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Neurocore Helps Redefine Treatment For Depression

Depression has become a major medical diagnosis in the nation today and is a leading cause of disability for people in the 15 – 44 age group. Many people suffering from depression may not think that would be the diagnosis. Depression sufferers can have varied severity of symptoms such as: fatigue, sleeping too much or too little, thoughts of numbness or emptiness, little enjoyment in favored activities, irritability, difficultly concentrating, and weight gain or loss. Some high functioning depression sufferers may appear alright on the outside, but struggle constantly with feelings of negativity or inadequacy. Read more about Neurocore at

There are several different types of depression:

Major Depressive Disorder may last up to two weeks and is characterized by constant on going sadness and low self esteem.

Persistent Depressive Disorder can last up to two years with negative thoughts and feelings, but is not as severe as a major depressive episode.

Post Partum Depression effects women after childbirth due to hormonal imbalance and can last two weeks to a year.

Seasonal Affective Disorder happens to individuals during winter or in areas of low exposure to sunlight.

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The study of depression is one of the least funded medical illnesses, but is a proponent of the second leading cause of death, suicide. The good news is that even severe cases of depression can be effectively treated leading the sufferer to live a more fulfilled life. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers offer hope to those suffering from depression. Neurocore uses biofeedback techniques designed to help individuals with depression and other mental illness retrain their brain with positive choices, essentially creating new positive neuro pathways eliminating negative thoughts and feelings.

Neurocore starts work with individuals by offering a comprehensive body analysis of the patient’s brainwaves, breathing patterns, and ekg analysis of the heart to see an overall health portfolio. After analysis, Neurocore customizes a biofeedback program specifically for the individual. Biofeedback sessions will retrain the brain with positive choices, helping the brain to function more efficiently. Neurocore is seeing positive, long-lasting results in many individuals.