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Why the Name Dick DeVos Rings a Bell

When I came across and article about philanthropist Dick DeVos, the name was very familiar to me. I was not surprised to hear that Dick’s father was Richard DeVos, the founder of Amway Corporation. The name has been matched to success in all areas of life and in business. Whether the individual is giving or whether they are successful in general, Dick DeVos has made the grade.


It’s always nice to hear that the richest of the rich are some of the most giving people in the world, and Dick DeVos is no exception. DeVos not only is the 67th richest person in the world, but he has a net worth of more than $57 million. I can see that when prestigious organizations make mention of your name, clearly you have done something worth notoriety. I’m especially glad that a light shines on not only the business acumen of DeVos but his charitable spirit as well.


DeVos is known for his Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, which has been highly regarded for its contributions to the education, arts, and religious community. They have also given to organizations like Kids Hope USA, and they provide funding for the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital as well. There are numerous organizations, schools, and community projects that DeVos is a part of, but they are all too numerous to list here. Researching them one by one has given me some clear insight into the type of person that Dick DeVos is, and it’s no surprise that God has blessed him as well as all of his endeavors tremendously. Learn more about Dick DeVos on Crunchbase.


Getting Better Hair With The Ideal Hair Care

Hair is not always the easiest of things to manage. Many women find that they have hair that needs very special care. It is not always enough to give it a quick shampoo and a brief brushing, Women everywhere instead find that is necessary to consider using certain products on their hair as well in order for it be manageable. This is why hair care products are so important. The right hair care products are all about creating hair that is going to stand up all day and not wilt or go limp even when it is very humid outside.
The Search

It is understandable that women today are often willing to search out the right kind of hair products for their needs. Many women find it useful to look at the kind of new products that come on the market. This is how so many have found Wen by Chaz. Many women today have found that their hair care products just don’t match up. So it becomes easier to consider trying something new that will probably work better. Those at Wen hair by Chaz know this fact and know it well. They have spent years studying what is likely to work.

New Ideas

It is with their help that women have found it possible to get access to new choices. The line of products offered on Sephora by Wen by Chaz has been tried by and found ideal by so many women all over the country. Here, the woman is someone who is at the center of the process. Her need to have hair that is shiny, elegant and great looking is a total priority for the company. They have spent many years looking at old ideas about hair care and turning upside down in favor of something new that really works. For more info visit the Wen Hair Facebook profile and Wikipedia page.

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Labaton Sucharow’s Client Receive the Most Prestigious SEC Whistleblower Award.

Labaton Sucharow was the first law firm that founded a practice that is meant to exclusively represent individuals who volunteer to inform the Securities and Exchange Commission on companies that do not operate by the federal securities. The company recently announced that one of its clients had received $17 million for offering useful information on wrongdoings in the financial sector. This amount is the second largest award that has ever been provided for the six years that they whistleblower protection program has existed. The plan indicates that the whistleblower should be granted a financial incentive that is 10 to 30 percent of the money that is collected as sanctions.

The whistleblower who was represented by Labaton Sucharow offered very reliable information on the crimes of one of the leading companies in the financial sector. The Sec informant, however, chose to remain anonymous to avoid blacklisting and revenge from employers. The SEC also avoids informing the public on the cases that the whistleblower facilitated to prevent indirect discloser of their identity. According to Jordan A. Thomas, who is a SEC whistleblower attorney and head of the whistleblower representation practice, the client chose to report the rogue financial firm when other people were okay with staying silent. Jordan was also a lawyer of the pioneer officer of a publicly held business to be offered a whistleblower award and a legal representative in a case where an employer tried to revenge to the whistleblower.

The public is highly encouraged to inform the Securities and Exchange Commission on fraudulent companies due to the handsome reward that is offered, and its includes job protection and a significant financial incentive. The laws of the whistleblower protection program were passed in 2010 by the Congress. It also set up an Investor Protection Fund that is always topped up to ensure that there is enough money to award the whistleblowers. The account has an excess balance of about $400 million.

Labaton Sucharow law firm has been active for over 50 years, and it has been offering legal representation to institutional investors, enterprises, and consumers in complicated securities cases. It was the first company to offer a whistleblower representation practice. The staff members of the firm include a well-trained team of internal investigators, financial analysts, and forensic accountant who have outstanding knowledge and experience on the implementation of federal laws, and therefore, they can offer the best services to the client. Labaton Sucharow is one of the top firms that offer representation to the plaintiff, and it has been ranked highly by The Legal 500, Chambers and Partners and Benchmark Litigation.

Lovaganza Announcement Plans Events For 2020

The multifaceted cultural gathering known as Lovaganza has come forth with the schedule for its next endeavor. Lovaganza’s next occurrence will take place in eight locales around the earth between the months of May and September in the year 2020. These events will focus on all of the nations and peoples of the planet, enlightening audiences to the vivacious and sublime offerings of other cultures both near and far. While the event was originally planned for a launch in 2015 and then 2018, Lovaganza’s delay to 2020 was planned to incorporate new technologies for entertainment and communication. With locations spanning five continents, the event is planned to end with a global hand-joining ceremony.

Prior to the 2020 endeavor, Lovaganza will begin a traveling show in 2017 as a means of promoting the main event three years later. This show will serve as a sample platter of what Lovaganza 2020 will be offering, including lens-free 3D presentations like the “Marvelous 12” animated series and a trio of full motion pictures available in various theaters. Location filming has already begun for this trilogy of films, known as the “Lovaganza Convoy,” with shooting currently occurring in locales within far-western Europe and the United States of America and soon returning to parts of Africa and Asia. Notably, these films will be projected onto proprietary “Immerscope” screens, capable of producing an effect similar to CINERAMA projections but brought into the 21st century by offering a 3D viewing experience without the need for eyewear.

More About Lovaganza
Lovaganza’s message is one of encouraging people to partake of a Bohemian experience. Lovaganza’s organization and planning are divided into two branches; Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise handles things like the event’s earnings and brand identity from the inspirational and wondrous entertainment the endeavor provides to Earth’s nations and The Lovaganza Foundation is a non-profit endeavor that utilizes the first branch’s efforts in order to make a positive impact on the macro and regional levels of the world stage. Every Lovaganza festival has a theme: Lovaganza 2020’s theme is unity between nations, Lovaganza 2025’s theme will be peace between nations, Lovaganza 2030’s theme will be “Abondance,” possibly a playful portmanteau of bonding and abundance – that humans have plenty of things to bond over and find common ground, and Lovaganza 2040’s theme is of a “Beta World,” indicating that the world is due for a massive shift on

Doe Deere Is On A Mission

Many people find that life should be about passion whenever possible. A motivating passion is one that often lets them enjoy life fully. Such is the case with makeup entrepreneur and expert Doe Deere. Deere sees makeup as many things. She sees it as a means of allowing women the chance to put on something that can make them feel good. She also sees makeup as a means of important self expression, where the user can have it as a way of showing who they are to the rest of the world. She knows that women also use makeup to help them conceal minor imperfections that can make them feel bad. What she wants in her passion for cosmetics and makeup is for everyone to feel and care about their use as much as she does.

Beauty Moments

As she tells others in the following article, she wants people to come to makeup and discover their own beauty moments. She reminds her customers each day that beauty can come from many places, but it mostly comes from within when people feel confident and happy about the choices they have made each day. She hopes to show her customers how they can take makeup and use it to create various kinds of beauty in life just as she has done. It is with that aim in her that she comes to work each day, devoted to the concept that the world should be a beautiful place in every possible way.

Her Own Space

It is also with this concept in mind that she chose to start her own line of beauty products. Her online retailing company focuses closely on creating many kinds of cosmetics that she knows her many fans will adore. She aims to offer them something special that they may not be able to find anywhere else. Her Lime Crime, an online site with various products for sale in many makeup categories is where she brings her ideas about beauty, fashion and the world to life for others to experience and see. Lime Crime allows her to experiment with various types of makeup products in order to figure out new looks. She knows that her clients return to her space again and again to see what she has come up with. Learn more:

A Vibrant Cosmetics Line

Above all, she brings a sense of vibrancy to her cosmetics line. Her passion here at Lime Crime can clearly been with the products she sells as well as the creation of photographs on the site that are as much about art as they are about anything else. She shows that it is possible to dive right into the world of color and come up with looks that work well in any situation. This is one of many reasons why she has been so successful in her work. Her many national and international fans know they can look to her to help them create their own personal worlds that are all about personal beauty.

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