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Erick Lefkofsky & Tempus Fighting More Effectively the Good Fight Against Cancer

It was recently reported that Tempus and the amazing advances from such companies are making the prognosis of cancer among US citizens look better. Tempus is the leader of this transition in medicine that is data-enabled. And it all began when the co-founder of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky discovered the huge gap in the medical field upon discovering his wife’s diagnosis of cancer. The huge gap is in terms of digital technology and data collection.

Tempus started with an impressive goal in mind which is to change the delivery of cancer care. This firm developed a platform which analyzes the molecular and clinical information of the patient. Also, even though this firm had the means for developing the software needed to reach this goal, they initially had an issue with affordable and accessible medical and clinical info. Another obstacle they had undergone is the way the collection and storage of critical data concerning cancer patients occurred. However, Tempus was eventually able to transform the most pertinent notes into structured data, and thus, the advancing of cancer care and treatment came to be.

Through Lefkofsky and his company, breakthroughs happened with the retrieving of genomic information, which is the gathering of human genome sequencing. And now, Tempus is promoting hard the human genome sequencing for more fighting against cancer. They are working for the better of mankind against cancer, and the way to do this is through more development of the human genome sequencing. With more information, many more breakthroughs will come to light to researchers fighting against this atrocity towards mankind.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Born on September 2, 1969, Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur. Among all the several companies he co-founded, he is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus. The company was found in 2016.

Lefkofsky is also devoted to various philanthropic efforts as well. In 2006, he and his wife, Elizabeth, began the Lefkofsky Foundation, a charitable trust with the purpose of supporting scientific, educational, and charitable causes and organizations globally. Also, in 2013, he and his wife enlisted in The Giving Pledge.

OSI Group continues to expand to international markets

OSI industries have been in existence for almost a century now. The company was founded by Otto Kolschowsky, an immigrant in the early 1900s. OSI Group opened their first meat plant in 1973. The meat plant was located in Chicago and was specifically designed to feature patty forming machine and liquid nitrogen freezing tunnels.

A separate unit was processing was set up to cater for the Non-McDonalds products. The new meat plant supplied specialty meat to select restaurants, supermarkets and hotels in Chicago and beyond. The new unit was majorly designed to cater for small local businesses. The non-McDonald’s Meat processing unit in Chicago was known as Glenmark. The group entered into a partnership with Best Chicago Meat in 1999. Glenmark was acquired fully by Best Chicago meat in 2011.

Otto & Sons rebranded in 1975 to become OSI industries. During this period, it was the exclusive supplier of meat products to the McDonald’s. The company achieved massive success, and it, therefore, continued to expand to other regions.

OSI Group continues to expand to new markets where they supply their customers with top quality food products. Recently, OSI Group set foot in Europe after it acquired Flagship Europe, one of the biggest food service industries in U.K. The company seeks to expand into the European market and eventually dominate the food supplies industry in Europe.

In 2011, OSI Group featured at number 136 in the list of the largest privately owned companies in U.S. by the Forbes. The company had posted revenues over $3 billion to earn this honor. OSI industries have continued to dominate the food manufacturing and supplies industry, and by 2016, the company rose to position 58 on the list of the largest privately owned companies. In 2016, OSI Group posted annual revenues more than $6.1 billion.

The rate at which OSI Group is growing at doesn’t seem to slow down anytime soon. The company now operates as OSI LLC. They have several food processing plants in U.S that include in Oakland, West Chicago, Riverside, West Jordan, California, Utah and Fort Atkinson, and Wisconsin. The company boasts of 65 processing factories in 17 different countries across the globe. OSI Group has dominated North America, Asia-Pacific Region, and Western and Eastern Europe.

Besides opening international outlets, the company has also continued to expand its products line. They currently supply bacon, hot dogs, fish, pizza, meat patties, salads, pork, and vegetables. Some of the notable clients that are supplied by OSI industries include Subway, Papa John’s Pizza, Pizza Hut and Star-bucks.


Todd Lubar View on Baltimore Real Estate Industry

In case you have been viewing Baltimore based on its news coverage, then you have been on the wrong track. This is because you haven’t managed to see the bigger picture basin it on highly growing real estate opportunities. According to Todd Lubar, despite that Baltimore attains past its share of negative reviews in the state news at times, many trends are attracting real estate developers as well as business owners in the charming city.

One of the highly conspicuous trends in the charming city is the old building, and historical landmarks facelift into modern apartment buildings. For instance, 10 light street where under armor ground floor has been converted to a training center as well as an expensive gym. The historical Bank of America Building is currently the residence to some the most expensive and highly unique apartments I the city. In addition to this, Baltimore has become a green pasture for new millennials. It’s highly affordable due to its low cost of living in comparison to Washington D.C.

Baltimore is a major residential area for many graduates and young professional who are on their way to buying their first home and adjourn their first career after college as well. The other good news is that the rate of unemployment is declining and there are signs of improved wages all across the professions. This will result in high purchasing powers of the millennials which will, in turn, provide the business sector with the long-awaited infusion of spending. Check out for more.

In conjunction with the influx of the massive of young professional moving in the charming city, in a statement by Todd Lubar Baltimore stands to be one of the friendliest regions for the new companies. There is no limitation of few bright entrepreneurs in this area. Also, the local community is very cooperative and supportive of its own. The success story behind all this is the under armor. However, various mid-size start-ups have selected Baltimore to be their permanent homes. As a result, there has increased demand for full-service housing communities on commercial areas edge.

Harbor East keeps on attracting many young professionals due to its super-quality shopping as well as spacious dining options. There are great options for apartments and condominium which tend to be more expensive compared to the rest of the residential buildings. There is an ongoing highly anticipated construction that is expected to raise the number of condominiums by thousands in the region. This region is exponentially growing as the time goes and is bound to maintain the positive rising trend. This is especially as the business sector in the inner harbor region plans to expand its territory to the further east. You can visit their Facebook account for more.

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Encourages Men To Get A Prostate Screening

As prostate cancer is the most likely cancer many men will face, getting prostate exams is very important. This especially holds true for those men at high-risk of developing this form of cancer, such as those with a family history of cancer or African-Americans who experience prostate cancer at a rate that is 70% higher than men of other races.

Three organizations recently teamed up to both make people more aware of prostate cancer but also to encourage them to get tested for it using a Prostate Specific Antigen screening. This effort is being supported by LabCorp, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and the National Football League Alumni Association. The first 2,000 eligible men that sign up to get a screening will receive it free of charge. Those who sign up after this can still get the exam at a reduced cost of only $25.
The screenings began on September 1, 2017. The screenings, which take place at one of the 1750 LabCorp locations across the United States, can be signed up for through October 15th. The screening does have to be completed within six months of the date that the man initially signed up.
Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been treating people with cancer since 1988 when its first hospital opened. This hospital, the Midwestern Regional Medical Center located in Zion, Illinois, has since been joined by four other regional hospitals. They have also expanded internationally, actively advertising their services in Latin America, the Caribbean, and across the Middle East.
At Cancer Treatment Centers of America, they use conventional approaches to cancer treatment, using the latest technology. This includes surgery, immunotherapy, radiation, and chemotherapy. They also help their patients deal with the effects of being treated for cancer which can include both physical and mental discomfort.

Protect Your Health With Regular Lifeline Screenings

If you are getting ready for health screening, the best way to prepare for Lifeline Screening is to adhere to the information provided by the facility’s staff. It is important for people of all ages to have the appropriate tests run to ensure nothing goes undetected that could put their health at risk. There are many risk factors that could go undetected without the assistance of today’s modern technologies. Technologies such as ultra sound can find small problems before they can become larger ones.

Your primary care physician may have ordered specific screenings to determine what risk factors exist in your body, or you may have decided to find out on your own. Both ways, all you need to do is provide the facility with your doctor’s contact information and the staff will send the results to them. With the test results, your doctor can then prescribe necessary medication or other appropriate treatment or lifestyle changes.

The five screenings offered by Lifeline Screenings include a test to determine if the carotid artery is being clogged by the build up of fatty plaque. This is an important test this build up of plaque can eventually block the artery completely if not properly dealt with. Your doctor might prescribe a drug to reduce cholesterol in your blood which is thought to be responsible for the condition. Your health care professional may even prescribe surgery to clear the block if it is serious enough.

While the Carotid Artery screening may not require any special preparations, it could help save your life. At the same time, some preparations are required when an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm is the subject of Lifeline Screening. Those preparations involve refraining from eating food for a few hours before the test is scheduled. You will also want to wear loose fitting clothing that can easily be removed for easy access to the abdomen and put back on after the screening is finished.

The expert staff at Lifeline Screening will always be your best source for information concerning what they do. Why not go further than the usual exams and include health screenings to your regular yearly check ups.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny Establishes Oncotarget To Help In Sharing Of Information

Science is essential in the society as it helps to answer some of the significant challenges that face the entire world. For instance, aging is an issue that scientists have been trying to understand for a very long time. The complexity of the human body makes it impossible to understand some of the hidden concepts. However, Mikhail has worked hard to ensure that some factors about the human body can be understood much better. One of these aspects is the how cells of the human body respond to cancerous conditions and age.Through Oncotarget, Mikhail tries to bring scientists together, and this enables sharing of information from different organizations on how research is being conducted. Most importantly, Oncotarget is primarily used to resolve the numerous cases of cancer in patients all over the world.

The establishment of Oncotarget was motivated by the need to help people in the society and ensure that some of the major diseases can be overcome.Different doctors came together to establish Oncotarget, and they foresaw this as a breakthrough in the process of sharing medical information. At the moment, Mikhail edits all journals that are posted on Oncotarget, and this is an effort to ensure that the shared data is credible and verifiable. Different methods of research exist in the world, and when the critical information from research is shared, then it will be possible to obtain success in a field that tends to be associated with technicality.Cancer is one of the few ailments that tends to take away all the hope from a person.

However, Mikhail works to ensure that the expectations of those who have the disease in the society can be rejuvenated. Mikhail is significantly committed toward ensuring that people can adopt better methods of nutrition in the society. He believes that age and the related complications can be resolved once people start eating healthy food.The impact of the medical research should be felt across all areas of the society, and this is what Mikhail tries to ensure. Oncotarget is continually growing due to the health complications that keep developing within the community and the need to share information.

Here’s what to Know about Freedom Debt Relief Reviews

There are a number of reviews and testimonials pertaining to Freedom Debt Relief (FDR) online. Many customers are advocating for corporation with only a slim fraction of them having concerns. On a positive note, here are some of the customers’ Freedom Debt Relief reviews.

1. Comfortable and Flexible Service

According to Ann Marie, a beneficiary of FDR, the brand is the most comfortable and most flexible you can find when it comes to debt resolution. “They are neither pushy nor aggressive as they allowed me to enjoy a comfortable experience,” says Ann Marie. She like many other customers enjoyed the credit facility arrangement as the payment plans are flexible. There are many customers who share similar reviews online.

2. Healthy Money Advice

“FDR provided me with the expert advice on how to wisely spend my money”, continues Anne Marie. Before FDR, Anne Marie used to mismanage her money and never saved. This is very common among Americans. The opportunity to join FDR, give most customers the chance to have healthy money interactions.

3. Simple and Secure Process

According to Rita J, another FDR beneficiary, FDR provides customers with a straightforward debt relief process. She says, “Every step of the process is simple and overall, the experience was secure.” Basically, FDR helps you in the negotiation process as you get to reduce your debt levels in a flexible and simple way. Many customers’ reviews highlight a brand with a secure and simple debt resolution process.


Basically, Freedom Debt Relief is aimed at helping customers resolve their debt problems. Most reviews for Freedom Debt Relief are encouraging. The company is effective in saving you from going bankrupt. They help the customer in the debt negotiation process to make sure that debt burden is lessened.

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