Bernardo Chua Continues to Expand His Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua has continued to expand Organo Gold’s global reach by opening a branch in Turkey. The opening of that branch brought the total countries the company does business in to thirty nine. This new opening is not just notable because of ticking another country off a list. Turkey was the first place to open a coffee house over five hundred years ago. This gives the country and coffee a strong and long standing relationship. It is likely that relationship is what motivated Chua to expand to Turkey. It appears that this is a country uniquely situated to appreciate the product his company has to offer.

CrunchBase writes that Chua started Organo in 2008 with the goal of combining the touted benefits of the Ganoderma mushroom with the popularity of coffee. He did not limit the product line to coffee and made sure tea and hot chocolate fans could enjoy the benefits as well. The mushroom is a part of traditional Asian medicine where it was once considered the highest ranking herb. Chua managed to fuse that tradition with modern sensibilities in a way designed to leave customers happy.

The relatively recent start of the company makes its presence in thirty nine countries even more impressive. Chua was no stranger to marketing as he had extensive experience before bringing Organo into being. That experience gave the company the boost it needed to bring its products to the active consumers who could best appreciate them. His experience with multi-level marketing and the distributors that make such a company thrive clearly was not wasted in his Organo endeavours. It will be interesting to see where he brings Organo Gold to next.  Read more about Bernardo on Wikipedia.