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Marc Sparks, Finding Ways To Inspire Other Entrepreneurs

According to Marc Sparks, Dallas entrepreneur and venture capitalist, “They Can’t Eat You.” It is a thought provoking title. Because at first glance, it makes you want to know what the heck is this man talking about? Well, Spark isn’t just any man, he details how he didn’t allow his failures prevent him from business success. Among Sparks many active entrepreneurial ventures are, Uncle Marc Food Delivery, Blue Jay Wireless, Cobalt Real Estate Services and Bonn Oir and Cardinal Telecom LLC.

In the book, Sparks delves into personal history a little to explain how a “C” average high school student turned into a successful entrepreneur. Marc Sparks lets readers know that in his early days, his ambition level was at zero and he was pretty much headed to the mailroom. He never went to college and that fact made no difference in his desire to create his own businesses.

At the end of the book, Marc Sparks provides entrepreneurs with what he calls, “50 Sparks.” These are innovative tips Sparks learned along the way that he uses to inspire others. Not only in his book, but in real life, Sparks often gives written advice to entrepreneurs who are seeking funding. He tells them what he looks for when it comes to deciding to provide a start-up with venture capital. Sparks said that all venture capitalists want to know how the start-up is going to use the money to improve. Marc Sparks’ book is available on Amazon in three formats. The book continues to receive high praise for being informative and helpful for anyone wishing to duplicate his path as a serial entrepreneur.

Marc Sparks indicates that there was something bigger inside of him that wasn’t cut out for the “mailroom path.” He details how he followed a non-standard path, by just constantly moving forward. One of his businesses is Timber Creek Capital, LP. Timber Creek is private equity firm which acts as a revenue generator for other businesses. The firm also does philanthropic work. Marc Sparks and Timber Creek created a non-profit company, Sparkey’s Kids. The non-profit partners with Habitat for Humanity and a Dallas Academy to provide laptops for underprivileged, at-risk kids.

Sparks uses his combined 37 years of industry experience to provide capital and other necessities such as office space and equipment, web design and graphics, anything and everything that’s required for start-ups to grow and expand. Timber Creek Capital moved into a larger space in 2015, after spending 10 years in their original location. Marc Sparks wanted to provide for more office space for the start-ups his company helps. The new space is now an incubator for businesses in the new and developmental stages. Learn more:


Mike Baur Entrepreneurial success

Mike Baur is a Swiss businessman and also an entrepreneur. His home is located in Fribourg in Switzerland region. His interest in Banking and Finance began while still a teenager, and he followed his early passion to making it his ultimate profession. He spent around twenty years in Private Banking in Switzerland and is well known for his efforts at UBS. He later quit and began investing in startup companies.

His progress was fast growing, and he came up from being an apprentice at UBS to an executive member of a Private Bank in Switzerland. In 2014, while at thirty-nine years old, he started been an entrepreneur and together with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, they co- founded the Swiss Startup Factory. It is an accelerator company based in Zurich. Swiss Start-Up Company incubates small and medium enterprises. Swiss stat up company provides offices access to a vast network of entrepreneurs and investors in Switzerland. The company also provides other services that startups may require such as financial services and management assistance. It also has a strong network in Switzerland and across the globe. Currently, it is the one of the best early stage privately owned ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland.

In 2016, Baur was named deputy managing director of CTI Invest when Swiss Startup Factory partnered with CTI. In early 2016, he led the Swiss Startup Factory through its accelerator program with Goldbach Group at the beginning of 2016, and also its partnership with Fintech Fusion in February 2016.

Mike Baur invests a lot of his time in youth entrepreneurship in Switzerland and supports the young people in their careers as well as assisting them with financial help. He provides young and talented entrepreneurs in Switzerland with a top professional execution platform that guides them through. He is currently the head of Swiss Startup Association and holds the position of director.

Mike Baur is an MBA graduate of the University of Rochester in New York. Mike is also an MBA holder from the University of Bern. His extensive knowledge and experience in the Banking and Finance sector has been of great help to the Swiss economy and also to the aspiring entrepreneurs as a whole whom he mentors.

Apart from his interest in business, Mike is also an ardent sports fan; more especially hockey where he supports his hometown club(Fribourg Gotteron). Surprisingly Mike is a philanthropist with a big heart and always willing and ready to help.


Its Strictly Business

The Atlanta Hawks endured a trying time in franchise history. The team was up for sale and the owner expected a tremendous amount for his investment. The Hawks ownership group known as Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment was led by Bruce Levenson. Bruce eventually agreed to sell the team to an ownership group led by Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler. He did not get the original asking price. However, the return on his initial investment was substantial.

There was other business to be handled within the organization of Atlanta Hawks basketball while the team was up for sale. Former team general manager Danny Ferry was suing the organization for wrongful termination. Ferry was under contract and wanted to be sure that his own contract clauses were thoroughly taken care of. Levenson and his lawyers reached a settlement with the former GM. They ultimately agreed to buy out the remainder of his contract allowing Ferry to move forward and seek further opportunities.

Having this internal legal dynamic settled contributed to smooth negotiations in the sale of the team. However, Bruce Levenson claims that the legal proceedings involving Danny Ferry triggered a clause in the insurance policy that the ownership group has with AIG. AIG never acknowledged such a clause and was not involved in any of the legal proceedings involving the team’s former general manager. Their legal expenses and fees were supposed to be covered by the insurance company according to Levenson.

Bruce Levenson is suing AIG for breach of contract and bad faith. AIG has not acknowledged that any clause in the policy was triggered by the legal process involving its former employee. Currently the insurance company has not made any statement in regards to its case with Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment.

Tony Ressler and the Atlanta Hawks current ownership group are not implicated in any of the charges related to AHBE and AIG.

Stephen Murray’s Productive Private Equity Investing Career

Stephen Murray used to be the CEO and president of the noteworthy private equity company CCMP Capital. CCMP Capital specialized in growth capital and leveraged buyout deals and was located on Park Avenue in New York, New York.

Although Murray’s career was as a private equity investor, he also had a major love of philanthropy. He spent a massive chunk of his time focusing on philanthropic efforts and on bettering the world around him.

Murray was born in the summer of 1962 and passed away on March 12th, 2015 at the age of 52. The executive had been a part of the CCMP Capital team since the late 1980s. CCMP Capital has had several different names throughout the years.

Stephen Murray was a Boston College alumnus. Boston College is a research university that is in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. It’s roughly six miles away from the heart of bustling Boston. When Murray attended Boston College, he studied economics. He completed his education at the college in 1984. After that, he enrolled at Columbia Business School in New York, New York. He received a business administration master’s degree from Columbia in 1989.

Murray’s career began in 1984 shortly after he left Boston College. He landed a job with the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation’s credit analyst training department. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

He became part of the MH Equity Corporation staff toward the end of the 1980s. He became CCMP Capital’s CEO after close to two decades with the company. This happened in 2007.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was a highly dedicated board member for a variety of prominent firms. These firms were AMC Entertainment, Generac Power Systems, Aramark, The Vitamin Shoppe, Pinnacle Foods, Cabela’s, Legacy Hospital Partners and Warner Chilcott. These companies spanned a number of diverse sectors such as nutritional supplements, food services, fishing supplies, entertainment and beyond.

It was extremely important for Murray to give back to the community. Although Murray had many responsibilities through his position at CCMP Capital, he always made a point to concentrate on philanthropic matters.

A couple of the charitable organizations that were particularly important to Murray were the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County and Metro New York’s Make a Wish Foundation.

He was his alma mater Boston College’s board of trustees’ vice chairman. He was also part of the Make a Wish Foundation’s chairman’s council. This was for the Metro New York sector.

Murray was married to Tami. The pair had four children together.

Is White Shark Media Worth Trying?

What is White Shark Media?
White Shark Media does graphic design, builds customizable websites and works with company websites to generate more sales and ultimately more income. Their website services involve managing and evaluating different SEO and advertising components of the website. This includes:

      AdWords Evaluation
      Local AdWords Management
      E-Commerce AdWords Management
      Bing Ads Management
      PPC Management

AdWords management involves assessing an entity’s website to improve the effectiveness and revenue generated through advertising on that website. They also provide services that help companies advertise on other websites through the AdSense program. Learn more about White Shark Media Review/Complaints:

In this case a company pays when someone clicks on the ad for their service or product they found on another website. White Shark Media can potentially reduce the price a company pays each time someone clicks on their ad, for example.

  • Other services include:
  • Local Listings Management
  • Local SEO Evaluation
  • Local SEO Management

SEO evaluation and management involves researching a entity’s website relevance in Goggle searches and through specific changes to the website and it’s relationship to Google improve it’s relevance in Google searches that relate to the entity’s service.

They can also build 100% customizable website and design unique hand-drawn company logos. Through working with a website’s SEO and AdWords and providing customizable websites and original logos White Shark Media can influence the overall ability of a website to market and sell a product or service.

Who Runs White Shark Media?

White Shark Media is currently operated by Gary Garth (CEO), Andrew Lolk (CMO) and Tony Soares (Director of SEO and Web) Read more: Learn Why Thousands Of Small Businesses Trust White Shark Media

How is White Shark Media’s Reputation?

So far, they have developed a strong reputation and built a loyal clientele base with a few very unfavorable reviews.

One review, in particular, claimed that the campaign they ran for their website was a failure. They acknowledged that White Shark Media admitted that they failed in the campaign but would not own up to it.

Other reviews point out that White Shark Media decreased their cost per click for advertising on other entity’s websites by 49%. This cuts the marketing costs through AdWords almost in half, which suggests they can do high quality work. Read more: Georgia Web Marketer | White Shark Media Inc. on Atlanta

Another customer claimed that at the start of the campaign their website was generating about 35 leads per month which later increased to about 50-64 per month in six months.

An E-Commerce store in California claimed that since starting a campaign with White Shark Media their sales have increased for a much lower cost per month.

White Shark Media has a strong reputation despite the few negative reviews left on review sites around the internet.

Learn more about White Shark Media Review/Complaints:

George Soros on the EU-Turkey Asylum Issue

The New York Review of Books reports that the EU-Turkey’s new asylum policy has already resulted in many hundreds of Greek and Turkey refugees on who were seeking asylum. This information has worsened the opinion of the policy of its serious detractors. These detractors have four basic criticisms of the policy: 1) It was not truly European since it was a deal made by the Turkey and solely the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, 2) it is severely underfunded, 3) it isn’t voluntary, 4) since there aren’t enough facilities to hold these asylum seekers, Greece has itself become one big holding cell for George Soros.

Not all the refugees are even allowed to stay. There is so little room, that some refugees are forced to return from whence they came. The European Commission according to George Soros is finally taking steps to fix the obvious problems with the policy, reconvening the convention that formed it in the first place. However, many of the critics doubt this will fix anything. In fact, some even think that it is going to get worse. The critics like George Soros say that the only sure way to fix the problem is to set up on overall “surge” fund instead of trying to gather the necessary finances on a year by year basis.

This will mean that the EU on will need to be willing to fork out the big funds right out front. It is not that the EU can’t afford it. It is also not the EU does not have access to the right resources. They just don’t think it is necessary. There also needs to be multiple countries with facilities available and funding available to both house refugees and to give their children schooling. A good number to shoot for, say George Soros, would be room for several hundred thousand refugees throughout Europe. Plus, they would need to segue these refugees into the host country’s work force. Visit to know more about George Soros

There needs to be a systemized policy according to George Soros that will do away with the current chaotic mess.

FreedomPop Expanding While Other Companies are Being Fined

When it comes to saving money with mobile service plans, one of the best ways to do this is with the help of FreedomPop. The company has been able to expand its services not just throughout the United States (over one million users have switched from previous contracts in order to use what FreedomPop offers over the last three years) but around the world. This is at a time where other companies in the U.S. are being fined for going against the word of their contracts and installing content onto user’s phones without them knowing about it. Although FreedomPop is not near to knocking off the major providers, the services will likely ensures the company will expand for the foreseeable future.

So what is it that other companies have been doing that is not all that desirable? For starters? Verizon Wireless recently received a $1.4 million fine. Now, this might be pocket change to Verizon, but it shows the company is more cared about making money and not on how it treats its clients. The company installed what is known as a super cookie onto mobile phones. The cookie is designed to collect information about what an individual does online, which Verizon can then use in order to adjust advertisements and sell the content directly to the user. Verizon did this without asking individuals first, which is why the fine came about. Now, how did Verizon fix this? By putting out a notice. The company didn’t actually remove the cookie.

This is not something FreedomPop has done and it is not something it is going to do as it continues to build its services while offering discounted mobile phone coverage to individuals inside of the United States. As the services continues to grow, so too will the users of the company.

Check out this FreedomPop review

Why More People Are Choosing Lime Crime Cosmetics

Lime Crime has been a brand that has been incredibly popular over the years. For so many people, getting a good brand of makeup has always been quite a chore. This is because so many brands are either too expensive or have the same boring colors that you have seen for years. If you have always thought about choosing a brand new brand, Lime Crime might just be the one for you. This is because they have worked diligently to get you the products you need to feel good about yourself. The founder and owner of the company, known as Doe Deere, continually works to improve her products and keep her clients happy.

You will find that Lime Crime is so popular with the Pinterest crowd because of their range of colors and the fact that they can work with just about any wardrobe. You can feel confident in knowing that you are choosing a brand that cares about you and about its own value. You will find that all products made by Lime Crime are vegan, which makes it a wonderful choice for those who might be looking for something that is going to benefit them tremendously and enable them to still wear makeup without having to worry that they are giving up their own true core values.

The best thing about Lime Crime, as identified on social media at Lime Crime (@limecrime) | Twitter,
is that they are also affordable and it can be easy for you to buy what you need and not have to worry that you are getting something that is just too expensive for your price point. Instead, you can buy a ton of products and know that this is something that will benefit you tremendously. From some of the hundreds of different reviews online, you will find that Lime Crime is one of the best out there and tons of women are choosing the brand for themselves. You can feel good knowing that this is a brand that is going to be around for quite some time and that you are choosing a brand that has some of the best quality makeup on the market for you to choose and buy.  Check out their line on Dolls Kill, and the Facebook Lime Crime has further information.

Buying Real Estate With Town Residential

Has New York City real estate peaked? That’s what many real estate professionals are saying these days. Many in the real estate industry are saying that the days of the apartment bidding war are long gone, with many people in the city not even looking to buy or rent. For years, the New York City real estate industry was a booming atmosphere, with many looking to buy or rent whatever they can get their hands on. Now, many people think that the industry has peaked. Currently, New York City has seen its highest vacancies in years. Many are saying that the way Million Dollar Listing New York portray how the market can be a little bit of fiction. On the show, it can be seen people spending millions upon millions on apartments in the city.

Now, people are not spending the money simply because the rents and the sale prices are too high. Experts think that the cause of the vacancies is the prices and how the prices cannot go higher than they are right now. People are seeing that it doesn’t make too much sense to spend a significant amount of money on an apartment. This is not the first time experts saw a shift in real estate vacancies. The Miami, Australian and London real estate bubbles have popped a long time ago. It also must be pointed out the bubbles burst in the luxury real estate market.

Town Residential is a boutique luxury real estate brokerage firm, located in the heart of New York City. Town Residential was founded in 2010 with the belief that brokers should take a handcrafted approach when finding clients luxury real estate. Town Residential was founded by Joseph Sitt and Andrew Heiberger.

Town Residential mostly specializes in luxury real estate sales, real estate leasing, marketing and the sale of property developments. Town Residential seems like the perfect place to work for. The real estate brokerage firm was awarded several recognitions including, The Best Firm To Work For award and the Top 50 Best Places to Work. Town Residential has industry leaders that make buying and renting luxury real estate an enjoyable experience.

Doe Deere Explains Why It Is Good To Break Fashion Rules

The world of fashion is always filled with rules and regulations made by those who sit upon high within the industry. For many these rules are written in stone and should not be altered or broken for anything, but the world of fashion is now becoming more fluid and the rules of the past are being broken by a new breed of fashion designers and cosmetics producers. One of these is Doe Deere, who has been at the forefront of the change in fashion since her LimeCrime brand was established as an independent producer of cosmetics.

The range of rules that people are told to stick to when they dress themselves or do their makeup should not be seen as rules set in stone Deere believes, but should instead be a guide around which anybody can create their own sense of fashion and style. The rules Doe Deere believes should be used simply as a guide include the creation of more than one bold area of makeup being used at a single time. Deere believes this is a rule that can always be broken as she often combines a bold eye makeup design with bold lips that would be seen by many fashion experts as a problem in the classic sense of style.

The idea that fashion has a set of specific rules has never been something Doe Deere has entertained, even when she was studying fashion in the cultural hotbed of New York City. Instead of following the traditional route into fashion after completing her education the CEO of LimeCrime developed a clothing line using her own sense of style as the influence of the brand.

Deere has always looked to extend her areas of interest and success, which has led her to a career with a wide range of interests that now focuses on the cosmetics industry. Doe Deere has looked to created a range of cosmetics in the mold of her own sense of style, which has seen the bold colors she loves become a staple of her brand. Deere remains active in the development of new products, which has seen her spend the majority of her time looking to develop new products that reflect her own movement through life.

This different attitude Doe Deere takes to fashion and her own sense of style can be seen in the rules she feels it is fine to break if your own fashion choices fit into their use. Deere believes a wide range of successes can be found when anybody blends many different patterns and prints in their outfits; even the most famous fashion rules are now open to being broken by the fashion icon and her growing group of followers who even go so far as to wear socks with open toe sandals. The CEO of LimeCrime believes you can mix different colors and seek out the clothing you like instead of sticking to styles deemed perfect for a certain age in life.