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New Article And Company Changes Views On Email Marketing.

If you are like so many people, you might have thought that email marketings only used the power of the written word and that it didn’t contain video. There is a good chance that perhaps you had other misconceptions too. To help set the record straight, video email marketing is increasing both in it’s use and in the amount of revenue it generate. This is according to an article that has been posted here:

The hardest part of using email in business is to get the potential client to open your email. Did you know that video will increase the open rate of your email? It is true. Up to twenty percent of the email open rates increase when there is a video in the email. Using a video in the email also seems to increase the click-through rate up to three times. That’s very good news for people who are using video.

The good news for everyone is that it is easy to use video email marketing if you have the right network in place. One company who can help you to achieve your video email marketing goals is Talk Fusion. This company was founded by CEO Bob Reina. Mr. Reina had the idea to send a quick video to a friend in the early days of the internet and to his shock, he was told by AOL that it could not be done. That sent Bob on a path to find a way that it could be done. That idea created Talk Fusion, the eighth largest online video content provider in the world today.

Talk Fusion is a true leader in the field and a pioneer in the industry. The part that makes Talk Fusion so awesome is that it is easy to use. Everything is right there in the platform waiting for you. You simple record your video and upload it into a template and send it out. What could be easier? You can even create your own templates and use those. If you have been waiting to use video email until you have found the perfect system, the time has come.