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From miniscule to Magnises

Magnises was founded back in 2014 by Billy McFarland. His goal was to take ordinary people with ordinary lives to the next level, building the perfect network at work and socially. As of now there are over 12,000 people on the east coast holding a black membership card. With this card you can get passes to great hotels at a discounted price, new hot clubs, fancy restaurants and relaxing getaways.

There are many benefits one can choose from to succeed to the next level socially. As a new person in a large city this would be a helpful network to be a part of. You can learn new things about the city that you normally would never discover on your own. This gives you access to the best of the best without breaking the bank. Making friends and meeting clients just became easier and will impress them. There are many local hotspots for meet ups that are a part of Magnises. Magnises offers an app called Magnises NOW that is essentially a personal assistant in the palm of your hand helping you with your membership plan or searching for new experiences in the city, suggesting any new clubs or bars and making reservations at nice restaurants.

Instead of calling it a business startup, it’s more of a lifestyle start up. Integrating you into the fast lane of a social city. Magnises is currently available in New York and Washington D.C. It is currently a work in progress to bring Magnises to, Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles according to The Awl in 2015. Of course this wouldn’t be an informative article without the price. A yearly membership for Magnises is $257.55. There are many other add on packages to add to your plan for more fun, two of which are ClubPass which allows you access to the hottest night clubs and Hotel pass which allows you to stay at expensive hotels for a discounted price. Each add on package is for an additional price. Some have complained that they didn’t like paying the membership fee on Vimeo for a black card the size of a debit or credit card to go to exclusive clubs that they still had to pay money for. However, there are few negative reviews and the good far outweighs the “bad”. Most reviewers stated that they went somewhere, got the best seats, had an open bar or they went to a single event on Instagram and said that just those two things paid for the membership alone.

So, if your new to a large city, preferably New York or Washington D.C and are a social butterfly, sign up for Magnises to immerse yourself into the cultures around you. Experience the city in a way you wouldn’t be able to without Magnises, take your business to the next level by connecting with likeminded individuals.

Great Hair Days Come Easy With Wen Cleansing Conditioners

Wen cleansing conditioners were developed and produced by Chaz Dean some years ago, but today the product still holds true and gives women the hair they desire. With handfuls of good review on QVC, the product is only further help by the fact that it was created by the celebrity hair stylist, Chaz Dean.

For those women who must stay up to date with the best products on the market, WEN cannot be overlooked, as a great many women decide to make it a permanent addition after trying it out. WEN can work on all women’s hair, regardless of any issues they may be experiencing or what hair type they have. The 5 in 1 formula of WEN cleansing conditioners allows it to meet the many needs of different hairs as well as take the place of other products in the mix, such as shampoos, conditioners, and detanglers.

WEN is capable of effectively fixing damaging hair, being it brittle or dried out. WEN’s formula provides a much needed deep cleanse to remove build up from other products that contain harsh chemicals, while allowing it to keep its natural moisture. Chaz Dean took a lot of time to make an effective product that was capable of handling many hair types, while at the same time didn’t cost a crazy amount of money that women would most likely have to spend at the salon for a comparable product. WEN cleansing conditioners are very gentle on the hair and are made up of all natural ingredients, which allows it to play nice with other products a women is using in her hair as well, as long as it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.

All WEN cleansing conditioners are free of sulfates or any other harsh chemicals, and made up entirely of natural ingredients. Picking up the product is easy as it is readily available online through a host of retailers, including Sephora and Amazon ( For more info, watch the Wen YouTube channel.


Getting The Body In Shape


The summer season is a time when many people like to get in shape and lose weight. Wengie offers a few tips to have the best body possible with little effort. One of the easiest things that you can do to lose weight and get healthy is to eat more vegetables. This means that you need to eat more than you’re eating now. Look at the color of the vegetables. Red, yellow and green vegetables are healthier than those that have a pale color. The vitamins in vegetables can help to clear your skin and keep the body systems functioning as they should.


Exercise that’s more comfortable and relaxing is something to consider if you don’t have a lot of time to do an exercise routine. It can help to clear the mind, such as taking a walk in a peaceful setting. Try walking briskly so that the heart rate stays up, walking about an hour or so in order to get the most out of the walk. If you have a sweet tooth, try using small dates to season your meals as this is a natural way to add sweetness instead of using a lot of sugar. Natural sweeteners can also be used instead of processed sugars. Apples and pears can be used to sweeten curry and a few other dishes. Your taste buds can adjust to the new sweetness in about three weeks, so give it time to get in a routine of decreasing the sugar intake each day.


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OrganGold: A Taste Of The Good Life

Caring for our bodies is extremely important. Using natural elements to provide ourselves with nourishment, and the things we need to sustain is a great way to maintain optimal health. With the production of several man made drugs in the pharmaceutical industry, people often turn to the use of medications for treatment unaware of the side effects they may cause, and toxins they may introduce to their bodies.

Being educated and aware on the possibilities for health maintenance through means of natural remedies could change, and possibly improve the quality of your life.

Natural beverages, supplements and personal care products are all ways to supply our bodies with an abundance of nutrients. Organo Gold is committed to supplying customers with beverages, personal care and health maintenance products composed of all natural ingredients, what Organo Gold often refers to as “The treasures of the earth”.

Through the offering of carefully composed all natural products, and an exclusive Independent Distributor program, Organo Gold hopes to help improve the overall quality of life for their customers and employees.

Founder and mastermind behind Oregano Bernardo Chua can easily be recognised as one of the most successful men in the direct sales and business industry. Bernardo Chua is known for his compassion and desire to help other better themselves, and improve the quality of their lives.

Known by his family and close friends as “Bernie”, Chua was born and raised in the Philippines, and gained his knowledge on ganoderma at a very young age. Through his knowledge and understanding of ganoderma and its healing properties, Bernardo Chua found himself on a mission to educate others around the world about the multi-use genus.

For his achievements and contributions in the world of business, Chua has been the proud recipient of several honorable awards. In 2014, Joint 22nd Annual People’s Choice presented Bernardo Chua with the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry.

He was also recognized by The National Shoppers Choice for his accomplishments and success in direct sales. Aside from distributing and educating others on the powers of ganoderma, Bernardo Chua is committed to assisting with research on the wonders of ganoderma through financial donations.

Norka: A Positive Venezuelan

Norka Luque is one of the most positive things to ever come out of Venezuela. While there are many stars within the country, she is one of the ones that shines the brightest and the furthest throughout the world. Her music has a fan base of people on all different corners of the globe and she has been heard every where from Latin America to Iceland and everywhere in between. Norka Luque has made sure that she made a name for herself from the beginning of her singing career and it has paid off with all of the different ways that she is easily recognized in the world.
It wasn’t always that way, though, Singer Norka was once just a girl who wanted to study business at college and wanted a career that definitely had nothing to do with singing when she started out. There were many things that she was able to do and the business degree was the first of many accomplishments from this young woman. She made sure that she completed everything that she started and this included the business degree that she was initially trying to obtain from a French university. She did so with great success but decided that she did not want to be a business person.

She then thought that she might enjoy something that had to do with the culinary arts. After much thought and a lot of discussions, she decided that she was going to go to culinary school in France. There, she learned how to cook some of the most advanced dishes and how to properly prepare them for anyone from a small dinner party to the royalty. She was successful but she still felt that there was something more and something better that was out there waiting for her.

That something was singing. While she had always enjoyed singing as a hobby, it had never occurred to her to use it as a primary form of income. She entered the business of singing after a band discovered her voice. The band wanted her to sing with them and she took the opportunity. She wanted to sing a lot and she became comfortable on the stage. This meant that she was able to learn the ins and outs. She eventually turned this opportunity into real-world experience. She learned how to sing on her own and became a solo artist in no time.