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The Birth and Expansion of OSI Industries

The OSI Industries is ranked among the largest providers in the world of perishable items. OSI Group is part of modern-day economy, and its meteoric rise to being one of largest providers of food should be credited to the 20K folks that are employed by OSI Group in over 65 warehouse centers in a little less than 20 different countries spread out globally. Many people ask whether OSI Industries can be traced back to immigrants who came to the United States and it must be admitted that its founders were German immigrants of Chicago. Chicago was a largely German population in 1914 and it was there that most German immigrants settled. OSI Group acquires Baho Food.

Otto Kolchowsky, only a couple of years after landing on the shores of America, settled into becoming a small meat packer in Chicago German immigrant community. It was Oak Park, Chicago neighborhood. Kolchowsky loved his work and took it up with a passion. For the next decade he expanded his business and grew into nearby Maywood. It was early 1909 and Kolchowsky worked throughout the end of the First World War to establish his meat packing business, never giving up on his dream that he could expand his small family business. Before 1930 Otto Kolchowsky had established what would later become OSI Industries as Otto & Sons, a dream come true for the German immigrant.

One of the stellar events between the sons of Otto Kolchowsky and Ray Kroc, would have a monumental effect on the history of OSI Industries and that was when Ray Kroc agreed to do business with Arthur and Harry Kolchowsky of before he opened his first McDonalds. OSI Industries would be the major providers for the budding global brand, McDonalds. In short, the Kolchhovsky brothers had placed the original business founded by their Father in an ever-growing expansion cycle with that one handshake with Ray Kroc.

Within a couple of decades of that first handshake with Ray Kroc the Kolchovsky Brothers introduced flash freezing into the mix of how the company did processing of food and allowed large amounts of meats they processed for the largest of consumer companies to be transported from one end of the country to the other.

When McDonald’s decided to consolidate his food chain from one hundred packers to 3-4, the Kolchovsky Brothers had made all the right steps in preparation for the consolidation and it was then that OSI International Group became a reality.

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Talk Fusion Enhancing Businesses

Talk Fusion was launched in 2007 with the aim of helping businesses enhance marketing efforts through videos. Currently, the technology has been recently improved to include a video chat app and available in more than hundred and forty countries. Talk fusion helps businesses increase sales and profits by edging out the competition through improved interactions with clients.

Talk Fusion features

The application is available on both Google play and Apple stores with new features and functions for enhanced convenience. It can only be compatible with iOS 7 on Apple devices and 4.4.3 OS on Android devices. Another amazing feature of the application is the video emailing that necessitates businesses to easily connect with clients. Video emailing is more advantageous since it grabs attention more than the conventionally written emails. Additionally, it provides a higher engagement with clients leading to more clickthroughs.

Using the application

The application allows sending and receiving live or recorded videos. Additionally, the application contains various templates that can be used to enhance the videos. The user can also change the display and other features to increase the cohesiveness of the message. Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina indicates that the application can also be used for personal purposes such as engaging with family and friends. One feature that differentiates talk fusion from most similar applications is the convenience of holding video calls between different devices. Furthermore, the display of the application has a streamlined design and a speedier functionality.


Calls on the application take place via a link that ensures privacy. Through the link, a user can create secure private meeting rooms which can be saved and used at a later time. The security feature on the application necessitates secure international calls on any type of device. As long as there is a good internet connection, the user is able to send unlimited messages for personal and business purposes.

Upgrades and developments

Recently, the application has received few modifications that are aimed at increasing user’s experience. Picture messaging is one of the new features available in the chats with very high quality and minimal blurriness. Additionally, users are now able to create chat rooms based on individual countries. Finally, the Talk Fusion is free from ads, unlike other similar applications. Learn more:


Clarifying the Truth about Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Investment

Many people have heard about the “Freedom Checks” on the media or have viewed the advertisement by their proponent Matt Badiali. The checks resemble the tax refund check by the government, and most people do not understand them nor do they know who Matt Badiali is. To get a clear view if the checks are genuine and legitimate, let’s look at how they work and who their protagonist is. Visit to know more.

Freedom Checks are an investment and to understand how one can benefit from them requires a clear understanding of the investing principles involved. They involve Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), which can be viewed as a publicly traded limited partnership. The profits are coming from the tax advantages derived from partnerships. MLPs can be limited or general partners, but the tax benefits are equally high. They have been in place since 1981 when the 26-F statute that gives the current 550 companies legality to offer freedom checks was enacted.

To qualify for an MLP, firms must pay 90% of the returns from storage, transportation, processing and production of oil or gas in America as freedom checks back to investors. These checks must be offered on a yearly basis.

The freedom checks are not offered by the government as most media ads imply, but are a return on capital and are not subjected to income tax. They are in turn high earning. One does not need a significant portfolio of considerable capital to invest in these checks, as with $10 one can start earning. MLPs are publicly traded stocks which are exempted from income taxes since they are income-focused by passing their profits to shareholders who receive higher distribution returns than those who trade in dividend-paying stocks.


Widely traveled financial analyst Matt Badiali has a robust geological foundation having studied Earth Sciences for his bachelor’s degree at Penn State University, and later a master’s in Geology at Florida Atlantic University. From Hong Kong, Iraq, Turkey, Singapore to Switzerland, he has interviewed CEOs, inspected mines, oil and gas wells, making him an experienced source of investment advice on the subject.

Since not all companies can be profitable, Matt Badiali makes sure the target company has assets (raw materials) that are in-demand in the range of $1 billion which must be liquid. The company must have consistent payment to shareholders that increase steadily. Companies targeted for investing in are those which demonstrate an increase in their shareholders’ wealth from the investment they have made with the company. Read this article at Seeking Alpha.

How Sheldon Lavin manages the largest privately owned food processor in the U.S

OSI Group has dominated the American food industry for over hundred years. The company was initially known as Otto & Sons and they supplied fresh meat cuts to markets in Chicago. Later on, Otto & Sons Company was contracted by the McDonalds to supply meat and other products to their facilities in Chicago and other States in the U.S. Otto & Sons company grew from a small Chicago-based butcher shop to become among the top largest privately owned food companies in the U.S.

Lately, OSI Group has penetrated other markets, mainly in India, Europe, and China. The latest entrant into the OSI Group is Spain based food suppliers. OSI Group has focused on a series of acquisitions in a bid to penetrate the international market. Nowadays, they value-added meat products are not only available in the U.S, but also in seventeen other countries where they have mega food processing facilities.

OSI Group creates autonomous units that produce and distribute high-quality food products to their customers. Their processing facilities in different part of the globe produce products based on the culture of the market and the prevailing local regulations. However, the performance of these facilities is overseen by the leadership sitting at the company’s headquarters in Aurora, Illinois.

OSI Group’s products

If you are a fast food enthusiast, there is a high probability that you have eaten products from OSI Industries. The company started by producing fresh meat and then began supplying value-added proteins to different brands. They have now diversified to include other products such as beans, fresh vegetables, and poultry products. The diversification is in line with the company’s mission of meeting the needs of the current consumers.

OSI Group’s leadership

The main reason why OSI Group has remained in the market for over a century is as a result of great and visionary leadership. Sheldon Lavin the CEO of OSI Group has played a critical role in the company’s success since he took over reigns.

Over the years, Sheldon Lavin has led OSI Group into a series of acquisitions that has seen the company dominate food markets far from the U.S. It is under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership that OSI Group acquired Baho Food in 2016, Flagship Europe, the former Tyson Foods and also processing facilities in China.

Sheldon Lavin is a revered entrepreneur who attributes his entrepreneurial skills to the knowledge he acquired while pursuing a degree in Accounting and Finance. Sheldon Lavin initially worked with Otto & Sons in the 1970’s before becoming a permanent employee of the company.

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Paul Mampilly, Coextensive Examples

Paul Mampilly is a financial genius when it comes down to the behavior of the markets in many different respects. He has been a hedge broker prior to him being a master at reading the charts in financial bubbles and specific market conditions that go against the grain when put up against the opinions of the masses. Paul Mampilly is seeing parallels in market fluctuations when regarding cryptocurrencies and the rumors spreading about them that they are indeed a bubble and the stock openings considering the internet bust in 1999. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Paul Mampilly.

People then back in the day have been dumping buckets of money into a business system named Dot Com, only that they were not actually a business system at all but instead merely dependents on people’s confidence in them that they would grow without anything to sell in the first place. These people grew substantially and the momentum of the movement was undeniably attractive to get in on. Watch videos on Paul’s Youtube channel. In fact even Paul Mampilly got in on some of the action with the uptrend Dot Com was taking, but during a pull back he saw the opportunity to get out and take his profits with him. It worked because two months later he learned that the so called business everyone was trying to cash out on eventually crumbled and the consequencial invarables led investors to look for new buying price actions to enact on instead. His friend even lost a pretty sum of funds due to the crash of Dot Com despite Paul Mampilly’s discretion and insight about the market fall and this is what he draws a parallel line to when it comes to the subject matter of cryptocurrencies. The bigger the bubble gets the more over bought cryptocurrencies will become, and rather than the coins reflecting a solid form of value like money and gold used to do they are based upon the hype of the people at large. This wavering mass psychology is the main reason why cryptocurrencies are not founded on a stable ground intended to prosper for the long term. Even when Paul Mampilly claims that the average capitalist should take caution when approaching the markets without getting sucked into the culture that says up is the only direction bitcoin and other alternative values are going to take on, he also explains that in the end the price of such millennial forms of value can be regarded as comparable to gold, silver, and platinum as well.


Reasons to go for Waiakea Water

Waiakea Water is a water company founded by Ryan Emmons. It was started a few years ago with the primary objective of providing pure and healthy water for the communities in need. It extracts its water from snowmelt and the rainwater from the peak of one of the active volcanoes in Hawaii. Since it was established, it has grown to a significant level due to the highest level of trust it has created in its customers.

Waiakea water is known to be so delicious and to have some added health benefits. It contains calcium which is necessary for strong teeth, bones and other health benefits, magnesium and silica which has a lot of health benefits too such as neurological health benefits. As a result, the company has earned itself a good name in the market due to the level of satisfaction it gives to its customers. In any business, satisfaction is always the best advertisement ever, since when the customers are well satisfied they attract more customers. This is one of the reasons that have contributed to the company’s increase in positive cash flows.

Another reason that has led to the success of Waiakea Water Company is the technology they use to make sure that water as a scarce resource on the earth planet is used sustainably in a way that it will satisfy the present generation and at the same time cater for the needs of the future generations. It has done this by improvising water bottles that are degradable to conserve the environment.

Non-biodegradable materials cause environmental pollution and the worst of all the destruction of the ozone layer thus reducing the amount of rainfall. Rainfall is one of the main sources of pure drinking water. Also when the plastics are burnt they release some gases such as carbon II oxide which when combines with moisture in the atmosphere, it causes acid rain that is harmful to lives in the marine water, plants thus leading to cases of famine. So, this is a very crucial step that the company has taken that has made it appreciated worldwide.

The company continues to work on their mission to provide natural and healthy water while meeting the needs and ethical requirements of the communities’ worldwide

The game changing effects of NGP VAN

Last year we were witnesses to shocking election results for both political parties. We neglect to mention in the media though that there were encouraging and motivating political victories for the Democratic party as well. Many liberals and democrats alike across the country are looking to take back the legislature this fall and in order to do so will need a well thought-out and solid plan to march towards victory. Launching a sizeable political campaign requires a lot of thought, effort, perseverance and above all, a resilient and thorough plan. We often see campaign launch days as victorious for the candidate, yet they fail to keep up the momentum from that day throughout their campaign and eventually they lose momentum. In order to be victorious this fall, democrats need to be organized, and that means have a solid foundation for all campaigns and preparing well before the announcement of candidacy.

They key points to remember when organizing a solid foundation for a campaign and maintaining it that way are as follows: build a communications plan, have a dedicated website, obtain a CRM for data management, create a brand identity, preparation of social media accounts, establish mobile programs for reaching out to the younger voting demographic, run digital advertisements, and preparing to canvass- whether it be phone calls or going door-to-door.

With NGP-VAN, democrats are able to build that foundation which is so greatly needed to be victorious this fall. NGP-VAN offers campaigning and organizational tools and tactics for all democratic candidates aiming to reach any level of political office. NGP-VAN offers services like: campaign analysis, contact management, contribution tracking, access to demographic data, donor targeting, email marketing, fundraising management, mapping, online payment processing, volunteer management, access to voter database, and above all, NGP-VAN is a progressive platform looking to help get more progressive or democratic figures in office.


We cannot afford another major political loss in higher positions as we did in November of 2016. But if we organize, build a solid foundation, and make use of all of our resources like NGP-VAN, we will be well on our way to victory this fall and will finally oust those politicians who are not fit for office nor able to represent Americans properly.


Dr. Shafik Sachedina Focuses On Educating The World About Islamic Culture To Promote Understanding Between Islam And The Rest Of The World

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a household name, especially among the Muslims in the Ismaili community. He is a selfless leader whose aim is to see fellow human beings co-exist. Dr. Shafik has dedicated much of his life to serving people, both as a dental surgeon and a leader of the Ismaili Muslim community in the U.K.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina serves as the head of the division of Jamati institutions. Jamati Institutions was established as part of the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan. Jamati Institutions has its headquarters in Aiglemont, France.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina’s main role at Jamati Institutions is to coordinate programs and activities of the institution in sixteen main areas where Ismaili communities exist. Through his collaboration with the Aga Khan Foundation, Dr. Sachedina ensures that people living in the Ismaili community have access to social amenities such as water, schools, and hospitals.

The Institute of Ismaili studies has their main offices in London, England. Their mission is to foster the study and understanding of the Islamic culture among the members of Ismaili community and the rest of the world. Once the rest of the world understands the Islamic culture, it will help to promote understanding and good relationship between Muslims and other faiths and societies.The Institute of Ismaili studies provides numerous resources for students willing to do research on Islamic culture.


Besides coordinating activities within the sixteen Ismaili communities, Dr. Shafik Sachedina also travels around the world as an ambassador of the Ismaili Institute. Recently, Dr. Shafik Sachedina visited Mikhail Bogdanov as the personal representative of Aga Khan IV. During the official trip, Dr. Shafik Sachedina and the Russian Foreign Minister discussed an array of issues mainly focusing on the recent developments in Russia.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina’s education background
Dr. Shafik, who is clocking seventy years, has his roots in Dar-el-Salaam, Tanzania. Dr. Shafik, together with his parents then moved to the U.K where they acquired citizenship. While at the U.K. Dr. Shafik attended Guy’s Medical and Dental school to pursue a degree in dental surgery. Dr. Shafik then obtained the practice license that allowed him to work in various institutions that include The Horsham Clinic Ltd and Imara UK Ltd.

Sussex Healthcare
Dr. Shafik Sachedina did not work in the private practice for long before trying his hand in entrepreneurship. Dr. Shafik established Sussex Health Care, an institution that specializes in offering specialized care to the elderly and people with mental disabilities.

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Ara Chackerian’s Bio

Ara Chackerian is an investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He is a managing partner at ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. ASC Capital acts as an incubator for young startups in the healthcare industry. Ara is a founding member of TMS Health Solutions. He also sits on the governing board of TMS that treats stubborn depression. Health-tech trends interest him and has immense experience in the field of establishing and running healthcare companies.


According to the ancient Hebrews, it is impossible to use a single word to adequately describe nature due to its diversity. For Ara Chackerian, a forest visionary, the wilderness plays an integral part in the universe. He has equipped different people with tools and abilities to conserve the environment as well as harness essential resources from it. The wilderness is a precious resource, and proper management of it is vital. The good news is that there are individuals who are committed to taking care of the environment. However, the bigger part of the society is always misusing nature for their mean benefits. Taking care of the trees, wildlife population and other aspects of the wilderness is of benefit to everyone. It presents us with an opportunity to pass on to the next generations our precious resources. Check out



Ara Chackerian believes that no two parts of the wilderness resemble each other. All are different. That makes precision in planning and management of resources crucial. A perfect example is a unique wilderness in Michigan. Forestry planning in the area must be carefully crafted to accommodate the wildlife population, commercial and recreational uses. He campaigns for the involvement of the public in the conservation of the environment. There should be dialogues between the masses and the conservatives. That also creates awareness in society. You can visit his page.




One of the most forgotten advantages of right forestry policies is revenue generation. Previously, forest fires were fanning the thinning of forests. Presently, Chackerian and his colleagues employ scientific methods to eliminate diseases that undermine wildlife. They also use the same to encourage the multiplication of wildlife, thus, enriching the wilderness.



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