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Clay Siegall Shares Reports Of Salary Cap Issues At Two NFL Teams

Clay Siegall’s blog has an ESPN article about the Baltimore Ravens and their cap room problems. They want to make noise in free agency but in order to do so they’ve got to clear quite a bit of cap room. The owner of this team, Steve Bisciotti, has said that they’ll renegotiate some contracts. This used to be called a last resort for this team but this year it will be necessary if they want to pick up some good free agents. When a team renegotiates a contract the player doesn’t lose money, rather some of their salary is converted to a signing bonus.

Other teams around the league are also needing to clear cap room, like the Denver Broncos. They, too, want to pick up some free agents, especially if they want to sign QB Kirk Cousins who appears to be one of their targets. They need to address more issues than just the quarterback position, though, which means they need to free up quite a bit of salary this year. They are thinking of letting some free agents move on and/or cutting some veterans on the team.

Clay Siegall, Ph.D., is the chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics. His Ph.D. is in Genetics and he uses his knowledge to create next-generation cures for cancer. He says that the old methods of treating cancer are often ineffective and are outright dangerous for patients like chemotherapy and radiation which are indiscriminate in what cells they kill.

The targeted drugs that Clay Siegall’s company researches and develops, though, are what are known as targeted drugs. This means they only target cells that have cancer in them. This is far better tolerated by patients. It is also a lot more effective than the crude methods of the past. His specialty is researching antibody-drug conjugates and as the CEO he also shares this technology with other companies in strategic partnerships. He develops these partnerships to help his company earn money beyond their own drug development. He also does it in order to advance the field of cancer research so that as many people can be helped as possible.