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ClassDojo Helps Parents Get a Glimpse of Their Child’s School Day

ClassDojo is a platform set up for communication between teachers and parents. It is also a way for students to communicate with them and the teachers. The platform has a lot to offer both parents and teachers. They can get more from it and learn as much as possible about what their student is doing throughout the day. It also gives them a chance to see what the teacher likes to do with the students so they can feel like they’re an active part of their child’s education. Between the work the app does to help teachers communicate and the way it works to give students a positive experience, it’s a classroom tool most teachers can use successfully.

When teachers sign up to use ClassDojo in their classroom, they know they’re getting a positive experience and their students are going to get the benefits from it. They also know the app will work well for them with anything they might want to share with those who are in the classroom. It’s an important part of the way they do things and it gives everyone a chance to do more than what they would typically see with the classroom options.

There are times when people can make the choice to do things that they have on their own. It is their way of providing a positive experience for everyone who is in the industry. There are other things that people can do that will help them see the positive experiences that come from the industry. No matter what type of classroom a teacher runs, ClassDojo gives them a chance to see they can make positive choices for the classroom.

Parents who use ClassDojo generally see the positive effects of it right away. Parents can get a better idea of what is going on in the classroom and what their kids are doing throughout the day with the help of ClassDojo. If they make the right choices, students get a chance to show their parents what is going on throughout the day and what is happening between when they go to school and when they get home.

Rick Smith Leads Securus To New Heights

Rick Smith is quickly becoming one of the most prominent people in the telecommunications world. After proving himself to be a strong leader and impressive innovator, he was hired by Securus Technologies Inc. as their President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman. He was given this position in 2008 and ever since he has made huge changes to the company. All of these changes have allowed to perform better, improve their products and services, and surpass even their strongest competitors. Rick Smith was able to guide them through these changes with his expert leadership skill and dedication to the success of the company. He is constantly striving to make improvements and he seeks to deliver high-quality products that benefit his clients.

Rick Smith started out being interested in technology and finance. This led to him earning his associate’s degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. He continued his education at the State University of New York and earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering during his time there. He also got a master’s degree in engineering from the State University of New York. Afterward, in order combine his tech skills with the business end of things, he went back to the University of Rochester and got an MBA. All this hard work paid off when he was hired at the Global Crossing North American Inc. This job served as the foundation for Rick Smith’s current success because he was able to build experience and really learn about the industry. He also fine tuned his leadership skills while he worked there and enjoyed several impressive promotions inside the company. He later worked at Eschelon Telecom as their Chief Financial Officer and ultimately became their Chief Executive Officer. He turned the company around and improve their income significantly.

This caught the attention of Securus and they quickly hired him to join their team. Under Rick Smith’s guidance, Securus has made leaps within the telecommunications company and they are now the leading company that provides services to law enforcement and corrections facility. They also worked with public safety companies. Rick Smith has always been drawn to technology and he believes it to be the future of Securus. Thanks to him, Securus now has several successful investments with new technologies. This progressive take on business is what has made Rick Smith so successful. He has a huge network within several industries and is able to use that to push Securus toward even higher success. He continues to prove himself as both a leader and as an innovator. He recently introduced video chat to the services that offered to Securus clients. This is great for the families of inmates because they are now able to see their loved one whenever they like.

A Christmas visit by Securus Technologies

When someone is in a correction facility, it can be tough to get through. It becomes even challenging to cope being away from their friends and family. People in correction facilities certainly need a way to get in touch. Securus Technologies strives to solve this through their Christmas video visitation visits.


The Christmas video visits has given inmates another chance for communication. They can see their loved ones and talk to them. The video visitation program is a lot like the real connection. Inmates can join their family in real time events. For instance, one video showed a father watching his son open their gift. The video created the atmosphere that the father was with his kid. People in correction facilities can feel better and maximally enjoy their holidays.


Securus Technologies recently released a series of information videos. The videos highlighted various benefits of the video visitation program. In the video, an male inmate was calling his family. He was helping his wife wake their son. He watched him open his presents and helped him find out what Santa had brought on Christmas Eve. The father and child had a beautiful moment. Even though the father was away, he could still enjoy happy moments with his son.


I believe that the kind of technology advancements by Securus is good for the society. The ability of a father to watch his son is extraordinary. The video visits are gaining immense popularity in jails and prison facilities across the United States. The high rate of face to face communication is set to help family members remain together. The videos should also create a bigger picture for inmates. Inmates will see what is happening outside the correction facilities and have a happy moment.


Since it was established, Securus Technologies has improved its customer service. In March 2016, the company received BBB accreditation. Such accreditation is an indication that the clients trust the company. The primary services offered by the firm is the video visitation program. Such a service has been highly beneficial to inmates. It enables loved ones visit inmates from any location. This is achieved through the help of smartphones, tablets or PCs.

In case one would like to access the services, all they have to do is to sign up. The company’s websites connects one to the customer care team where they can create a live video chat. The video visitation is of particular importance for Xmas. It ensures that both inmates and loved ones are happy.


ClassDojo Raises $21 Million To Improve The App


ClassDojo was initially touted as a tool to help teachers improve student behavior. Now it’s also used to improve the level of collaboration among parents, teachers, and students. ClassDojo recently raised $21 million to improve and expand the functions of the app. The parents and teachers that use ClassDojo can now envision the app playing a role in helping to facilitate better continual communication between parents and teachers. The app has the potential to be so effective, it could make parent-teacher meetings a thing of the past.

Connecting Parents, Teachers, And Students

The ClassDojo app has used a Series B venture funding round to get $21 million. That money will be used to enhance the technology. Teachers will now be able to keep parents appraised on the things the students are experiencing and their behavior using photographs, video, and direct messaging. Parents can also share information on the work the student is doing at home. This can help teachers and parents enhance the student’s development and address learning and behavioral issues earlier.

Improved Learning Experience

ClassDojo was founded in 2011 and currently used by over 85,000 American charter, public, and private schools. The app is primarily employed to make parents aware of daily, weekly, and other planned activities. Soon ClassDojo will used to provide parents with a wide range of features and content they can use to improve the student’s development at home as well as in the classroom. This will enhance the student’s learning experience.

Purchase Supplies And More

The easy-to-use app helps to tighten the bonds between teachers and parents and create a more collaborate educational culture. It is currently in in kindergarten through 8th grade. But with companies like Reach Capital, SignalFire, and GSV now investing in the app, the San Francisco-based startup will soon be used from grade K-12. Soon parents will be able to use ClassDojo to purchase yearbooks, field trips, supplies, lessons, discussion guides, and other content to improve the student’s chances for success.

More Productive Classrooms

The app could lead to happier, more productive, better controlled classrooms and strengthen the lines of communications between parents and teachers. It can also save teachers time and help student learn important skills. The app can translate messages into 35 languages instantly and works on Android, iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, as well as any computer and has built=in privacy features. It is free for teachers.


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