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Maggie Gill Initiates The Pathway To Excellence

Due to the changes in the health care system, the industry anticipates to lose money. During a board meeting, Maggie Gill, the president and CEO of Memorial Health told the committee that Memorial Health’s revenue was declining. However, in readiness for this change, Maggie Gill had established an initiative called Pathway to Excellence. This noble plan has already made $12.6 million in savings, including $7.6 million from Premier Inc., a company that specializes in health care improvement. Pathway to Excellence is a $20 million-a-year action plan that, with help from Premier Inc., will allow the local provider to operate as a going concern in the coming 6-18 months while preparing for strategic opportunities in the future.

Maggie Gill and other board officers of Memorial Health warned that the company would experience revenue loss if it does not secure a deep-pocket partner, despite the increase in the number of patients. Maggie explained that Memorial is the only facility in Georgia that does not get local and special funding. However, she said that the issue of revenue loss has worsened because some patients cannot be able to pay for their health care bills. Notably, the government has reduced reimbursements for medical care.

Premier’s vice president, John McLean told the project group that the focus was to identify where they can find cost savings. Gill’s collaborative effort has identified $ 47.6 million within the first 3 months. The entity failed to partner with Novant Health Inc. This long-term project would have offered $295 million to Memorial Health in the first 10 years of the partnership. The Pathway to Excellence initiative will help Memorial Health and its Memorial University Medical Center to boost the quality of healthcare. This is because they will concentrate on care delivery variation, hands-off and cause-of-patient recidivism, and duplicate testing, as they reduce the risk of hospital infections and complications.

Maggie Gill started working for Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC) in 2004. During this period, she was serving as the vice president of finance and managed care. In 2005, she was appointed to serve as the chief operating officer. Six years later, Gill was appointed as the president and CEO of Memorial Health. She has been responsible for guiding all leaders at the facility. In addition, she oversees physician relations, internal audit, government relations, orthopedic and neuroscience programs, Memorial Health University physicians, financial assistance, facilities management and the Heart & Vascular Institute. Previously, Gill worked for Tenet South Florida Health System as the chief financial officer. The company awarded her three times. She is an alumnus of the Florida State University and Saint Leo University in Florida where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree with honors and an MBA respectively.

Wearable Tech Products to Increase

The technology and fashion industries have always been two of the largest and most dynamic industries in the world. While they used to act on a standalone basis, the two industries have started to merger a lot over the past few years. This is most evident by the significant amount of wearable technology products that have become popular with consumers, including smart watches and other active gear. While wearable tech is already popular with consumers, it is likely to increase considerably in usage in coming years.


One of the most anticipated types of wearable technology that is coming in the near future is neck ring that can be worn by bike riders. While those that ride motorcycles and bikes have always had access to helmets to protect the head, many riders have never had a device that can help protect the neck. This could change a lot in coming years due to a new neck ring that is in the development phase. This ring will be worn around the neck like a necklace. When activated during a bike crash, the ring will expand quickly in the same fashion as a car airbag. The ring will then be able to stabilize the neck instantly, which will be able to prevent more significant industries.


Wearable technology will soon also have an impact on first responders and fire fighters. A new smart glove will likely be available in the next few years. This glove will have the same ability to protect as other fire gloves, but will also provide a lot of data to a firefighter. This data can include basic information about the fire, which will help a person make a better plan prior to entering a building. It will also come equipped with a GPS system to ensure that members of the search party are able to find each other.


One of the biggest investors in the future of wearable technology has continued to be Chris Burch. Chris Burch is best known for being the founder and CEO of the Tory Burch company, which is a brand of high-end fashion and accessories. Burch is also the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. Burch Creative Capital is an investment firm that targets placing capital into small and growing companies focused in the tech industry. They also focus on developing and enhancing wearable technology products, which could either be used for specific purposes for be available for the general public.

Wengie Pranks Her Way Through the Holidays


‘Tis the season for family, gratitude, and pranks. According to beloved YouTube blogger, Wengie, the holidays are a great time to pull out the bag of tricks. Hand buzzers and whoopee cushions aside, this girl is stopping at nothing when it comes to her DIY talent of crafting edible pranks for the Christmas season. Wrapping paper, jewelry, and snow globes are only a few of the delicious things that will have people scratching their heads and potentially getting sick this holiday season. What else does the Aussie have to share with her fans?


Eating Snow Just Became Sweeter


According to Wengie, Real snow is pretty tasty and one of the most enjoyable aspects of the season. Decoratively speaking, authentic snow does not keep because of its melting point, but rather than purchasing pricey, toxic faux-snow, Wengie is all about making her own and grossing people out in the process. Powdered coconut resembles snow perfectly and is pretty tasty, too! Incorporating edible glitter into the powder is a great way to further elevate the look.


Ornament Madness


What is a Christmas tree without ornaments? Dull, of course. The tricky beauty has crafted a way to make edible ornaments with gelatin and nothing will make guests more uneasy than the belief that you are chomping on glass or plastic. All you need for this DIY prank is gelatin, a spherical mold, and some fishing line for the hook.


Mini Christmas Trees


Why stop at the main attraction when all of the other decorations are equally as wonderful? Mini Christmas tree replicas are a big part of the decorative portion of the season, but Wengie likes to go a step further by making these something you can also snack on. She simply uses a waffle cone, icing, and candy decorations to make these trees look fairly realistic and to taste incredible. Candy or gummy stars are a grand way to prefect the art. Of course, food coloring is the best way to achieve that desired green color.


Josh Verne: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business

Josh Verne is one of the most impressive business uses to sin the United States. As a matter of fact, he has grown more than 50 companies from scratch. For all those companies, he develops numerous entities engaged in working capabilities. For this reason, Josh Verne has worked to sell companies at the eve of multi-million corporations. In this field, he has an experience that spans more than 20 years. Josh Verne is also the current President and Chief Executive Officer of This is a business conglomerate that has more than 10 million members. For this reason, he uses them as a base where he can advertise brands and other companies to get better pay.


During the many years of experience, Josh Verne has discovered that business is the art of leadership. Or you to become a better businessperson, you must first become a better leader. For this reason, he has engaged himself in the art of development through categorical artistry in the industry. For Josh Verne, vision is the only point that separates business success and failure. For this reason, a young person must succeed in business and vision to get better results. Vision is the art of seeing what others cannot see in broad daylight.


  1. Be a leader, not a boss

In any organization, there are two types of positions in management. For his reason, you are either a leader or a boss. You cannot work to become two of them. Therefore, engage in activities that determine the better business development in a manner that depicts the true nature of events. A boss uses his title to force people to accomplish a mission. On the other hand, a leader influences the people to take his mind to work on a mission with motivation. You better chose to be a leader and not a boss.

WEN by Chaz & How It’s Cleansing Conditioners Are Changing The Game

Cleansing conditioners are some of the most popular hair care products to date. These specific formulas are great for giving your hair a deep cleaning from the scalp up. Unfortunately many of these products never seem to live up to their own hype.

Many of the formulas are loaded with dangerous chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, and other contaminants. These chemicals can cause a host of health issues such as dry scalp, itchy scalp, flakes, and even hair breakage. This surely is the opposite of what anyone would want, but with consistent use of these very products, individuals are playing a form of Russian roulette with their lovely locks. This is WEN by Chaz comes into the picture and it’s making a positive statement on the industry.

WEN by Chaz has some of the very best hair care products on the market. It’s cleansing conditioners are revolutionizing the game thanks to it’s brilliant after effects. WEN’s cleansing conditioners are full of natural ingredients that have been proven to give people great hair health. These ingredients come from an organic source that only mother nature can provide. Chamomile Extract, Lavender, Rosemary Extract, Aloe Vera Leaf, Wild Cherry Bark, Panthenol, Glycerin, Cucumber, and many more are all present within these eclectic formulas. The 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner is one of the brands best sellers because it’s easy to apply, is a leave-in treatment, and it can replace shampoo and other treatments.

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Statistics show that 97% of people noticed more shine and 100% of people have an abundance of more moisture. Founder Chaz Dean, whom is on of the top celebrity hair stylists, has created a thing of beauty as WEN by Chaz is raising the bar even higher while changing the status quo.

GTL spurned by its superior, Securus

GTL, a bit player in the prison services industry who has struggled to maintain any scraps of relevance, was recently dressed down by its superior rival Securus in a humiliating, public check-mate. GTL had been making frivolous claims about Securus’ broad lineup of industry leading technologies. Securus countered by offering a level-playing-field comparison of a few of the two companies’ technologies which compete in the same space. GTL, knowing defeat was imminent, had no choice but to decline, effectively ceding the abortive contest to the victor, Securus.



Game-changing technologies that touch the lives of inmates


Despite what detractors say, Securus’ almost $1 billion in research and development expenditures over the last decade have produced real results. One of these is its Primonics video visitation system. Primonics is a fully featured, high definition video visitation system that puts inmates into face-to-face contact with their loved ones. This not only allows functionality very similar to in-person visitations, it allows is at incredibly cheap prices and at frequencies never before possible.


Prior to the mid-2000s, if an inmate wanted to see and hear from their loved ones they were consigned to make either outrageously expensive collect calls or wait to see their family in a traditional in-person visit. In practice, this often meant that inmates serving long sentences did not have the opportunity to keep in touch with their friends and family on the outside. Such inmates often lost hope, leading to disciplinary problems and, in the worst cases, life threatening violence.


With Securus’ video visitation technology, inmates can now stay in nearly constant contact with their friends and family and do so at rates that allow for even poor inmates to make weekly or even daily video calls back home. This instills a sense of hope that can keep inmates on the right track and lower recidivism.



Repair Your Hair with Wen by Chaz

Are you displeased with how your hair looks everyday? Do you find that it is hard to make your hair look good while maintaining that same look through out the day? If so, you most likely are using store brand items or items that you have bought in the hair section of your local supermarket or QVC superstore. If so, why are you choosing to use those products? Are you using them because there is no other choice for you or because you think that those items are good for you? What if you were told that those same items are causing more damage to your hair than you think.

Chaz Dean is a stylist that came up with an idea of using ingredients that are all natural to repair and replenish your hair. He knew that when you use harsh chemicals in your hair, it starts to kill your healthy hair right away. There is no long drawn out process. The moment you start using store bought cleaners, your hair is dying. What if you could reverse this process however and start having healthy hair from the moment you start to wash your hair? You can, Wen hair allows you to begin repairing your hair right away.

But what about styling my hair? Don’t I damage it anyways when I blow dry it or straighten it? Well you do when you use store bought items once again. Wen offers a large selection of items that you might need or want to use daily. All of those same products that you need each morning before going to work is also made in a healthy version for you to use by Wen. You require your hair to straight, there are oils and products made by Wen that will help protect your hair before you even begin to straighten it. All of this with Wen by Chaz.

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Darius Fisher Receives an Award

In present day, the online reputation is one of the most important aspects to running a successful business in regions all over the world. An online reputation is what encourages potential customers to purchase goods and services from businesses from around the world. Ever since the internet became popular to use, a positive reputation has not only expanded a business, but has also helped to promote a business. Within the online reputation management industry, one particular company has stood out for the innovative services that are provided to customers from all over the world. This company is known as Status Labs and works hard to provide excellent and innovative services that are specifically tailored to each and every individual. Status Labs currently has over 1,500 loyal clients in over 35 different countries all over the world. Within the past five years, Status Labs has been growing at an exponential rate.

The leader of Status Labs is Darius Fisher, an individual who is known for his excellence as well as his knowledge within the marketing industry. Darius Fisher is not only an innovative individual, but is also an individual who his known for his excellent leadership style. As a leader, Darius Fisher encourages his employees to not only be a part of the company, but to truly want to improve the company for the better. Darius Fisher encourages each employee to be creative with their marketing solutions and to cater each solution to each individual client that is based upon their preferences.

To reward Darius Fisher for demonstrating true excellence within the marketing industry, Darius Fisher has been awarded the Business Development Individual of the year award which is only awarded to those that show true excellence within the marketing industry. Darius Fisher is not only the co-founder of Status Labs, but is also the current President of the company and has put all of his time and effort into expanding the business. For future plans, Darius Fisher will continue to grow the company into the best that it can be in order to help other businesses all over the world.