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Better cyber security can lessen the attacks of ransomware

Cyber security is becoming more important as time goes on. More, now than ever, everything is connected to technology and the web such as highly private information. There are also a increasing amount of hacking, it’s actually quadrupled from 2013 to 2015. The severity of treats or attacks has gone up to. Now they can collect your bank information, social security number, address, phone number, etc. There is no limit in which people will go to get your private information. More people are basing their businesses online, so their is a growing demand for cyber security. More funds need to be invested in this worthy cause to help secure companies and individuals private information.

Rubica is a company that security and privacy for your digital information from ransomware. They are a group of elite cyber experts that work to secure your privacy from ransomware, hackers and other unknown threats. Their system is powerful enough to protect big corporation, and individuals like you.


If your information has been hacked by ransomware, Rubica can help you protect your assets and information and prevent further security hacks from happening. If you are looking for a trusted digital security company, Rubica is the one.


Lovaganza Announcement Plans Events For 2020

The multifaceted cultural gathering known as Lovaganza has come forth with the schedule for its next endeavor. Lovaganza’s next occurrence will take place in eight locales around the earth between the months of May and September in the year 2020. These events will focus on all of the nations and peoples of the planet, enlightening audiences to the vivacious and sublime offerings of other cultures both near and far. While the event was originally planned for a launch in 2015 and then 2018, Lovaganza’s delay to 2020 was planned to incorporate new technologies for entertainment and communication. With locations spanning five continents, the event is planned to end with a global hand-joining ceremony.

Prior to the 2020 endeavor, Lovaganza will begin a traveling show in 2017 as a means of promoting the main event three years later. This show will serve as a sample platter of what Lovaganza 2020 will be offering, including lens-free 3D presentations like the “Marvelous 12” animated series and a trio of full motion pictures available in various theaters. Location filming has already begun for this trilogy of films, known as the “Lovaganza Convoy,” with shooting currently occurring in locales within far-western Europe and the United States of America and soon returning to parts of Africa and Asia. Notably, these films will be projected onto proprietary “Immerscope” screens, capable of producing an effect similar to CINERAMA projections but brought into the 21st century by offering a 3D viewing experience without the need for eyewear.

More About Lovaganza
Lovaganza’s message is one of encouraging people to partake of a Bohemian experience. Lovaganza’s organization and planning are divided into two branches; Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise handles things like the event’s earnings and brand identity from the inspirational and wondrous entertainment the endeavor provides to Earth’s nations and The Lovaganza Foundation is a non-profit endeavor that utilizes the first branch’s efforts in order to make a positive impact on the macro and regional levels of the world stage. Every Lovaganza festival has a theme: Lovaganza 2020’s theme is unity between nations, Lovaganza 2025’s theme will be peace between nations, Lovaganza 2030’s theme will be “Abondance,” possibly a playful portmanteau of bonding and abundance – that humans have plenty of things to bond over and find common ground, and Lovaganza 2040’s theme is of a “Beta World,” indicating that the world is due for a massive shift on