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Neurocore Helps Redefine Treatment For Depression

Depression has become a major medical diagnosis in the nation today and is a leading cause of disability for people in the 15 – 44 age group. Many people suffering from depression may not think that would be the diagnosis. Depression sufferers can have varied severity of symptoms such as: fatigue, sleeping too much or too little, thoughts of numbness or emptiness, little enjoyment in favored activities, irritability, difficultly concentrating, and weight gain or loss. Some high functioning depression sufferers may appear alright on the outside, but struggle constantly with feelings of negativity or inadequacy. Read more about Neurocore at

There are several different types of depression:

Major Depressive Disorder may last up to two weeks and is characterized by constant on going sadness and low self esteem.

Persistent Depressive Disorder can last up to two years with negative thoughts and feelings, but is not as severe as a major depressive episode.

Post Partum Depression effects women after childbirth due to hormonal imbalance and can last two weeks to a year.

Seasonal Affective Disorder happens to individuals during winter or in areas of low exposure to sunlight.

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The study of depression is one of the least funded medical illnesses, but is a proponent of the second leading cause of death, suicide. The good news is that even severe cases of depression can be effectively treated leading the sufferer to live a more fulfilled life. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers offer hope to those suffering from depression. Neurocore uses biofeedback techniques designed to help individuals with depression and other mental illness retrain their brain with positive choices, essentially creating new positive neuro pathways eliminating negative thoughts and feelings.

Neurocore starts work with individuals by offering a comprehensive body analysis of the patient’s brainwaves, breathing patterns, and ekg analysis of the heart to see an overall health portfolio. After analysis, Neurocore customizes a biofeedback program specifically for the individual. Biofeedback sessions will retrain the brain with positive choices, helping the brain to function more efficiently. Neurocore is seeing positive, long-lasting results in many individuals.


Todd Lubar on why smart homes are going to take over

There is a lot of cool technology coming on the market these days. Some of it can be really helpful especially when it comes to running a household. This “smart” technology can reduce the time it takes you to get ready in the morning, can help control your thermostat with thinking about it, and even brew your coffee in the morning without even touching your coffee machine. For more details visit Ideamensch to see more.

When you start connecting your home to smart devices you can control what happens in your home, even half way around the world. It’s like a virtual assistant for your home. They have smart lights, smart locks, and whatever else you can think of. Builders are also installing these cool features into homes when they build them so the new homeowner does not have to hassle with it later. Another benefit to living or owning a smart home will make life so much easier for people with disabilities. If someone is bound to a wheelchair and cannot reach something, they can do it with a touch to their smart phone. Wouldn’t that be helpful? Companies like Quadrant Homes in Seattle will include this smart technology in their home packages like security features, automatic window shades, and digital locks. Investors believe this technology will be so popular that all new homes with include these features within the time frame of 30 years. Visit his page

Todd Lubar is a businessman and entrepreneur that has worked in the real estate business for over two decades. He currently serves at the Senior Vice President at Legendary Investments. He also works as TDL Global Ventures, LLC as their President. He was called one of the top 25 mortgage originators in the United States for multiple years. He is passionate about helping others succeed in business with his vast knowledge and experience. Check out Inspirery to see more.

The entrepreneur attended Syracuse University where he got his Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication. One of Todd’s previous positions was at Charter Funding as Senior Vice President. He also worked for Legacy Financial group and Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Todd Lubar currently lives in New Jersey with his wife and kids.

Rocketship Education to Proceed With its Project of Setting-Up a School in Antioch Early Next Year

The Rocketship Education, a non-profit group of schools headquartered in Redwood City, is keen to open its 13th school in the East Bay Area and 19th in Washington, D.C. The charter school operator acquired the East Bay Times’ Antioch bureau building with the intention of converting it into a school that will host kids from Kindergarten to grade 5. A 2-storied building, Rocketship had to part with $1.5 million to complete the deal. In August alone, the school opened a couple of branches, and if everything goes as planned, the Bay Area branch will open early next year.

The Antioch Branch

Rocketship’s Antioch branch will be in the neighborhood of Kimball Elementary and Fremont Elementary, two charter schools whose performance has been devastating. In 2015/16 academic year, for example, students from Kimball who met the state standards for English and mathematics were 27% and 17% respectively. Fremont was even worse with 18% and 9% in that order. Rocketship Education aims at curing the challenge of low-performance in charter schools to the benefit of children born and schooled in poor neighborhoods, Antioch being one of them. As such, the school will have to admit some of the students currently schooling at Fremont and Kimball. According to the network’s manager of marketing and communications Ms. Elise Hill, Rocketship believes that being born in a bad neighborhood should not be a basis for a kid to be condemned to bad schools. She also explained that a majority of charter schools that operates in poverty-stricken neighborhoods are disadvantaged by the fact that low funding precipitated by low property tax revenue.


Operating in bad neighborhoods comes with a set of challenges. For Rocketship Education, its collection of challenges have come in the form of criticism from authorities who feel that Antioch was not the best locality to build a school. The area police have written to the school management requesting them to reconsider their intentions, arguing that the area has many cases of drug abuse, prostitution, and other crimes. However, Hill is optimistic that the choice of site will not deter Rocketship’s ultimate goal. Plans are underway to make the school as safe as possible, with a strong fence and a gate being one of the measures.

Paul Mampilly’s Opinion on Investing in Microchips.

Paul Mampilly is an experienced editor who resides in North Carolina. He got his wealth through buying shares and bonds in the stock market. As an entrepreneur, he is currently investing in the production of microchips that are designed to be installed underneath the skin of individuals. Mampilly foresees that chips will be used by several health institutions since it provides a person’s historical records of health. The entrepreneur encourages other investors to invest in the technology before it emerges in the market. He points out that the microchips will make services in the health sector be efficient since chips will be readily accessible.

The entrepreneur is an influential personality in the corporate world, who has the passion for educating other individuals on acquiring wealth. Paul Mampilly uses his journals to empower subscribers to be successful in the business world. The top-selling publications that he produced include True Momentum, Winning Investor Daily, Profits Unlimited, and Extreme Fortunes among others. The editor boasts of having over sixty thousand subscribers on his social channels and blog pages. Paul is sought by various broadcasting institutions, which host him to offer opinions and education on the stock exchange market. He is currently an associate of Banyan Hill Publishing, where he provides financial views published on newsletters and magazines of the firm.

Paul Mampilly is an American Investor who has a fortune in the business world. His success in the corporate world as a portfolio manager made him receive several honors. The entrepreneur participated in the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition in 2008 and emerged a winner of the challenge. He was a recipient of the award since he managed to develop an investment portfolio that had a monetary value of $50 million, into an $88 million investment by the end of the competition. The challenge was conducted when the United States was experiencing an economic crisis.

The American investor prides himself on holding a post-graduate degree in business administration from Fordham University in the United States. Paul Mampilly earned experience in the corporate world where he served as an accountant. He got first employment opportunity at Banker Trust, where he was employed as an accounts clerk. Paul left the firm and served several organizations including Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank, Swiss Bank, ING, Kinetics Asset Management LLC, Stransberry Research LLC, and Sears. While pursuing his career, he had an opportunity of managing bulk accounts of establishments of Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum trading services. The investment guru retired in his early forty’s to pursue his passion as an editor.

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Correctly applying techniques of Conversion Rate Optimization:

Sentient AI – Conversion Rate Optimization is critical for an organization to achieve long term success. It is important that potential clients review your web site. Therefore, you must use techniques that will draw the public to your company web site. However, this is only the beginning. Once the public views your material you as the business owner want some assurance that anyone reviewing your web site will take action that is favorable to you as well as your organization.

Conversion Rate Optimization can show the business owner how to literally get the very most out of the viewers or potential clients once the visit your company web site. Therefore, you need to be seeking cost effective ways to market your products or services. Once you find the most cost effective way to market your product or service, you must certain that the organization will benefit with high profit margins. If you are able to do this effectively then you have benefited from what Conversion Rate Optimization has to offer.

Sentient AI – Conversion Rate Optimization permits a business maximize the tools in which they already have to receive the best possible result in the end. Using Conversion Rate Optimization would allow you to effectively find new business prospects and lead generation. In addition, optimization should increase overall efficiency rate, significantly decrease any bounce rate that may exist within the organization and receive more product and or service orders.

Sentient AI – Conversion Rate Optimization if used correctly should help you boost business in a variety of ways. In addition, optimization should also help to better organize business ideas and expand your existing clientele as well as the geographic location. The more an organization branches out into new uncharted territory the better chance the organization has of building new profitable business relationships. Keep in mind, it is all about introducing your company and the services they offer in an highly effective and easy to understand manner. First impressions are normally lasting impressions.

*Making Conversion Optimization Easy to Understand:

To simplify, it is all about increasing your conversion rate. Therefore, it is possible to increase conversion from 10% to 25% within a relatively short period of time if the Conversion Rate principle rates are applied correctly. If a client or potential client is pleased with what you can do for them, more than likely they will choose your organization over the competitors.

If 100 people purchase goods or services from your web site, that would the organization about a 10% rate of conversion. However, if you decided to spend $200 upgrading your web site you have an excellent chance of increasing your rate of conversion fairly quickly. Once the public views your web site after the changes or upgrades have been made, you may double the amount of customers making purchases directly from the company web site. Therefore, your conversion rate could jump from 10% to 30% within a matter of weeks.