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Benefits of Social Securities to Employees and Retirees

It is the dream of every employee to have a fulfilling and a hustle free life during their retirement. Therefore, employees are required to save some money from their yearly salaries that go to their retirement scheme on Social security is one of the ways working individuals can ensure they have an enjoyable retirement.

David Giertz headed a research to investigate reasons as to why social security advisors are shy away from discussing this topic with their clients. Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute conducted the research. The study on Twitter targeted those already retired as well as those who are ten years from retirement.

The research on found out that many customers were willing to change their advisors since they were not talking to them. The customers need an advisor who will keep reminding them to contribute towards their retirement scheme. Besides, workers need constant advice on the benefit of social securities.

David Giertz also argues that the social security handbook contains very many rules hence, understanding the topic is complex. Thus, only committed and diligent advisors would talk to clients.

Mr. David Giertz cautions the employees that they should take social security seriously. He argues that those contributing towards social security are 40% of their income. Those not subscribed to social securities will lose over $12000 per year. Therefore, Advisors should develop a great interest in advising clients on social security since it is crucial.

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