Gregory Aziz 101

Greg Aziz, also known as James Aziz, Greg James Aziz, or even Gregory J Aziz, is a man of much experience but not only in the auto realms. He has spoken on countless other topics that matter to him. See a few of his summarized thoughts below:

On the Difference between 3G and 4G network – A Primer and More

You may have wondered why your TeleChoice is so awesome; it is, after all, a top company of choice for mobile phones in Australia and beyond. What you did not know, perhaps, is that you want to get a 4G network plan of data to go with the new TeleChoice phone. You may wonder if it is worth it to pay a little more of front, and what the difference even is between 4G and 3G – a valid question for any new or seasoned consumer. Allow Greg to further elaborate and remove any common myths.

On the surface, the main difference between 3G and 4G phones is pretty simple. “G” is an abbreviation for “generation“; thus 3G and 4G represent mobile broadband internet’s third and fourth generations, respectively. As a rule, assuming that you are on the same carrier, 4G connections will be faster than those of 3G. However, this doesn’t necessarily imply that 4G networks of one carrier are always be faster than 3G networks of other carriers.

To become officially advertised as 3G, networks must meet many sets of technical standards in speed and reliability; they must offer data transfer rates of a minimum of 200 kilobits per second. For official advertisement as 4G, the network must offer data peak of a minimum of 100 megabits per second with high-mobility communication and a minimum of 1 Gigabit per second with low mobility communication.

On Children as caregivers

Have you ever considered that children can perhaps make the best caregivers out there, especially in today’s day and age – one that seems to only try new things that have never been attempted in the history of mankind? Well, many modern leaders – believe it or not – have made the best caregivers when they were only children. Such experiences have molded them into who they are today; they have shaped them in ways that many cannot even describe. Consider this: The next generation of leaders lies within our very children, those who serve.