a year by year basis.

This will mean that the EU on will need to be willing to fork out the big funds right out front. It is not that the EU can’t afford it. It is also not the EU does not have access to the right resources. They just don’t think it is necessary. There also needs to be multiple countries with facilities available and funding available to both house refugees and to give their children schooling. A good number to shoot for, say George Soros, would be room for several hundred thousand refugees throughout Europe. Plus, they would need to segue these refugees into the host country’s work force. Visit to know more about George Soros

There needs to be a systemized policy according to George Soros that will do away with the current chaotic mess.