Fabletics Accomplishments in the Clothing e-Commerce Market

Succeeding in the fashion e-commerce market that is currently being controlled by Amazon is somehow difficult. However, Fabletics owed by Kate Hudson has been able to grow and has grown into a $250 million business in a period of three years. Fabletics is an online retailer that deals with women’s footwear, accessories and sportswear. A unit of the sportswear shop applies a subscription mechanic to sell clothes and footwear to its customers.


Although in the past price and quality of products defined the value of brands, a shift in the economics rendered the combination a non-guarantee to either success or competition. In its place customer experience, brand recognition, last-mile service, gamification elements and exclusive design are the new determiners of high-value to the current customers.


Just like Warby Parker and Apple Incorporation, Fabletics is using a strategy that is paying off for the membership brand and in this year they will be setting up more physical stores. Fabletics already runs sixteen stores located in Florida, California, Illinois, and Hawaii. According to the executives at the “activewear” shop, the secret to succeeding in the e-commerce market requires companies to develop a modern type of what is considered a high-value brand dorm the first day they start operating. Fabletics offers trending fashion at half the price of their competitors because of their online personalized services.


Fabletics verona couture operates its physical stores in a different manner. To start with, it encourages reverse showrooming. Unlike their competitors who showroom and customers browse offline and buy their items elsewhere, Fabletics have reversed showrooming that has transformed browsing into a positive thing. This model enables them to develop relationships with customers and be relied on. Their growth is consistent with people, their culture, and accessibility. The company evolves over time in order to adapt to trends in the market. Fabletics displays proper contents to their customers and the stores are stocked with products based on preferences from their members, sentiments on social media and sales activity.


Kate Hudson became involved in the business from the first day. Ever since Kate and her team have grown the business into a $250 million enterprise although she had never ventured into any business before. She transformed the company’s customer care services to improve communication, an action that has improved their consumers’ satisfaction score. Fabletics have been able to grow tremendously because of Kate’s commitment and desire to offer quality customer services to their customers at all times. Kate Hudson is a professional actress.