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Deirdre Baggot Journey as a Pioneer of Bundled Payments in the Healthcare Industry

Deirdre Baggot is a very experienced clinician as well as a hospital executive. She possesses a wide range of knowledge and skills and in the field of bundled payments. She is the pioneer in the industry due to her valued leadership at Acute Care Episode. Deirdre has specialed her skills in the improvement of the payment reforms in the healthcare industry and has been responsible for consultation payment for two major advisory firms in the industry.

Deirdre Baggot has managed to develop a lot of clients relationships in the industry and has been able to design and also implement programs for more than 200 hospitals in the world. This alone has helped improve clients’ experience and even outcomes all at a reduced cost. Deirdre Baggot is also a senior advisor in various healthcare system boards and has been able to achieve tremendously in the field. Visit on her twitter for more updates.

Baggot has been recognized globally in the medical fraternity for her significant achievements in bundled payments. She has also been invited to various medical conferences as a keynote speaker whereby she has been able to share her experience and results in the grouped payment category. Some of the meetings attended are American Collge of Health Executives, American Heart Association, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Innovation Summit, Healthcare Financial Management Association, Per-For-Performance Summit, Medtronic, SAS as well as Bundled Payment Congress.

Ms. Baggot is also an experienced author and has managed to write several papers on various subjects ranging from payment transformation, bundled payment, and Healthcare Reform. She has also appeared on Planet Monday as an expert, Morning Editions of National Public Radios, as well as All Things Considered. In 2012, she was appointed by CMS to participate as an expert reviewer for Bundled Payments.

Deirdre has also served in several healthcare leadership roles. Some of them are Universty of Michigan Healthcare System, whereby she served for more than ten years and even Northwestern Memorial Hospital in the department of academic healthcare.

Baggot is a former student of the University of Colorado where she earned her Ph.D. She also attended the Loyola University of Chicago for her degree as well as her MBA. She is also a Nursing graduate. Connect:


Dr. Saad Saad On Helping Children All Over The World

When it comes to a life well lived, you can say that Dr. Saad Saad fits the bill to a tee. His work accomplish career as a pediatrician has garnered the attention of many who have called the doctor a compassionate and caring being. One of the biggest accomplishments for Dr. Saad Saad was going on 12 medical missions. Four of them where here in the United States, and the other eight where in Jerusalem.


A few of his most recognized surgeries where for Palestinian children who flew to the United States to get surgery by Dr. Saad Saad. One 15 year old boy had gunshot wounds in his stomach that needed treating. The local Israeli hospital saved his live, but he needed more help than the hospital could provide for him. Dr. Saad Saad was in surgery that lasted seven hours but turned the boy’s life around. Now he can eat without problems and his skin doesn’t burn. Another boy had a paralyzed leg because he was hit by a bomb in the Gaza Strip. Dr. Saad Saad took care of him by getting him the best nerve damage specialist (this was not his specialty) he needed and he was up and walking in no time. He can play soccer now, which he absolutely loves to do. One girl was born with her intestines sticking out. Dr. Saad Saad was able to cover up the hole up in a five hours surgery Soon after she was up and running thanks to the doctor.


Dr. Saad Saad traveled on medical missions to help countless children because he wanted to help underprivileged children who did not have access of money to the medical care and surgery they desperately needed. A lot of these complex surgeries would be life saving and life changing. He also gave tips and advice to other young Palestinian doctors who were just starting out their career and wanted to have a positive impact in the world. The Governor of Ramallah awarded Dr. Saad Saad with a humanitarian award for his work as a caring and compassionate pediatrician. He was also given the Gold Medal of Palestine by Mr.Mahmoud Abbas himself, the President of Palestine. On top of the Dr. Saad Saad was presented with an Humanitarian Award by PCRF in 2010. The accomplished doctor continues to work and be an advocate for children all over the world.

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