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Jason Hope’s Vision About The Benefits Of Futuristic

Technologies To Human Life
Jason Hope who believes that to experience a new era of virtual reality, we also have to usher in a new era of virtual behavior, according to a recent publication on Public Access. A man with excellent entrepreneurial skills, a regular commentator, and writer on popular tech news, he educates the public about the advancement and direction of emerging technologies.

Writing for, he has coined a phrase known as the Internet of Things which refers to the interconectivity of technology in the various devices that are commonly used to increase efficiency by sharing data. The gadgets include all electronic devices, cars, street lights, and kitchen appliances. The internet things, he says, have the capacity to alter operations of businesses in the foreseeable future completely.

According to Jason Hope, technological advancements form the largest arena of potential mega-investments for the world’s leading corporations. Technology will invade every aspect of people’s daily routine to include such mundane tasks as brewing coffee and turning lights off and on. He says that all devices one can imagine will connect with each other. Unlike now when technological devices are a mere convenience, in future they will form an integral aspect of living particularly for rural communities. The major advantage of embracing state-of-the-art technology will be enhanced safety and elimination of wastefulness in the daily life of communities.

He has a passion for futuristic events in science in general, but technology in particular. His commitment to philanthropy made the businessman based in Arizona to generously donate $500,000 to SENS Foundation; a nonprofit organization has broad interests in the growth of biotechnologies which address diseases related to aging comprehensively.

EOS- Stiff Competition for its Predecessors

If you’re sick of the same old Chapstick and want something new to try, then you’ll be excited to know that there’s a new oral care product in town. One that offers numerous tantalizing flavors and comes in a cute, pastel-colored orb.

EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, orbs are not your usual product. EOS lip balm will delight all five of your senses, and it is easy to find in the bottom of your purse or bag, thanks to its unique shape. EOS has grown to be a $250 million company that has become the second best-selling lip balm just after Burt’s Bees, and has even wedged out Chapstick and Blistex. EOS is projected to reach $2 billion by 2020, thanks to the demand for organic and natural products like EOS,

Sanjiv Mehra, Johnathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky (who is no longer a part of the company) launched EOS nearly a decade ago. They discovered that lip balm is primarily used by women and they have made their Target audience to be Millennial women aged 25 to 35. Mehra believes that the products that women use every day should be enjoyable and that is exactly what EOS has become-an enjoyable product for women that make them smile every time they use it.

EOS has become very popular on the social media platform and just one picture of a brand-new EOS flavor can easily bring in over 40,000 likes.

It was not easy to get the EOS product on the market, even though it is an innovative product. But they eventually did and EOS is now in big stores like Target, Walmart, Costco and Walgreens. Mehra and Teller owe it all to their backgrounds and experience of working at major corporations. Their approach of using their entrepreneurial skills and discipline has really paid off.

Three Ways to Use an Event Planning Strategy

The word party is a term that refers to the concept of fun. Therefore, no part of the party-planning process should be stressful or laborious. Party planning can be quite exciting if you use an appropriate strategy. Event planner,, shared a few of these tips for people who want to maximize their potential putting together a shindig:




Give Yourself Ample Time

Timing will be crucial to your experience as a party planner. The first rule-of-thumb practice is to give yourself at least a month’s time to plan the party. A month is enough time for you to get everything together without feeling pressured to perform quickly.




A To-Do List Is a Must-Have

Creating a to-do list is not an option if you want to succeed with your party-planning venture. You are going to need to write down all the little steps you have to take to ensure that you have everything you need for the event. You can use an old-school pen and paper, or you can use a computer or mobile app. Check tasks off as soon as you complete them and then move toward the next task immediately. Continue that cycle until everything is done.




Choose an Overall Style and Stick With It

You’ll want to choose a theme for your event. If you’re planning a wedding party, you can ask the bride and groom what they prefer. A college student may want something different from what you have in mind. No matter what it is that you choose, make sure your decision aligns with the majority of the guests so that everyone will be happy.



Start with those three tips, and you will increase your productivity immensely. There are more things that you can do to ensure that the event goes smoothly, but you can start here. Twenty Three Layers is one of the event planning companies in NYC that can help you with your event. If you feel swamped at any time, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call these corporate event planners in NYC so that they can come to the rescue.


Mike Baur Entrepreneurial success

Mike Baur is a Swiss businessman and also an entrepreneur. His home is located in Fribourg in Switzerland region. His interest in Banking and Finance began while still a teenager, and he followed his early passion to making it his ultimate profession. He spent around twenty years in Private Banking in Switzerland and is well known for his efforts at UBS. He later quit and began investing in startup companies.

His progress was fast growing, and he came up from being an apprentice at UBS to an executive member of a Private Bank in Switzerland. In 2014, while at thirty-nine years old, he started been an entrepreneur and together with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, they co- founded the Swiss Startup Factory. It is an accelerator company based in Zurich. Swiss Start-Up Company incubates small and medium enterprises. Swiss stat up company provides offices access to a vast network of entrepreneurs and investors in Switzerland. The company also provides other services that startups may require such as financial services and management assistance. It also has a strong network in Switzerland and across the globe. Currently, it is the one of the best early stage privately owned ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland.

In 2016, Baur was named deputy managing director of CTI Invest when Swiss Startup Factory partnered with CTI. In early 2016, he led the Swiss Startup Factory through its accelerator program with Goldbach Group at the beginning of 2016, and also its partnership with Fintech Fusion in February 2016.

Mike Baur invests a lot of his time in youth entrepreneurship in Switzerland and supports the young people in their careers as well as assisting them with financial help. He provides young and talented entrepreneurs in Switzerland with a top professional execution platform that guides them through. He is currently the head of Swiss Startup Association and holds the position of director.

Mike Baur is an MBA graduate of the University of Rochester in New York. Mike is also an MBA holder from the University of Bern. His extensive knowledge and experience in the Banking and Finance sector has been of great help to the Swiss economy and also to the aspiring entrepreneurs as a whole whom he mentors.

Apart from his interest in business, Mike is also an ardent sports fan; more especially hockey where he supports his hometown club(Fribourg Gotteron). Surprisingly Mike is a philanthropist with a big heart and always willing and ready to help.