Todd Lubar on why smart homes are going to take over

There is a lot of cool technology coming on the market these days. Some of it can be really helpful especially when it comes to running a household. This “smart” technology can reduce the time it takes you to get ready in the morning, can help control your thermostat with thinking about it, and even brew your coffee in the morning without even touching your coffee machine. For more details visit Ideamensch to see more.

When you start connecting your home to smart devices you can control what happens in your home, even half way around the world. It’s like a virtual assistant for your home. They have smart lights, smart locks, and whatever else you can think of. Builders are also installing these cool features into homes when they build them so the new homeowner does not have to hassle with it later. Another benefit to living or owning a smart home will make life so much easier for people with disabilities. If someone is bound to a wheelchair and cannot reach something, they can do it with a touch to their smart phone. Wouldn’t that be helpful? Companies like Quadrant Homes in Seattle will include this smart technology in their home packages like security features, automatic window shades, and digital locks. Investors believe this technology will be so popular that all new homes with include these features within the time frame of 30 years. Visit his page

Todd Lubar is a businessman and entrepreneur that has worked in the real estate business for over two decades. He currently serves at the Senior Vice President at Legendary Investments. He also works as TDL Global Ventures, LLC as their President. He was called one of the top 25 mortgage originators in the United States for multiple years. He is passionate about helping others succeed in business with his vast knowledge and experience. Check out Inspirery to see more.

The entrepreneur attended Syracuse University where he got his Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication. One of Todd’s previous positions was at Charter Funding as Senior Vice President. He also worked for Legacy Financial group and Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Todd Lubar currently lives in New Jersey with his wife and kids.