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Doe Deere Explains Why It Is Good To Break Fashion Rules

The world of fashion is always filled with rules and regulations made by those who sit upon high within the industry. For many these rules are written in stone and should not be altered or broken for anything, but the world of fashion is now becoming more fluid and the rules of the past are being broken by a new breed of fashion designers and cosmetics producers. One of these is Doe Deere, who has been at the forefront of the change in fashion since her LimeCrime brand was established as an independent producer of cosmetics.

The range of rules that people are told to stick to when they dress themselves or do their makeup should not be seen as rules set in stone Deere believes, but should instead be a guide around which anybody can create their own sense of fashion and style. The rules Doe Deere believes should be used simply as a guide include the creation of more than one bold area of makeup being used at a single time. Deere believes this is a rule that can always be broken as she often combines a bold eye makeup design with bold lips that would be seen by many fashion experts as a problem in the classic sense of style.

The idea that fashion has a set of specific rules has never been something Doe Deere has entertained, even when she was studying fashion in the cultural hotbed of New York City. Instead of following the traditional route into fashion after completing her education the CEO of LimeCrime developed a clothing line using her own sense of style as the influence of the brand.

Deere has always looked to extend her areas of interest and success, which has led her to a career with a wide range of interests that now focuses on the cosmetics industry. Doe Deere has looked to created a range of cosmetics in the mold of her own sense of style, which has seen the bold colors she loves become a staple of her brand. Deere remains active in the development of new products, which has seen her spend the majority of her time looking to develop new products that reflect her own movement through life.

This different attitude Doe Deere takes to fashion and her own sense of style can be seen in the rules she feels it is fine to break if your own fashion choices fit into their use. Deere believes a wide range of successes can be found when anybody blends many different patterns and prints in their outfits; even the most famous fashion rules are now open to being broken by the fashion icon and her growing group of followers who even go so far as to wear socks with open toe sandals. The CEO of LimeCrime believes you can mix different colors and seek out the clothing you like instead of sticking to styles deemed perfect for a certain age in life.

Lime Crime: Hard Work Brings Success

I have always admired people who get and idea and work hard to bring it into reality. When we see other people work from the ground up, we get a better sense of confidence. Even as a child, I have always wanted a business of my own. Of course, I found out that Edison was right when he said that success was 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

One of my greatest entrepreneurial inspirations is Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime. Deere is living proof that people can still immigrate to the United States and pursue the American Dream. She was a dreamer from her childhood, just like me. I read a recent online interview, where Deere opened up about growing up in Russia. She learned to make her own clothes and had drew her own temporary tattoos to sell at school. Her business skills were pretty rare for such a young person who lived in an oppressive country.

Like Doe Deere, I have never been satisfied with the status quo. When I was thirteen, I adopted a Goth sense of fashion that was completely my own. There were many people and things that influenced my style, from classic punk, to steam punk, to vintage Gothic. Deere also was influenced by the fashion trends of music. When she immigrated to New York City, she and some friends started a rock band.

It amazes me that Deere came to this country and basically had nothing but her dreams. She started touring in her own rock band and even designed the clothes for the group. In her interview, Deere said that when fans discovered that she made her own costumes, they wanted to buy outfits like them. In a true entrepreneurial spirit, Doe Deere signed up for a small shop on a famous Internet auction site. She made several different outfits and modeled them for customers to see. She named her shop Lime Crime.

Deere wanted makeup that complimented her clothes and was never happy with the selection in stores. She began mixing up unbelievable color combinations and modeled them with her clothes. Her fans were thrilled with the fabulously fluorescent colors that she created in eyeshadows, lipsticks, bronzes, blushes, and nail polishes. Demand for her makeup got so big that she eventually bought a factory to produce it. Now, Lime Crime is shipped all over the world from Deere’s popular website. It is an internet business that is worth millions of dollars.

An outfit is not complete without the right makeup and accessories. For this reason, I found my niche in fashion. I have a little store-front business in our local flea market where I sell Goth outfits and accessories I design. Doe Deere truly one of my favorite inspirations. As a matter of fact, I use Lime Crime cosmetics and recommend them to all my customers. If we are willing to work, we can see success in our business, too.