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Successful Short Activism Campaigns by Sahm Adrangi

Business forms an important aspect of our life today. But as much as the market has a great value to offer, fraudulent activities make it difficult for investors and consumers to get returns and value for their money. The only way fraudulent activities and short selling can be eradicated from the market is through thorough and reliable research. This research requires expertise, unique insights, and dedication.

Sahm Adrangi is one of the most renowned financial experts and short activist. He is particularly recognized for his success in exposing fraudulent companies from China back in 2010. Sahm Adrangi is research-oriented and he mainly focuses on correcting misconceptions on over-hyped shorts.

Shorting fraudulent stocks and companies

One of most recent Adrangi short activism campaigns was on a land developer company in the Florida Panhandle known as St. Joe. According to the research done by Kerrisdale, St. Joe’s land holdings are only worth a fraction of its current market valuation. St. Joe’s have minimal cash flow from its current operations. Moreover, they lure investors with false promises of unlocking value in the undeveloped land close to Panama City Beach; when in reality the 177k acres that the company has is in desolate and swampy areas near the Gulf of Mexico.

Another short activism campaign by Sahm Adrangi involves biotechnology, an area of focus for Kerrisdale. According to the research conducted by Adrangi’s company, a drug being developed by Proteostasis Therapeutics Inc. for cystic-fibrosis was going to fail. The company released its phase 2 clinical trial results, which indicated success. However, Kerrisdale’s research indicated that the drug was going to fail its phase 3 clinical trial because there was no discernible benefit of the drug to a patient’s lung function. Moreover, there was a high alarming result of a patient experiencing fast deterioration despite being on a high dose of the drug.

About Kerrisdale

Sahm Adrangi is the CIO and founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. Kerrisdale manages an estimated 180 million dollars. This business was built around short activism under the directive of Sahm Adrangi. Kerrisdale’s research and work focuses on industries such as telecommunications, mining, and biotechnology.

Fortress Investment Group: Scaling the Heights of Asset Management

Fortress Investment Group: Scaling the Heights of Asset Management

When Wes Edens joined his associates to start an asset management company, he did not know that the company would turn out to be an internationally recognized financial services provider. Today, Fortress Investment Group has scaled the heights of becoming one of the leading asset management firms in the country.

The Establishment of the Company

Over the years, Fortress Investment Group has become a competitive asset manager that handles liquid hedge funds. Established in 1998, the firm is located in New York, and since then, it has been able to provide outstanding financial services due to its expertise in the field of investment. As at now, the company handles about 1,500 organizations with some of these organizations being private companies. Also, the company has employed over 800 workers to assist in asset management.

Company Profile

Recently, an article was posted in According to the article, Fortress Investment Group attributes its success to innovation as well as the ability to adjust to high-risk returns. Having been recognized as the first private company to be part of the New York Stock Exchange, the company has rightfully earned a stellar reputation over the years.

Services Provided

Currently, the company offers a broad spectrum of services by managing about $43 billion of assets in different units. In addition to that, the company boasts of having the right expertise to handle asset-based investments, general knowledge of different competencies, capital markets, and hedge funds. Besides, the team of management handles clients in three different segments namely; private equity credits, permanent capital vehicles and special opportunity funds.

Growth and Expansion

The first decade of the company’s existence included the culmination of its initial public offering. In 2006, the company had expanded its operations to different units including the Drawbridge Special Opportunities Fund, and Fortress Brookdale Investment Fund. On top of those accomplishments, the company added two major players to its portfolio of services. Michael Novogratz joined the company from Goldman Sachs where he served as the fund’s manager. Moreover, he proceeded with the role until when it was time to leave in 2015, where he turned to different roles in the development of cryptos. Above and beyond, Peter Briger joined the company with a wealth of knowledge in finance and asset management. As such, the company became a revolutionary investment advisor controlled by major experts.

Joran Lindsey Talks Custom CCI Settings for True Trend Indicator

In Forex trading the main take away is to follow the trends. By keeping an eye on the trend indicator, you can determine if a given price is oversold or overbought. The tool that Jordan Lindsey uses for this is MT4, and he has shown in the setting he recommends to establish your environment successfully.

Starting with a new template you want to double-click on True Trend in the navigator where MT4 is going to attaching itself to the chart. The next step is to adjust the CCI trend to the 70-periods, and the Entry CCI to the 5-period.

It is important to note here that Lindsey has used different CCI Trends and Entry CCI before, but from his experience seventy and five are the most effective when determining the True Trend Indicator.

Moving on, you can adjust colors to your preference. For Lindsey, he changes the default magenta to a steel blue and adjusts the white to gray for visibility. In the width column, he adjusts the size to two by clicking on a particular width and hitting the number 2 key on your keypad. Once you hit okay, you will see the changes take effect, and that is it.

Jordan Lindsey is a passionate, competitive, and experienced Forex Trader who is initially from New York but moved to San Francisco after a trip he took. Through his life, he has in Argentina, Mexico, and Bosnia-Herzegovina where he met his wife while volunteering in a small village.

He studied at Mount Angel Seminary in addition to St. Joseph’s College and later taught himself computer programming and system architecture design. With the computer skill she picked up, he was able to code an algorithm for the platform MetaTrader 4 (MQL4) that he shared settings for today. He also created his own cryptocurrency in 2017 where he was successful in launching a crowdsale of it in the second half of the year. Considered the first third=party altcoin verified on the market where he is currently working with a development team on a framework for a site he plans to launch.

Benefits of Social Securities to Employees and Retirees

It is the dream of every employee to have a fulfilling and a hustle free life during their retirement. Therefore, employees are required to save some money from their yearly salaries that go to their retirement scheme on Social security is one of the ways working individuals can ensure they have an enjoyable retirement.

David Giertz headed a research to investigate reasons as to why social security advisors are shy away from discussing this topic with their clients. Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute conducted the research. The study on Twitter targeted those already retired as well as those who are ten years from retirement.

The research on found out that many customers were willing to change their advisors since they were not talking to them. The customers need an advisor who will keep reminding them to contribute towards their retirement scheme. Besides, workers need constant advice on the benefit of social securities.

David Giertz also argues that the social security handbook contains very many rules hence, understanding the topic is complex. Thus, only committed and diligent advisors would talk to clients.

Mr. David Giertz cautions the employees that they should take social security seriously. He argues that those contributing towards social security are 40% of their income. Those not subscribed to social securities will lose over $12000 per year. Therefore, Advisors should develop a great interest in advising clients on social security since it is crucial.

About David Giertz

He is the current president of the nationwide investment services corporations. He is an expert in brokering and offering financial advisories. He has over thirty years of experience in working in the financial investment industry.

David is also a registered broker in FINRA at He is actively engaged in buying of shares, stocks, bonds, mutual funds as well as other investment products. He is currently based in Dublin in the state of Ohio.