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GoBuyside: The Firm Revolutionizing the Talent Recruitment Industry

The talent recruitment industry has changed tremendously since the internet came into existence in the 1990’s. Both methods and jobs in the industry have evolved due to the information age. Few companies have taken better advantage of the changes than New York based executive search firm GoBuyside. GoBuyside borrows many methods from the finance industry giving the company a unique approach, centered around tech, to talent recruitment. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

One of the trends GoBuyside mimics within the finance industry involves decentralizing positions. The amount of people who work from home via the internet is steadily rising making job applicants location increasingly irrelevant. This mean more people are able to apply for jobs. This is a trend that GoBuyside is particularly fond of as it gives it a larger pool of applicants to choose from.

GoBuyside uses applicants’s free roam ability to build an employee base of individuals who are overachievers within their firms. With companies being able to hire nationwide the amount of applicants applying for jobs out of state is at an all time high. GoBuyside couples this trend with its proprietary screening process to make amazing hires. The firm also uses popular social media sites to gather background information on potential hirees. This makes it a lot harder for applicants to omit information that may affect their hiring. Read this article at Accesswire.

Just like GoBuyside many of the firm’s clients are companies that are products of the 21st century. They also have discovered ways to benefit from evolving hiring process. Companies aren’t the only ones benefiting however. Applicants now have much more control than individuals in the past did. They can easily connect to firms regardless of location. They’re are able to search for employment however they see fit.

GoBuyside is a driving force in the reinvention of proactive talent recruitment. It has found a way to stand out in New York’s very competitive market.


The Bitcoin Merchanting of Malcolm CasSelle

Although OPSkins, the current top bitcoin merchant in the world and top world dealer in online video games, is perfectly qualified to be a decentralized marketplace, it operates as the world’s top marketplace for virtual assets. However, it makes perfect sense for OPSkins to eventually move to decentralization since centralized technology is more limited in its capabilities. Still, OPSkins continues to grow and do extremely well. They recently launched a blockchain platform for virtual asset trading known as WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange).

OPSkins is led by its CIO, Malcolm CasSelle. He is also president of WAX. WAX is touted to unify the present chaotic virtual trading ecosystem with all of its payment systems, languages, and country-specific security issues. WAX makes it so that a traders country of citizenship does not matter. It also streamlines the whole process and makes trading easier for traders. CasSelle entered adult life by earning degrees in Computer Science. He earned his B.A. from MIT and his M.A. from Stanford University. It also during these years that he learned and mastered both Japanese and Mandarin.

He entered professional life by co-founding and serving as CTO of NetNoir beginning in 1995. This was one of the first media companies in history to focus entirely on Afrocentric cultures. In 1998, he became the senior vice president of the Hong Kong-based telco service provider, Pacific Century CyberWorks. He would hold this position until 2002. In 2006, he began managing the private direct investments of various web-based companies. He would do this until 2013. During this year he became CEO of MediaPass, a role he continues to hold.

It was also in 2013 that he co-founded social media tracking company, Timeline Labs. In 2016, he became CTO of new ventures at Tronc. And in 2017 he accepted his present positions as president of WAX and CIO of OPSkins.

Richard Dwayne Blair; Financial Goal Realist

It seems as though everyone needs a little help to reach their financial goals. Wealth Solutions, located in Austin, Texas, offers their clients many services including retirement planning and wealth management. Richard Dwayne Blair, a sole owner and registered investment adviser at Wealth Solutions, founded the firm in 1994 after graduating from college. He understood that knowledge and confidence would allow him to help others with investing, planning, and strategizing for retirement. He believes in a more natural approach to investing and not to force anything. He follows a strategy called the Three Pillar Approach.

The First Pillar is to plan out the financial goals of the client including all the risks, strengths, and growth opportunities. On this step, Richard Dwayne Blair builds a strong relationship with the client by understanding the goals, expectations, and concerns.

The Second Pillar focuses on the long-term goals and investment strategy that is customized to fit the client’s needs. Richard Dwayne Blair is proactive in managing and reallocating the assets to maximize profits in the market and minimizing losses.

Once the client’s goals and strategies have been established, Richard Dwayne Blair will move on to the Third Pillar: Implementation and Monitoring. This final step is key to tracking and comparing data of the company by using historical data.

Richard Dwayne Blair has been in the investment industry for 23 years. He is registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which enforces security laws and protects investors. He has set a goal to make a positive difference in his clients’ lives and businesses by focusing on the clients’ visions and expectations. He helps them avoid the typical mistakes that clients normally make and makes their vision come to life. He offers professional advice and customized investment plans. When there is a challenge, he enjoys working through the obstacles and gets the client’s plans back on track.

Insight into NGP VAN Style of Software

NGP VAN Inc formerly known as Voter Activation Network was founded by Mark Sullivan and Nathaniel Pearlman is a privately owned voter database and a provider of web hosting services used by American Democratic Party and other nonprofit organizations authorized by the party. The Washington based company was founded in 2001 is used by social and political campaigns for activities ranging from campaign finance compliance, digital organization, field, and fundraising.


NGP VAN powered Obama’s campaign’s voter contacts, fundraising, compliance operations and volunteers in all the 50 states. However, the software requires the organizers, strategists, and fundraisers involved to nominate inspiring leaders who are passionate in matters equality, education and climate change. This done, NGP VAN offers the candidates their technology so that they transform their goals into reality. NGP VAN has developed smart campaigns for voters that helps candidates learn more about their voters.


This enables candidate’s campaigns focused on voters’ political views, attitude and expected government reforms. NGP VAN has progressive voter database that helps candidates organize small craft advertisements to a specific group of voters with similar political views thus direct target advertisements. NGP VAN has also pioneered voter engagement through mobile campaign tools thus helping candidates get data about voters on specific political issues. NGP VAN through MiniVan has added a new tool Street Team Canvassing” that enables campaigns organizers to collect new names and contact information from voters during political rallies.


The campaigns for both progressive and Democratic political build their voter base app to collect information from protests participants in large campaign event thus referred to as a tool for resistance. “Social Advocacy” tool has too allowed mobilization of voters via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter that enhance in pressuring leaders or candidates on issues they want solved or reforms they want to be implemented.


NGP VAN had it right in 2018 elections using this tool in the slogan “Resist Trump.” NGP VAN has also pioneered non-binary gender pronouns in voters contacts after it including and recognizing the LGBTQ vote. The tools aside, NGP VAN has re-cemented their value for gender justice, a fundamental issue affecting the world at large. NGP VAN evidently depicted this when they organized “Day Without A Woman” campaign. The campaign helped in openly showing the important niche women fill in the society. NGP VAN used this campaign to also give back to the female employees and women supporting organizations in Washington DC. Finally, it is wise for aspiring candidates to use NGP VAN offered tools as they promote development and turn those goals and respected reform of the society to reality.

2018 The Academy of Art University Achieves Additional Acclaim

In urban San Francisco, the Academy of Art University, originally opened its doors in 1929 by Richard S. Stevens. Since that time the University has amassed countless awards and honoraria. This year, alumni Jan Philip Cramer received acclaim for the animation in the Marvel movie: Avengers: Infinity War. Mr. Cramer, supervisor of animation for the movie, and head of the Animation Department at Digital Domain Studios, has been praised by Walt Disney Productions for having the highest worldwide box office yield ever for an opening weekend movie.

Since earning his BFA in the School of Animation And Visual Effects in 2004, Jan went on to receive the Academy of Art University’s Emerging Artist Alumni Award in 2011, and in 2017 he was granted membership in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This academy is one focus of the Golden Globe Awards and the Oscars, where the Avengers movie will figure prominently next year.

In 2017, the Academy of Art University honored more than 50 recent alumni for their contributions for movies which were Golden Globe and Oscar nominations. Both the School of Animation & Visual Effects, and the School of Motion Pictures & Television at the University accounted for the majority of above mentioned honored alumni. These talented artists excelled in such positions as Lead Graphic Designer, Lighting Technical Adviser, Supervising Animator, VFX Producer, 3D artist, FX Artist, Compositor, Modeler, Lighter, Character Shader, and Generalist, among others.

As the largest accredited private university in Art and Design in the nation, the University offers 30 areas of study. Offering courses and degree programs in nearly every aspect of the performing arts, including Acting; Animation & Visual Effects; Motion Pictures & Television; and Writing for Film, Television & Digital Media, The University offers extra benefits for enrollees, such as continuing art education, art experience programs prior to college, professional development, certificates, and a chance to be awarded teacher grants.

Accredited in 1985 by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (i.e., NASAD), The Academy of Art University began in 1929 as a school of advertising (i.e., Academie of Advertising Art. In 1946 the school added such offerings as Commercial Art, Fashion Illustration, Cartooning, and Lettering & Layout, as well as a 450% increase in enrollment. In 1966 the school offered a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art, and in 1977 the university offered a Master of Fine Arts degree. From 1992 to the present, with Elisa Stephens, granddaughter of founder Richard S. Stephens at the helm, the University grew to a student population of over 14,000.

Degrees offered at the school and online include: A.A., B.A., B.S. B.Arch. (i.e., Architecture), B.F.A. (i.e., Bachelor of Fine Arts), M.A., M.Arch., M.F.A., and the M.A.T. (i.e., Masters of Art Education). The Architecture Bachelors and Masters degrees are certified by The Council for Interior Design Accreditation (i.e., CIDA).

Sightsavers; helping millions with medical treatment

In the fast paced world we live in today, we often forget there are those who are not only less fortunate, but facing disease and blindness. Sightsavers is paving the way for these underprivileged people to live healthier, disease-free lives. There are five leading diseases we will cover, and the work that Sightsavers are providing.


Trachoma is the leading cause of eye impairment in most of these poor communities around the world. What begins as an eye infection, similar to conjunctivitis can lead to blindness. The infection can be very painful, as it causes the eyelashes to curl inward and scrape the eye. Scar tissue builds up if left untreated, and blindness ensues. This is what Sightsavers intends to eliminate. These are preventable infections, that can cause permanent damage and blindness. Antibiotics can treat the infection, and surgery reverses the inward curl of the eyelash. Sightsavers offers this treatment to the patients in these areas.


Commonly referred to as “River Blindness“, this disease is caused by the bite of infected Black Flies. Itching, redness, skin irritation and irreversible blindness. Because these Black Flies are in high numbers around fast moving rivers, onchocerciasis became known as River Blindness. Medication can be administered to keep the disease from spreading and causing more damage.



Lymphatic filariasis

Lymphatic filariasis is a parasite affecting 120 million people worldwide. What begins as a bite from a mosquito, can lead to parasites inside the body. These worms can lay millions of tiny larvae, which can again be spread via mosquitos. Once infected, the patient can be permanently disfigured from abnormal enlargement of lymphatic vessels. Although incurable, medications can be given to the communities that are at risk of this disease to prevent infections and spread of the disease.

Parasitic Worms

Sightsavers provided treatment for over 11 million people worldwide for parasitic worms alone. Soil-transmitted Helminths, or parasitic worms can lay thousands of eggs every day, and continue to multiply as they steal the nutrition from the host. The eggs are then passed in stool, and in these very poor communities the stool contaminates the soil. Which in turn infects the vegetation that could be consumed.


Schistosomiasis is a parasite that is left behind by snails. It causes stomach pain, diarrhea, and even cancer. Sightsavers provided 13 million people with treatment for this terrible illness. Truly helping those less fortunate.