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The Many Pros Fabletics Has To Offer

If you consider yourself a fashion forward individual, then you’ve likely picked up a copy or two of Marie Claire magazine in recent months. This magazine is a very fashion oriented read, that many women rely on for information and examples of current fashion trends and up and coming fashion in the future. This magazine has been around for many years and is trusted by many fashionistas. In a recent article at, Marie Claire has had an interview with Hollywood actress, Kate Hudson, who is a spokeswoman and co creator for the fashion brand Fabletics. This athleisure brand has fun flirty styles at reasonable costs and are widely known among women worldwide.

Kate Hudson talks about some new additions to the Pinterest line. They’ve added a bathing suit line with several different styles, all current and trendy, and colorful, too. These bathing suits are said to give all the support needed in a bathing suit while providing a style you’ll love to show off at the beach. Fabletice made from that same stretchy Material all athleisure addicts rave about. She then goes on to say that a line of athleisure dresses are now available as well. Dresses! These dresses have built in spanx-like support so you can wear them comfortably and confidently. And they are not just athletic dresses- Fabletice are pretty enough to wear on a date! You will quickly fall in love with these adorable dresses!

Fabletics is one of the more popular brands of athleisure for its fair prices alone. This subscription service will ship you a new athleisure outfit once every month, based on your style preference. And at a fixed cost, what’s not to love? They are much cheaper than that of the competitors, while providing much quality and fun styles. Subscribe to grow your ideal athleisure wardrobe and be surprised each month! That’s the excitement factor in it, and what appeals to many women. You won’t be disappointed, so take a look at the official website and be amazed!