FINALLY An Affordable Cell Phone Plan With FreedomPop!

It can be pretty tough to find a decent cell phone plan in the midst all the other carriers out there. Compared to all the others though, how does 20 bucks for unlimited a month sound? This new and creative company out of Los Angeles is changing the way that we see our cell phone bills every month.

The Facts
Getting that nasty cell phone bill in the mail every month is tough, but it seems like FreedomPop really softens the blow with 5 dollar WiFi, the Free Service plan and the twenty dollar unlimited plan. As of 2016, the plans also includes free roaming in over 30 countries so you can check out the latest news while you’re out on vacation.

5 Dollar WIFi
This is something that is brand new and very creative. The 5 Dollar WiFi is insane. This allows users to pay 5 bucks for a phone plan that only works while connected to wifi. This may seem weird to you at first, but lets look at its benefits. First off, anyone can afford this plan.
If you find yourself struggling with money and your cell phone bill every month is killing you, you might want to think about switching. This plan is the ultimate money saver. No data over charges, no raise in bill, no bank busting plans. This is for the hard working people out there who need to save as much money as possible.

Free Service Plan
This plan is for the average user who still needs to contact others outside of work, home or school. With 200 calling minutes, 500 texts and 500MB of data every month, this is the real deal. This plan is for the ones who are making their way up the food chain, but don’t have time for a large cell phone bill. This seems to be a good plan for the teenager who’s getting his or her’s first job and cannot afford a ton. Or someone who really only needs to be contacted for work or play, no games or videos. This plan will get you where you need to go with as little cost as possible.

What can be said about unlimited data for 20 bucks a month? The title says it all! We all love unlimited data, calling and texts. Search the web to your heart’s content, all the cat videos you could ever dream of and all the “googling things to prove you know more about whatever than your friends!

Don’t be fooled by other cellphone plans, this one has you covered no matter who you are.

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