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Dick DeVos Entrepreneurial and Leadership Journey

Richard Marvin DeVos, Jr, also called Dick DeVos, is a Michigan-born entrepreneur who is currently the CEO of the Windquest Group, an investment firm that specializes in manufacturing, non-profit, technology, and clean-tech solutions. Sustainability is one of the core visions of the Windquest Group under the leadership of DeVos. He is working to help the company invest in environmentally sound and economically sustainable technologies. Dick DeVos has been the President of the Windquest Group since 2002 and was the CEO of Amway before that.


1974 is when Dick DeVos started in Amway Corporation a company co-founded by his father, Richard DeVos Sr. He has held various positions at Amway in several departments including finance, marketing, research and development, sales, and manufacturing. Dick DeVos then rose to Vice President of Amway in 1984, a position that saw him lead the company to new markets, and drove international sales of the company to three times higher than the domestic ones, a first in history for Amway. In 1993, DeVos returned to Amway as its president, a position he held until 2002. His responsibility was to oversee the operations of the company in over 50 countries across six continents. While he was Amway’s president, he took the company on a corporate restructuring mission that resulted in a new parent company called Alticor. This process took 20 months, and also led to the formation of other subsidiary companies. DeVos saw the restructuring as necessary to return the company to profitability and prevent it from downsizing more than it already had; a feat he achieved with his brother Doug DeVos. In the fiscal year that DeVos retired as president, he saw the company rack in $4.5 billion in sales.

Other Achievements

In 1991, the DeVos family bought the NBA’s Orlando Magic, and Dick DeVos became its president until 1993. When he started out, some critics expressed doubts that he couldn’t manage an NBA franchise, but DeVos proved he could by using his business acumen to run the team. He went through the Forest Hills Public school system and then graduated from Northwood University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. DeVos attended Harvard business School but did not graduate, and he also went through the Executive Study Program at Wharton School. He has honorary doctorates from Northwood, Central Michigan University, and Grove City College. In 2006, DeVos ran for Governor of Michigan on a Republican ticket but lost. He got elected to the Michigan State Board of Education in 1990 but only served two years then left to run Amway.

Skeptical Bustle Writer Only Needed 5 Days To Fall In Love With Wen By Chaz Dean

The popular hair stylist, Chaz Dean [], created a salon worthy hair care product known as Wen to help women gain the beautiful hair they desire. Free of all sulfates and harmful chemicals, Wen cleansing conditioners are made up of all natural ingredients that bring more life into the hair. With consistent treatment, Wen can even be used with other styling products while keeping the hair shiny and strong. The special 5-in-1 formula that makes up the WEN hair care line is designed to fill in for the use of standard conditioners and shampoos that many women use, allowing them to free up space for other things. Even detanglers and leave-in conditioners can be tossed aside while using Wen by Chaz. There are many reviews out there on the product, but one writer over at Bustle Magazine was skeptical of this and wanted to review it herself.

Emily, the writer, started off using the product and detailing her experience as well as taking before and after pictures every day. Her skepticism was high before she started using Wen, because of the difficulties she has had with her hair and the broken promises from many other hair care products. However, she was delighted to find that the Wen cleansing conditioner was actually starting to give her results in just a few short days, even while using less than the recommended amount. Within just 5 days her thin and oily hair had started looking shinier and thicker, and she even noticed less hair in the bathroom overall.

After such good results, Emily recommends the product to her readers and friends with confidence. The product came quickly for her and is readily available through online retailers such as Amazon and Sephora. For any women looking to replace their old shampoos and conditioners that are causing their hair to become dry or brittle, Wen is the perfect product to try out.

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How to Recover from an Online Reputation Blunder

Working online gives an enjoyable experience. You can interact with lots of people with ease. However, just like physical interactions, there are good and bad moments. There are times when you impress people and make friends. Also, there are moments when things go bad as a result of a blunder. In the case, you make enemies. How do you deal with an online blunder?
Once in a while, we face moments when you cause a stir on the internet. It can be intentionally or innocently. Let us focus on the unintended blunders. The first thing you do when faced with such a challenge is to confront the problem. Do not just face the challenge online, take in a notch higher and face it in your physical environment. If you have a team, call for a meeting and brainstorm on the issue. Let them find a solution even before the issue is handled online. The PR team needs to take concrete actions, affirmative statements and have a strategic vision. It will enable customers to understand that the company is committed to handling the issue. In fact, it will help them understand that the blunder was not intentional.

If the blunder was a digital one, you have the chance to rewrite the article. It is an opportunity to make it better and correct all mistakes done in the earlier reports. A better version will be shared and liked by many people. Also, people may give their comments.

It is important to bring in a Brand Yourself expert, so as to make sure your online reputation is intact. The art of getting views and making your articles engaging will be of great help to the business. The ability to reach many businesses and people at the same time can uplift your one reputation. Today, companies are engaging the services of reputation managers. The frequent internet blunders have exposed the weaknesses that organizations have and has led to the growing need for the managers. However, an organization should take the aspiring managers into a vigorous interview so as to ascertain that they are signing the right people.


Don Ressler – The Entrepreneur Who Transformed an Online Subscription Service to a Potential World Leading Brand

In just 15 years, Don Ressler has created a mini-empire that is ready to take on the world. If recent rumors are true, his company, Fabletics will open more than 100 stores in the coming two years, making it one of the largest brands related to fitness clothing. In fact, the transformation of Fabletics and other companies in the portfolio from online subscription service to one of the most recognizable brands in the physical space is a testament to the vision of Don Ressler.

Early Years

One of the first companies that Don oversaw was FitnessHeaven. His experience from operating the online store culminated into another lucrative business, Alena Media, an eCommerce and performance media company. The unprecedented success enjoyed by Alena Media was noticed by InterMix, who bought the profit generating platform. However, Don Ressler and his partner, Adam Goldenberg were not satisfied with the focus of InterMix Media. Hence, they started yet another online business, Intelligent Beauty, which subsequently gave rise to popular online subscription service brands such as DERMSTORE and SENSA. Catering to cosmetics and skincare sector, both these online stores have garnered great interest from investors and subscribers. Despite the fact that no publicly available figures are available for DERMSTORE and SENSA, various research sources indicate that both these brands are highly profitable.

Initiation of JustFab

Banking on his success, Don Ressler initiated yet another subscription based service, JustFab. Unlike his previous ventures, one of the primary objectives of JustFabs was to form an independent entity that could attract investors on a stand-alone basis. As such, JustFab utilized its existing subscribers to acquire kids online subscription service, JustKids. Recognizing the profitable decisions, the company also bought JustShoes. Both these online subscription stores not only helped JustFab increase its customer base, but also provided opportunity for a large number of parents, in the existing subscriber list, to get access to more high-quality products.



The Era of Expansion

In 2013, JustFab launched its crowning achievement, Fabletics. The athletic wear brand is marketed by the famous celebrity, Kate Hudson. As such, Kate actively models for the brand. Just a year earlier, Fabletics also opened its first physical storefront combining online and off-line operations. In just over 12 months, six other Fabletics stores were opened to the public in various major shopping centers across the United States. As stated, it is rumored that the company will also open another 100 stores in the coming years making it one of the largest athletic wear companies in the world.