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The game changing effects of NGP VAN

Last year we were witnesses to shocking election results for both political parties. We neglect to mention in the media though that there were encouraging and motivating political victories for the Democratic party as well. Many liberals and democrats alike across the country are looking to take back the legislature this fall and in order to do so will need a well thought-out and solid plan to march towards victory. Launching a sizeable political campaign requires a lot of thought, effort, perseverance and above all, a resilient and thorough plan. We often see campaign launch days as victorious for the candidate, yet they fail to keep up the momentum from that day throughout their campaign and eventually they lose momentum. In order to be victorious this fall, democrats need to be organized, and that means have a solid foundation for all campaigns and preparing well before the announcement of candidacy.

They key points to remember when organizing a solid foundation for a campaign and maintaining it that way are as follows: build a communications plan, have a dedicated website, obtain a CRM for data management, create a brand identity, preparation of social media accounts, establish mobile programs for reaching out to the younger voting demographic, run digital advertisements, and preparing to canvass- whether it be phone calls or going door-to-door.

With NGP-VAN, democrats are able to build that foundation which is so greatly needed to be victorious this fall. NGP-VAN offers campaigning and organizational tools and tactics for all democratic candidates aiming to reach any level of political office. NGP-VAN offers services like: campaign analysis, contact management, contribution tracking, access to demographic data, donor targeting, email marketing, fundraising management, mapping, online payment processing, volunteer management, access to voter database, and above all, NGP-VAN is a progressive platform looking to help get more progressive or democratic figures in office.


We cannot afford another major political loss in higher positions as we did in November of 2016. But if we organize, build a solid foundation, and make use of all of our resources like NGP-VAN, we will be well on our way to victory this fall and will finally oust those politicians who are not fit for office nor able to represent Americans properly.