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Why Is OrganoGold A Gold Mine For The Philippines?

OrganoGold is a Filipino company that grows coffee in remote orchards on many of the smallest islands in the country. The Philippines has been starved for industry, but the OrganoGold brand has become a welcome addition to the nation. OrganoGold is a coffee brand, an energy drink and an international company that has brought its wares to America. This article explains how the OrganoGold brand has created new businesses, helped keep the world caffeinated and helped the economy of the Philippines explode.

#1: Where Do They Grow?

OrganoGold coffee is grown in organic fields on many small islands in the Philippines. The nation is made up of thousands of islands, and some of the smaller islands are perfect for growing coffee. The coffee is grown to maintain the natural flavor gained from the soil in the region, and the growers release that coffee to OrganoGold as part of a massive production deal.

#2: How Is OrganoGold Sold?

The OrganoGold brand of coffee is sold by independent contractors throughout the world who manage their own businesses. These small business owners sell the products from the company after purchasing each product at a wholesale price. OrganoGold charges fair prices for each product, and the small business owners make a tidy profit when they sell their coffee.

#3: The Energy Drink

The energy drink market was flooded with OrganoGold products when Bernardo Chua came to America to speak, and to run the American operation for OrganoGold. The energy drink market immediately reacted to the new drink, and Bernardo was able to have a large customer base in California alone. Bernardo’s leadership helped OrganoGold to grow, and more independent contractors were starting businesses in California.

#4: The Marketing Scheme

As his resume predicted he would, Bernardo Chua appealed to Californians who wanted to make a little extra money, and he released a new campaign that had Californians starting their own business to sell OrganoGold coffee and energy drinks. The state was flooded with the products, and Bernardo was hardly able to keep with the demand for his new items. America loves the OrganoGold coffee brand, and Bernardo led the introduction of the products to North America.  Follow him on Facebook to keep up with what Bernardo is doing next.

The OrganoGold coffee brand has become the most recognized the world over because of its marketing scheme and organic growing plan. These coffees help keep the world caffeinated, and people across the globe are selling these products for a fair profit. OrganoGold keeps the world awake, helps people make a living and has properly invaded the American market.