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Wengie Pranks Her Way Through the Holidays


‘Tis the season for family, gratitude, and pranks. According to beloved YouTube blogger, Wengie, the holidays are a great time to pull out the bag of tricks. Hand buzzers and whoopee cushions aside, this girl is stopping at nothing when it comes to her DIY talent of crafting edible pranks for the Christmas season. Wrapping paper, jewelry, and snow globes are only a few of the delicious things that will have people scratching their heads and potentially getting sick this holiday season. What else does the Aussie have to share with her fans?


Eating Snow Just Became Sweeter


According to Wengie, Real snow is pretty tasty and one of the most enjoyable aspects of the season. Decoratively speaking, authentic snow does not keep because of its melting point, but rather than purchasing pricey, toxic faux-snow, Wengie is all about making her own and grossing people out in the process. Powdered coconut resembles snow perfectly and is pretty tasty, too! Incorporating edible glitter into the powder is a great way to further elevate the look.


Ornament Madness


What is a Christmas tree without ornaments? Dull, of course. The tricky beauty has crafted a way to make edible ornaments with gelatin and nothing will make guests more uneasy than the belief that you are chomping on glass or plastic. All you need for this DIY prank is gelatin, a spherical mold, and some fishing line for the hook.


Mini Christmas Trees


Why stop at the main attraction when all of the other decorations are equally as wonderful? Mini Christmas tree replicas are a big part of the decorative portion of the season, but Wengie likes to go a step further by making these something you can also snack on. She simply uses a waffle cone, icing, and candy decorations to make these trees look fairly realistic and to taste incredible. Candy or gummy stars are a grand way to prefect the art. Of course, food coloring is the best way to achieve that desired green color.