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Dr. Shafik Sachedina Focuses On Educating The World About Islamic Culture To Promote Understanding Between Islam And The Rest Of The World

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a household name, especially among the Muslims in the Ismaili community. He is a selfless leader whose aim is to see fellow human beings co-exist. Dr. Shafik has dedicated much of his life to serving people, both as a dental surgeon and a leader of the Ismaili Muslim community in the U.K.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina serves as the head of the division of Jamati institutions. Jamati Institutions was established as part of the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan. Jamati Institutions has its headquarters in Aiglemont, France.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina’s main role at Jamati Institutions is to coordinate programs and activities of the institution in sixteen main areas where Ismaili communities exist. Through his collaboration with the Aga Khan Foundation, Dr. Sachedina ensures that people living in the Ismaili community have access to social amenities such as water, schools, and hospitals.

The Institute of Ismaili studies has their main offices in London, England. Their mission is to foster the study and understanding of the Islamic culture among the members of Ismaili community and the rest of the world. Once the rest of the world understands the Islamic culture, it will help to promote understanding and good relationship between Muslims and other faiths and societies.The Institute of Ismaili studies provides numerous resources for students willing to do research on Islamic culture.


Besides coordinating activities within the sixteen Ismaili communities, Dr. Shafik Sachedina also travels around the world as an ambassador of the Ismaili Institute. Recently, Dr. Shafik Sachedina visited Mikhail Bogdanov as the personal representative of Aga Khan IV. During the official trip, Dr. Shafik Sachedina and the Russian Foreign Minister discussed an array of issues mainly focusing on the recent developments in Russia.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina’s education background
Dr. Shafik, who is clocking seventy years, has his roots in Dar-el-Salaam, Tanzania. Dr. Shafik, together with his parents then moved to the U.K where they acquired citizenship. While at the U.K. Dr. Shafik attended Guy’s Medical and Dental school to pursue a degree in dental surgery. Dr. Shafik then obtained the practice license that allowed him to work in various institutions that include The Horsham Clinic Ltd and Imara UK Ltd.

Sussex Healthcare
Dr. Shafik Sachedina did not work in the private practice for long before trying his hand in entrepreneurship. Dr. Shafik established Sussex Health Care, an institution that specializes in offering specialized care to the elderly and people with mental disabilities.

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Joran Lindsey Talks Custom CCI Settings for True Trend Indicator

In Forex trading the main take away is to follow the trends. By keeping an eye on the trend indicator, you can determine if a given price is oversold or overbought. The tool that Jordan Lindsey uses for this is MT4, and he has shown in the setting he recommends to establish your environment successfully.

Starting with a new template you want to double-click on True Trend in the navigator where MT4 is going to attaching itself to the chart. The next step is to adjust the CCI trend to the 70-periods, and the Entry CCI to the 5-period.

It is important to note here that Lindsey has used different CCI Trends and Entry CCI before, but from his experience seventy and five are the most effective when determining the True Trend Indicator.

Moving on, you can adjust colors to your preference. For Lindsey, he changes the default magenta to a steel blue and adjusts the white to gray for visibility. In the width column, he adjusts the size to two by clicking on a particular width and hitting the number 2 key on your keypad. Once you hit okay, you will see the changes take effect, and that is it.

Jordan Lindsey is a passionate, competitive, and experienced Forex Trader who is initially from New York but moved to San Francisco after a trip he took. Through his life, he has in Argentina, Mexico, and Bosnia-Herzegovina where he met his wife while volunteering in a small village.

He studied at Mount Angel Seminary in addition to St. Joseph’s College and later taught himself computer programming and system architecture design. With the computer skill she picked up, he was able to code an algorithm for the platform MetaTrader 4 (MQL4) that he shared settings for today. He also created his own cryptocurrency in 2017 where he was successful in launching a crowdsale of it in the second half of the year. Considered the first third=party altcoin verified on the market where he is currently working with a development team on a framework for a site he plans to launch.

Bradesco Bank’s Big Decision

At the age of 91, Lazaro de Mello Brandao is on the list as one of the oldest serving chairmen at a bank in the entire world. Recently, he has made an announcement of his stepping down from his role after 25 years serving Banco Bradesco.

It has triggered quite the succession race at this bank in Brazil, the second-largest bank when it comes to market value.

Brandao began his journey as a 16-year-old, working as a bank clerk in 1943. He began one of the two chairmen at the bank, and he was one of the four CEOs. In his lifetime, he has been ranked among the world’s oldest leaders in the banking world.

Brandao claims that there is now a need to renew the board at the bank to help ensure that it continues after he leaves. He even says that he decided to resign, but he will remain in charge of some of the holding companies at the bank.

Brandao is a chairman, and he has fostered a new management culture that will promote new executives from the existing employees instead of looking at outside sources for any new talent. In this way, they hope to use this to choose a replacement for Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, who is set to hold his CEO position and Brandao’s until a replacement can be found.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is currently sitting at the president of Bradesco bank, and he will be in charge of choosing a replacement for himself at the bank. As of right now, he is hoping to choose from the seven executives that rank the highest in the bank. Those who know who will be in the running and who will be chosen have been asked to keep the information quiet until an announcement can be made. Now he is the new chairman of the bank. Like Brandao, he also started as clerk after studying at University of Sao Paolo.

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The Talent

The new CEO will come directly from the bank’s talent already employed. Just last year, Bradesco bank had made a change with their maximum CEO age in their bylaws. It extended it to 67 from 65, giving Trabuco a chance to find a successor for his position in the bank.

When looking back to Brandao, it is easy to see how he has no regrets from his time served at the company. He was there for 75 total years. He says he will keep that same desk that he has been working from for the past few years. His family was all supportive of his decision to leave as well, telling him it was time to move on and retire.

There are seven different candidates that could take Trabuco’s position at the bank. Since they are coming from their talent pool, Trabuco, among others, hopes to find someone qualified for the job right in their office. In this way, they will be promoting someone who already knows the ways of the bank and is already on the payroll. This will both help the employees in the office and the bank in many ways.

Some of the possible candidates include the following men:

Mauricio Machado de Minas, 58
Alexandre da Silva Gluher, 57
Domingos Figueiredo Abreu, 58
Josue Augusto Pancini, 57
Marcelo de Araujo Noronha, 52
Octavio de Lazari, 54
Andre Rodrigues Cano, 59

Only time will tell who the bank chooses to fill the open CEO position, but we can expect an announcement as soon as a decision is made. Bradesco Bank needs the help that employing from within can give them. It will help themselves and their employees in various ways, and since their shares are falling, they need to act quickly.

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Tony Petrello Tops the List of Highest-paid CEOs in the United States

The annual rankings released by Associated Press named Tony Petrello as the highest-paid CEO in the United States. He is the chairman and CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd. His high pay resulted from the combination of stock options and salary. His amazing earning is an indication that Nabors Industries is doing great. Tony joined the company in 1991 where he rose to become the president and chief operating officer. He was later promoted to become the Deputy Chairman in 2003 before assuming his current position in 2011.

Nabors Industries is among the world’s largest companies in the oil and gas industry. It also owns the biggest land-based drilling rig collection globally. Based in Houston and Bermuda, the company is known for drilling Alaska Prudhoe Bay discovery well. With over 30,000 employees, Nabors Industries recorded over $2.2 billion in revenue in 2016. Since joining Nabors Industries, Petrello has contributed greatly to the operational success of the company. He is responsible for various acquisitions which have boosted profits and promoted the company’s image globally.

Tony Petrello is also a generous giver committed to helping the less fortunate. He donated $50 million to facilitate the launch of the Neurological Research Institute based in Texas Children’s Hospital. The institution researches on childhood disorders. Petrello also donated $150,000 to commemorate Professor Serge Lang who was his mentor and friend while at Yale University. Petrello with his wife are the co-founders of the Petrello Family Foundation which promotes medical resources, education and performing arts within Houston.

Under the leadership of Tony Petrello, Nabors Industries has also supported several charitable organizations and community projects. Recently, the company took part in helping Houston’s residents who were hit by Hurricane Harvey. Nabors’ employees were given paid time off to go and help the community. Together with Petrello, the employees also made financial contributions to help support relief efforts. The company also offers educational sponsorships to its employees and their children through Nabors Charitable Foundation which has given over $3 million for the project.

About Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello was born in Newark, New Jersey. He received his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Mathematics from Yale University. In 1979, he graduated from Harvard Law School where he pursued a degree in law then joined Baker $ McKenzie law firm. Petrello left the law firm in 1991 after serving in its New York’s office as the Managing Partner. He is currently the Director of Texas Children’s Hospital and a member of the Trustees Board of the hospital. He also serves at both Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart & Stevenson LLC as the director. His achievements portray his strong work ethic and integrity.

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Mike Baur Offers His Expertise To Up And Coming Entrepreneurs

Starting up a successful company from scratch and maintaining it till it has a chance to grow has become a difficult thing for many young aspiring business students and entrepreneurs. Things are more difficult than ever before, so the chances of breaking into the industry for new entrepreneurs without adequate experience is becoming near impossible. Despite this growing difficulty for business majors and entrepreneurs, making it as a successful business owner is possible with the right knowledge and guidance. This is exactly what the Swiss Startup Factory is designed to do, provide young individuals with the proper management and knowledge to maintain a successful startup. Although the company is relatively new, starting up in just 2014, they have made a big name and helped many individuals build successful businesses out of Zurich, Switzerland.


Today, Swiss Startup Factory has a rather large network that can operate at an international level which enables them to offer opportunities regularly on a wide scale. The company’s accelerator program affords coaching, mentoring, and services for clients to participate in as well. Thanks to Swiss Startup working to expand their network since their inception, they are able to help others achieve their entrepreneurial goals.


The Swiss Startup Factory was founded by Mike Baur, Max Meister, and Oliver Walzer, and the company has since come a long way in helping provide successful startups. Mike Baur currently sits as CEO for the company and works to manage the firms fundraising and financing for future projects.


Mike Baur was born and raised in Switzerland and still lives on the beautiful island working at the Swiss Startup Factory. Mikes strong background in math and finances gave him some early direction for where he wanted to take his career in life. Due to his talent, he developed an interest in finances and the banking industry. After Mike earning his master’s degree from the University of Rochester in Business Administration and his BMA from the University of Bern, he entered the field of private banking. Mike climbed the ladder and held executive positions for high private banks around Switzerland before one day discovering the idea for the Swiss Startup Factory. Despite his executive positions at leading private banks, Mike wanted to help others start up their own successful companies and put their ideas out into the world. Today, the Swiss Startup Factory has become one of Switzerland’s leading startup companies thanks to Mike’s ambitions and unrelenting dedication.

Paul Mampilly Believes The Bitcoin Bubble Is About To Burst Like 1999’s Tech Problems

Paul Mampilly is well-known for giving amazing advice on the latest matters on the financial markets because of the almost quarter of a century he has built up during his career. One area Paul Mampilly has been extremely vocal in is the development and potential bubble growing up around the Bitcoin cryptocurrency; Paul Mampilly believes the current spiraling value of cryptocurrency is unsustainable and will eventually lead to the bubble bursting in the coming weeks or months.

Bitcoin has reached values in excess of $19,000 but Mampilly believes the growing clamor among investors to jump on the bandwagon will push prices even higher and create a bubble bursting to leave thousands of new millionaires broke when the Bitcoin price plummets in the coming weeks. The former leader of a hedge fund named one of the best performing funds in the world by Barron’s in 2008 believes the current climate around cryptocurrency is similar to that seen around the tech sharemarket in 1999. The crash of the tech market in 1999 came after a bubble grew around companies offering shares before they had even established themselves in any sector of the technology industry.

Millions of investors saw their fortunes wiped out over the course of a single day when the value of many tech stocks plummeted and the majority of newly formed businesses ceased operating amid growing debts. Paul Mampilly became famous for not losing any money during the 1999 crash as he correctly identified the market was about to crash and escaped long before the issues reached their peak.

Over the course of the last few years, the man who classes members of Europe’s Royal Family’s and the Royal Bank of Scotland among his list of clients has been warning of similar problems ahead for the cryptocurrency boom. In fact, Mampilly explains he set out to warn investors of the problems facing the cryptocurrency bubble but has been met with resistance from many of those who have invested in this new form of currency. The Bitcoin bubble has created a number of converts to the development of this form of investment and will see those who refuse to take advantage of the current high prices for Bitcoin lose the majority of their investment when the crash finally happens.

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Gregory Aziz 101

Greg Aziz, also known as James Aziz, Greg James Aziz, or even Gregory J Aziz, is a man of much experience but not only in the auto realms. He has spoken on countless other topics that matter to him. See a few of his summarized thoughts below:

On the Difference between 3G and 4G network – A Primer and More

You may have wondered why your TeleChoice is so awesome; it is, after all, a top company of choice for mobile phones in Australia and beyond. What you did not know, perhaps, is that you want to get a 4G network plan of data to go with the new TeleChoice phone. You may wonder if it is worth it to pay a little more of front, and what the difference even is between 4G and 3G – a valid question for any new or seasoned consumer. Allow Greg to further elaborate and remove any common myths.

On the surface, the main difference between 3G and 4G phones is pretty simple. “G” is an abbreviation for “generation“; thus 3G and 4G represent mobile broadband internet’s third and fourth generations, respectively. As a rule, assuming that you are on the same carrier, 4G connections will be faster than those of 3G. However, this doesn’t necessarily imply that 4G networks of one carrier are always be faster than 3G networks of other carriers.

To become officially advertised as 3G, networks must meet many sets of technical standards in speed and reliability; they must offer data transfer rates of a minimum of 200 kilobits per second. For official advertisement as 4G, the network must offer data peak of a minimum of 100 megabits per second with high-mobility communication and a minimum of 1 Gigabit per second with low mobility communication.

On Children as caregivers

Have you ever considered that children can perhaps make the best caregivers out there, especially in today’s day and age – one that seems to only try new things that have never been attempted in the history of mankind? Well, many modern leaders – believe it or not – have made the best caregivers when they were only children. Such experiences have molded them into who they are today; they have shaped them in ways that many cannot even describe. Consider this: The next generation of leaders lies within our very children, those who serve.