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Mathew Autterson is a formidable businessman. He is also a member of the Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB) board of directors. Mr. Autterson is one of the leaders of the Colorado business community.

Falci Adaptive Biosystems deals with making disability a reality and a less tedious aspect of life. The company aims at using technology to assist in making human-machine interfaces. It is these gadgets that will give the physically disabled people within the society a different face. Falci Adaptive BioSystems was started by Dr. Scott Falci who is a renowned chief neurosurgeon of the Craig Hospital. He is also the organizations’ President. The non-profit organization has a small team of around ten people.

Mathew Autterson is a passionate philanthropist and he has held many posts that prove he loves giving back to the community. Some of the posts that can openly display his philanthropy include Denver Hospice Board of Directors Chairman; he also serves the Denver Zoo and Denver Zoological Foundation board and the Webb-Waring Foundation. Some of the huge milestones that Mathew Autterson was able to beat when he was a member of the Denver Zoo and Denver Zoological Foundation include assisting in raising approximately 600,000 dollars for constructing a carousel for children in the Denver Zoo. The money was raised during a dinner, auction, and dance which was hosted by Sherri Koelbel at the zoo.

The charity event attracted 2,500 individuals. The carousel is among the unique structures in the Rocky Mountain area. It consists of wooden imitations of endangered animals species of the world which are hand carved. Raising funds for the unique carousel hasn’t been a mean feat as it took quite some time. Sherri Koelbel attributed the success of the event to Matt Autterson who was the corporate chairman of the Denver Zoo board.

Through his well-placed connections, he was able to bring in numerous sponsors. The philanthropist has also been part of the World Presidents Organization and Young Presidents Organization. Currently, Mathew Autterson serves on the CNS Bioscience Inc board as a member, chief executive officer, and president. The company was started in 2013 and it is currently on the clinical stage of developing a drug that will cure neuropathic pain.

More On Mathew Autterson:

Mathew Autterson attended Michigan Stet University and he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Finance in 1980. In addition to this, he also participated in the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program.Before starting his philanthropy work, Mr. Autterson had been employed in the financial industry for twenty-five years.