Fabletics And The Power of Consumer Review

Apparently, the rate of purchase by consumers is pegged on factors such as the influence of the crowd. The influence comes from the reviews made by customers before they decide on buying a given product. Brands like Fabletics have taken advantage of the current behavior of consumers evaluating marketing strategies and products as well. Since its launch, the revenue collection of Fabletics has increased by 200%. This success is attributed to the embracing of user reviews, which is also known as the strength of crowd.

Fabletics understands that customer review can drive improved consumers loyalty, customer acquisition, and retention of customers. Furthermore, the current lives of consumers are increasingly becoming digital. In that case, the strength of the crowd has become an important factor in the decision-making process. Consumers prefer reading reviews and carrying out research on a particular brand before making the purchase decision. Also, the success of a given brand is determined by the trust of consumers.

According to survey study, trust on online review is increasing every year. With trust comes the power in the business adventure. Brands and products that are authentic will automatically experience positive reviews. Genuine brands can result in more revenue collection, the capture of new customers, and improved search ranking of the brand. Incorporating customer reviews as part of your business strategy can also increase acquisition of new investments and repeat of customer loyalty. Also, more review creates more options for consumers to choose. This is also contributed to the number of brands tapped into the economy. Today, several brands have many customer reviews than they used to have before.

About Kate Hudson

When the owners of Fabletics were looking for a business partner, the first person who came in their thoughts was Kate Hudson. She is approachable, active, and not serious. As a brand, Fabletics goes well with the active lifestyle of Kate Hudson. When she signed the partnership deal with Fabletics, Kate Hudson became heavily involved in the first day of doing business. Kate was hands-on with everything, including picking of the best strategies for social media platforms and reviewing of various branding budgets. Furthermore, Kate is also part of the design process, which ensures that Fabletics remain fresh in the market. As a business partner to Fabletics, Kate always studies the sales of the brand on a weekly basis. According to Hudson, the goal is to find out, which brands perform better in the market.

As a public figure and business person, Kate prefers working with genuine brands. She will never work with brands that are not genuine. This is one of the reasons why her business partnership with Fabletics lasted for a long time. Kate’s business ideology correspond with the business objective of Fabletics. The goal of the firm is to have the best brand in the market. You do not need to start great, but with time you can make everything excellent. Kate Hudson also believes in business communication. She ensured that systems, which support clear communication were number one priority at Fabletics.