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About Brian Bonar And His Finance Career Before And At Dalrada Financial Corporation

Brian Bonar is a well-respected finance expert who has been working in the finance sector for nearly 40 years. During this time, he has been able to work for different organizations in different capacities. As a finance expert, Brian Bonar’s long business career has given the home a chance to gain a lot of expertise and experience in the finance markets.

According to Spokeo, Brian Bonar is the sitting President of Dalrada Financial Corporation and also the chair of the firm’s Board of Directors. He was recruited as a board member to this firm’s Board of Directors August 1995. He took control of the same board later December 1999 as the new Chairman. Brian Bonar career at Dalrada Financial Corporation has been very progressive and fruitful. This is the firm that has made him a notable business executive in the business market.

He joined this firm in August 1992 went to ahead and took the responsibility of the Director of Technology Sales to April 1994. Due to his hard work and high professionalism levels, he was chosen for the post of Vice President and was also responsible for Sales and Marketing. He worked at this post until September 1994 when he progressed to Executive Vice President position. He became the President and Chief Operating Officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation in July 1997 and later he fully became the CEO in April 1998.

Dalrada Financial Corporation is an American finance firm that provides an all inclusive finance services to its clients. This firm serves business and organizations in the small and middle markets. Dalrada Financial Corporation Finance services help streamline any matters that deal with finance for its clients.

This includes the insurance sector, the clearance sector, the payroll sector, the taxes sector and the benefits sector among many others. This firm has managed to help its clients prosper in their business endeavors by well organizing for them their finances. Dalrada Financial Corporation has emerged as Americas top finance services provider in the business markets. This firm is highly preferred for finance solutions by many firms in this market.

Much of this firm’s success has come during the period which Brian Bonar has been the chief executive officer. Mr. Bonar has been showered with praises both by his subordinates and colleagues for his good leadership skills. They say that teamwork and employee empowerment drive him and always insists that the success of a firm emanates from within the firm.

Prior to Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian worked as Vice President responsible for Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Bezier Systems Inc. He was also a Worldwide Sales Manager at the famous Adaptec Inc. Brian Bonar can be termed as an achiever in the finance sector based on his numerous accomplishments in this sector.