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From miniscule to Magnises

Magnises was founded back in 2014 by Billy McFarland. His goal was to take ordinary people with ordinary lives to the next level, building the perfect network at work and socially. As of now there are over 12,000 people on the east coast holding a black membership card. With this card you can get passes to great hotels at a discounted price, new hot clubs, fancy restaurants and relaxing getaways.

There are many benefits one can choose from to succeed to the next level socially. As a new person in a large city this would be a helpful network to be a part of. You can learn new things about the city that you normally would never discover on your own. This gives you access to the best of the best without breaking the bank. Making friends and meeting clients just became easier and will impress them. There are many local hotspots for meet ups that are a part of Magnises. Magnises offers an app called Magnises NOW that is essentially a personal assistant in the palm of your hand helping you with your membership plan or searching for new experiences in the city, suggesting any new clubs or bars and making reservations at nice restaurants.

Instead of calling it a business startup, it’s more of a lifestyle start up. Integrating you into the fast lane of a social city. Magnises is currently available in New York and Washington D.C. It is currently a work in progress to bring Magnises to, Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles according to The Awl in 2015. Of course this wouldn’t be an informative article without the price. A yearly membership for Magnises is $257.55. There are many other add on packages to add to your plan for more fun, two of which are ClubPass which allows you access to the hottest night clubs and Hotel pass which allows you to stay at expensive hotels for a discounted price. Each add on package is for an additional price. Some have complained that they didn’t like paying the membership fee on Vimeo for a black card the size of a debit or credit card to go to exclusive clubs that they still had to pay money for. However, there are few negative reviews and the good far outweighs the “bad”. Most reviewers stated that they went somewhere, got the best seats, had an open bar or they went to a single event on Instagram and said that just those two things paid for the membership alone.

So, if your new to a large city, preferably New York or Washington D.C and are a social butterfly, sign up for Magnises to immerse yourself into the cultures around you. Experience the city in a way you wouldn’t be able to without Magnises, take your business to the next level by connecting with likeminded individuals.