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Mike Baur Offers His Expertise To Up And Coming Entrepreneurs

Starting up a successful company from scratch and maintaining it till it has a chance to grow has become a difficult thing for many young aspiring business students and entrepreneurs. Things are more difficult than ever before, so the chances of breaking into the industry for new entrepreneurs without adequate experience is becoming near impossible. Despite this growing difficulty for business majors and entrepreneurs, making it as a successful business owner is possible with the right knowledge and guidance. This is exactly what the Swiss Startup Factory is designed to do, provide young individuals with the proper management and knowledge to maintain a successful startup. Although the company is relatively new, starting up in just 2014, they have made a big name and helped many individuals build successful businesses out of Zurich, Switzerland.


Today, Swiss Startup Factory has a rather large network that can operate at an international level which enables them to offer opportunities regularly on a wide scale. The company’s accelerator program affords coaching, mentoring, and services for clients to participate in as well. Thanks to Swiss Startup working to expand their network since their inception, they are able to help others achieve their entrepreneurial goals.


The Swiss Startup Factory was founded by Mike Baur, Max Meister, and Oliver Walzer, and the company has since come a long way in helping provide successful startups. Mike Baur currently sits as CEO for the company and works to manage the firms fundraising and financing for future projects.


Mike Baur was born and raised in Switzerland and still lives on the beautiful island working at the Swiss Startup Factory. Mikes strong background in math and finances gave him some early direction for where he wanted to take his career in life. Due to his talent, he developed an interest in finances and the banking industry. After Mike earning his master’s degree from the University of Rochester in Business Administration and his BMA from the University of Bern, he entered the field of private banking. Mike climbed the ladder and held executive positions for high private banks around Switzerland before one day discovering the idea for the Swiss Startup Factory. Despite his executive positions at leading private banks, Mike wanted to help others start up their own successful companies and put their ideas out into the world. Today, the Swiss Startup Factory has become one of Switzerland’s leading startup companies thanks to Mike’s ambitions and unrelenting dedication.

Jason Hope Supports Anti-Aging Research Efforts

The Arizona based Internet entrepreneur remains one of the biggest contributors towards anti-aging initiatives in the region. With modern healthcare taking a more reactive approach towards handling age-related illness, philanthropists like Jason Hope have taken a proactive route through initiatives meant to advance human medicine. The renowned entrepreneur has channeled his influence and money towards anti-aging research mostly through SENS Foundation.

Jason Hope began working with SENS in 2010 and has testified his belief on the organization. While emphasizing the need to advance human medicine, Hope explained that SENS Foundation has shown its ability to redefine biotech, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries.

Jason Hope donates $500,000 and much more to SENS Foundation

The scientific community continues to embrace the power of rejuvenation biotechnologies as far as dealing with age-related illness is concerned. Jason Hope, a business leader with a passion for education, healthcare, and scientific research has equally joined the race. In 2010, Jason donated $500,000 to SENS Foundation. The donation intended to support the organization’s advanced research on reconstructive biotechnologies was announced by the foundation’s CEO; Mike Kope.

Mike explained that SENS foundation was created out of the need to wholly restructure the biotech industry. Mike further confirmed that Hope’s donation will help in building the foundation’s existing collaborations as well as tighten the fight against aging. Peter Thiel, the chairman of Thiel Foundation, also applauded Jason Hope’s commitment towards anti-aging research.

Hope expressed that he’s honored to support the foundation’s efforts and hopes the donations will help in fastening the research process. His financial support has reportedly enabled the foundation to set up its Cambridge laboratory. The organization has also implemented a significant number of research initiatives. Jason has gone further to donate more than $1 million as well as takes active part in the foundation’s outreach programs.

About Jason Hope

Born and raised in Arizona, Jason Hope is a renowned businessman, philanthropist, and futurist with an unmatched passion for information technology and corporate social responsibility. Jason pursued his finance degree from Arizona State University before acquiring his MBA from the same institution. He began his entrepreneurial career by creating a mobile communications company. Jason is known to support young entrepreneurs through his grant programs. He also continues to invest in startup companies in the region.

Hope’s passion for education and healthcare has seen him mentor high school students. He has worked with a number of research and community organizations, including The Andre Agassi Foundation, Family Health International, and Teach for America Phoenix.

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OSI Group’s Comittment To Foodservice Excellence

One of the most demanding industries in the world is the foodservice industry. The harvesting of food may seem to be an easy process, but there are many more factors that must be in-place for the process to run smoothly. On top of that, this industry has other vital components such as getting the foods out to the public. This can be a logistical nightmare for most foodservice providers, but there is one provider that has a firm-grip on the entire process. OSI Group of Aurora, Illinois, is that company, and it handles every aspect of the foodservice industry. Yes, that’s definitely a mouthful, but it’s true and this is why.

OSI Group is more than a company because it has a plethora of facilities and factories. In other words, this company is an industry in itself. There are up to 65 technological-advanced facilities around the globe. Poland, Brazil, Australia, Germany, Canada, Hungary, Austria, Japan and China are just a few of the areas. OSI has numerous facilities throughout the United States in the states of California, Illinois, Iowa and Utah. There are over 20,000 employees in all. That’s right! Custom-food solutions is what it does best, and it will work directly with the client to turn this dream into a reality. OSI Group has some of the strictest safety practices out of any food provider. Clients and customers will receive unsurpassed safety in all food products. Some of the benefits included are:

• Real-World Food Knowledge
• Exceptional Culinary Skill
• Stringent Testing
• Process Control Measures
• Global Food Safety Initiation
• And many others

This company received the prestigious Globe of Honour Award in 2016. This award is for exemplary management of environmental risks. OSI’s Kelly Grimwood was presented with the award by the British Safety Council at London’s Drapers Hall. This company has already won the award in 2013 and in 2015. Global efficiency also separates OSI from the competition. It seems like every aspect of the business is outperforming all competitors on a consistent basis and that’s a fact.


Organo Gold Has A Growing Global Impact

ORGANO Gold is a Network Marketing enterprise that has a goal to share the powerful benefits contained within Ganoderma to the world. ORGANO aims to help people improve and expand on their lives increasing their overall happiness, balance and success by providing them with opportunity as well as great products. This company is on the rise and has managed to help people all over the world in just a few short years. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

ORGANO has a variety of products available containing organically grown Ganoderma such as their mocha, black and hot chocolate coffees as well as red, greed, and black iced teas. They also have Ganoderma that is available in capsule form available for purchase which come in the mushrooms various growth forms, including the spore, mycelium, and adult mushroom. The differences between these varieties is that they address different types of conditions, such as helping mental processes like ADHD or ADD and even chronic conditions like cancer, heart disorders, diabetes and more. This is especially useful for children to help calm their minds when dealing with such disorders. In general, Ganoderma is good for a wide variety of different purposes when it comes to healing or helping the body cope with various conditions.

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One of the great things about Organo Gold is that coffee drinkers can easily incorporate it into their diet by just switching their usualy brand to this much more healthy form to reap the benefits. This often results in a smaller hit ont he wallet as well depending on the type of coffee one buys.

ORGANO has managed to become a trustworthy and friendly global company that is providing a positive impact on people around the globe. Organo Gold has even become a sponsor for the OG Cares Foundation, which is dedicated to helping the young leaders of tomorrow by giving them new opportunity. Read more at about Organo Gold.

Learn How To Live By The Word Daily At Mighty Fortress Church

People attend church worship services for various reasons. Some want to get a full understanding of who Christ really is, and some go to strengthen their relationship with God. There are even those who search for a church where thy can feel safe, and comfortable as they seek to serve God, and build meaningful relationships with others who worship without judging. The Mighty Fortress International Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota is the church that provides all that is needed to improve your Christian journey. The Mighty Fortress International Church is under the leadership of Bishop Thomas Williams, who is the Senior Pastor. The church’s vision is to build a multi dimensional, dynamic ministry that is focused on worship that is powerful, and Christine living that is victorious. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.

The worship services at Mighty Fortress Church are designed to encourage those who are believers on a weekly basis. The messages point out, and makes clear what God has planned for the lives of His people. Expect to notice a change in your life as you learn about Biblical practices, and the way you should live life daily. For over thirty years, Bishop Thomas Williams has been an active voice in ministry. He emphasizes that wisdom and knowledge are treasure that are applicable for everyone. It is found in the word of God, and is easily obtainable. He is considered a bridge builder, bringing together the Body of Christ, the people, and the Word of God.


Bishop Thomas Williams received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication from North Central University in Minneapolis. He received a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership from Bethel University & Seminary in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Bishop Williams also earned two Honorary Doctorate degrees, one from Midwest Christian College, and another from Saint Thomas College in Jacksonville, Florida. Bishop Williams is married, and he and his wife Sabrina are the parents of three children. Their lives are committed to God, their ministry, and their family. Love, and living a life for Christ, is evident in all of his preaching. Watch this video on Youtube.

Jason Hope’s New Book Sheds New Light on the Internet of Things

Noted entrepreneur Jason Hope is out with his new book. This book covers how the Internet of Things is creating a revolution in today’s world.

According to the book, there is an acceleration of technology that has been going on for the past decade or two. This acceleration is at a rate that we have never seen before. This goes for all forms of technology. However, this acceleration is particularly apparent when it comes to the world of computers. There are many aspects of computer technology that have been improving. An example would be the processing power of computers. Another example would be the speed of the computers and how much data they can store. In addition, there is the issue of more and more devices being connected to the internet of things.

There are billions of devices that are now connected to the internet. This had led to the term the internet of things, which refers to the global network of internet connected devices which can communicate with each other and work with each other in tandem.

The internet of things has done a lot to improve the way businesses operate. After all, humans can use the internet of things to get a lot more done. Devices can send information to each other in real time, in ways that were not possible just a few decades ago. There are more and more technologies that are coming out to improve the internet of things even further.

Various industries are benefiting from the internet of things. Industries like healthcare can benefit from it by having more abilities to keep information organized. A lot of automation is coming about as a result of the internet of things. In addition, many businesses are being a lot more productive than they used to be, thanks to the internet of things.

The internet of things phenomena is not limited to businesses. It is arriving in many private homes as well. Many homes are now being branded as smart homes, where lights and the thermostat, and sometimes even doors and the locks on them, are connected to the internet and can be controlled by an app on a smartphone.

Jason Hope is a well known entrepreneur from Arizona. He has a Bachelors of Science from Arizona State University. He has an MBA in Business from Arizona State’s WP Carey School of Business.

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Paul Mampilly Believes The Bitcoin Bubble Is About To Burst Like 1999’s Tech Problems

Paul Mampilly is well-known for giving amazing advice on the latest matters on the financial markets because of the almost quarter of a century he has built up during his career. One area Paul Mampilly has been extremely vocal in is the development and potential bubble growing up around the Bitcoin cryptocurrency; Paul Mampilly believes the current spiraling value of cryptocurrency is unsustainable and will eventually lead to the bubble bursting in the coming weeks or months.

Bitcoin has reached values in excess of $19,000 but Mampilly believes the growing clamor among investors to jump on the bandwagon will push prices even higher and create a bubble bursting to leave thousands of new millionaires broke when the Bitcoin price plummets in the coming weeks. The former leader of a hedge fund named one of the best performing funds in the world by Barron’s in 2008 believes the current climate around cryptocurrency is similar to that seen around the tech sharemarket in 1999. The crash of the tech market in 1999 came after a bubble grew around companies offering shares before they had even established themselves in any sector of the technology industry.

Millions of investors saw their fortunes wiped out over the course of a single day when the value of many tech stocks plummeted and the majority of newly formed businesses ceased operating amid growing debts. Paul Mampilly became famous for not losing any money during the 1999 crash as he correctly identified the market was about to crash and escaped long before the issues reached their peak.

Over the course of the last few years, the man who classes members of Europe’s Royal Family’s and the Royal Bank of Scotland among his list of clients has been warning of similar problems ahead for the cryptocurrency boom. In fact, Mampilly explains he set out to warn investors of the problems facing the cryptocurrency bubble but has been met with resistance from many of those who have invested in this new form of currency. The Bitcoin bubble has created a number of converts to the development of this form of investment and will see those who refuse to take advantage of the current high prices for Bitcoin lose the majority of their investment when the crash finally happens.

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