Wearable Tech Products to Increase

The technology and fashion industries have always been two of the largest and most dynamic industries in the world. While they used to act on a standalone basis, the two industries have started to merger a lot over the past few years. This is most evident by the significant amount of wearable technology products that have become popular with consumers, including smart watches and other active gear. While wearable tech is already popular with consumers, it is likely to increase considerably in usage in coming years.


One of the most anticipated types of wearable technology that is coming in the near future is neck ring that can be worn by bike riders. While those that ride motorcycles and bikes have always had access to helmets to protect the head, many riders have never had a device that can help protect the neck. This could change a lot in coming years due to a new neck ring that is in the development phase. This ring will be worn around the neck like a necklace. When activated during a bike crash, the ring will expand quickly in the same fashion as a car airbag. The ring will then be able to stabilize the neck instantly, which will be able to prevent more significant industries.


Wearable technology will soon also have an impact on first responders and fire fighters. A new smart glove will likely be available in the next few years. This glove will have the same ability to protect as other fire gloves, but will also provide a lot of data to a firefighter. This data can include basic information about the fire, which will help a person make a better plan prior to entering a building. It will also come equipped with a GPS system to ensure that members of the search party are able to find each other.


One of the biggest investors in the future of wearable technology has continued to be Chris Burch. Chris Burch is best known for being the founder and CEO of the Tory Burch company, which is a brand of high-end fashion and accessories. Burch is also the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. Burch Creative Capital is an investment firm that targets placing capital into small and growing companies focused in the tech industry. They also focus on developing and enhancing wearable technology products, which could either be used for specific purposes for be available for the general public.