Maggie Gill Initiates The Pathway To Excellence

Due to the changes in the health care system, the industry anticipates to lose money. During a board meeting, Maggie Gill, the president and CEO of Memorial Health told the committee that Memorial Health’s revenue was declining. However, in readiness for this change, Maggie Gill had established an initiative called Pathway to Excellence. This noble plan has already made $12.6 million in savings, including $7.6 million from Premier Inc., a company that specializes in health care improvement. Pathway to Excellence is a $20 million-a-year action plan that, with help from Premier Inc., will allow the local provider to operate as a going concern in the coming 6-18 months while preparing for strategic opportunities in the future.

Maggie Gill and other board officers of Memorial Health warned that the company would experience revenue loss if it does not secure a deep-pocket partner, despite the increase in the number of patients. Maggie explained that Memorial is the only facility in Georgia that does not get local and special funding. However, she said that the issue of revenue loss has worsened because some patients cannot be able to pay for their health care bills. Notably, the government has reduced reimbursements for medical care.

Premier’s vice president, John McLean told the project group that the focus was to identify where they can find cost savings. Gill’s collaborative effort has identified $ 47.6 million within the first 3 months. The entity failed to partner with Novant Health Inc. This long-term project would have offered $295 million to Memorial Health in the first 10 years of the partnership. The Pathway to Excellence initiative will help Memorial Health and its Memorial University Medical Center to boost the quality of healthcare. This is because they will concentrate on care delivery variation, hands-off and cause-of-patient recidivism, and duplicate testing, as they reduce the risk of hospital infections and complications.

Maggie Gill started working for Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC) in 2004. During this period, she was serving as the vice president of finance and managed care. In 2005, she was appointed to serve as the chief operating officer. Six years later, Gill was appointed as the president and CEO of Memorial Health. She has been responsible for guiding all leaders at the facility. In addition, she oversees physician relations, internal audit, government relations, orthopedic and neuroscience programs, Memorial Health University physicians, financial assistance, facilities management and the Heart & Vascular Institute. Previously, Gill worked for Tenet South Florida Health System as the chief financial officer. The company awarded her three times. She is an alumnus of the Florida State University and Saint Leo University in Florida where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree with honors and an MBA respectively.