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OSI Industries “Meets” Global Success

The story of OSI Industries is a real life tale of American possibilities and potential. It all began in the early 20th century, when a German immigrant from Chicago, Otto Kolschowsky, opened a neighborhood meat market and butcher shop. Several years later, he expanded the business into wholesale operations. Business continued to be good, and in 1928 was given the name, Otto and Sons. For decades, Otto and Sons served their local community as a dependable local business. The path of the company changed in the 50’s when Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald’s in Illinois. Kroc asked Otto and Sons to be the fresh ground beef supplier for his restaurant. While this probably seemed like normal business at the time, the future of this partnership was headed for greater success than either could have realized at the time.

As McDonald’s continued to grow into one of the most recognized brands in the world, Otto and Sons kept supplying the ever increasing demand. Eventually, keeping up with this demand became their main business. McDonald’s prided itself on providing consistent products to its customers, and long distance transportation of meat products began to be an issue. Fortunately flash freezing became an option around this time and saved the partnership that led to global success for both companies. In 1975, Otto and Sons became OSI Industries, a company under rapid expansion. Around this time, Sheldon Lavin joined the company, and later became chairman and CEO.

OSI was ranked number 58 on Forbes list of largest private companies in 2016.Today, OSI Industries is one of the world’s largest food providers, and continues to actively expand operations. In 2016, OSI purchased a new processing facility and storage warehouse to facilitate further growth, acquired a controlling stake in Baho Food, a convenience food manufacturer, and purchased Flagship Europe, a UK food service provider. The expansion continued in 2017 as OSI Industries added a high capacity production line to a facility in Spain, allowing increased production of chicken products, which are in high demand in the area. OSI has over 100 years of experience, and continues to adapt to meet the global product demand.

That “Little Blue” May Reduce Colon Cancer Says Dr. David Samadi

According to Dr. David Samadi, many drugs developed for one medical problem often becomes the holy grail for another. He’s talking about the drug Sildenafil, also known as Viagra. In published reports, researchers at the Georgia Cancer Center says Viagra could reduce the risk of colon cancer by 50 percent.

Using mice, that were genetically predisposed to colon cancer, scientists fed small amounts of Viagra in their water, resulting in a reduction of precancerous polyps. Sildenafil is a drug used for many years, not only in erectile dysfunction, but also for the treatment of premature infants with pulmonary hypertension. According to the researchers, it was also able to significantly reduce the formation of intestinal polyps in mice. The next step could be a clinical trial for the drug in patients considered to be at high risk for colorectal cancer.

Another drug, Linaclotide, used to treat constipation and irritable bowel syndrome, was also examined, but although it is effective in reducing polyps, the common side effect of diarrhea makes it unlikely that patients will find long-term use tolerable.

The “blue pill”, or Viagra is best known as the erectile dysfunction/impotence drug. Erection Disorders are the persistent or recurrent inability to achieve or maintain an erection until the completion of a sexual activity. In the search for a medicine for angina, doctors discovered this little blue pill resolved erectile difficulties, an in 1998, the pill went on the market. Dr. Samadi says drugs that are often developed for the treatment of a specific disease can be useful in many other treatments. And in many cases, researchers just happen upon the discovery.

A group of researchers revolutionized the diagnostic approach to colorectal cancer by developing genetic testing. According to Dr. David Samadi, being able to screen for cancer can improve ways to treat the disease.

Dr. Samadi, a prominent New York City urologist, with 20+ years of experience. He’s a board-certified physician, voted Top Doctor, Best Doctor, and New York’s Best Doctor for more than five consecutive years. Dr. Samadi specializes in minimally invasive surgery, and developed the The Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique (SMART) surgery. He has authored more than 58 peer-reviewed medical papers, contributed to worldwide robotic surgeries, mentored medical students in laparoscopy and robotic surgery, and is a regular medical correspondent on Fox News.

Dr. Samadi is a recognized leader, Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital, and Chief of Robotic Surgery.

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Herbal Joint Pain Supplement Heal and Soothe

Heal and Soothe is a brand that sells herbal supplements intended to help those with joint pain. It includes natural pain relievers and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as turmeric and ginger. Both of these herbs can be eaten as well, and can be beneficial to health.

Heal and Soothe was designed to relieve joint pain and stiffness in the hands, feet, neck, back, and other common areas of discomfort. Some people with arthritis claimed that the supplement dramatically helped their back pain. Many people can not enjoy sports and activities that used to be fun to do, but do not like taking medications that can be harmful, have uncomfortable side effects, or cause allergic reactions. A natural herbal supplement like Heal and Soothe aims to help people with concerns like these.

Heal and Soothe uses a unique system called Systemic Enzyme Therapy. Systemic, meaning “whole body,” describes the process of enzymes helping the whole body. Enzymes are one of the first defenders against infection and pain, and help reduce the effects of inflammation. By reducing inflammation in the body, customers may be able to improve their heart health and prevent certain types of cancer.

Enzymes also help speed up the healing process from things like cuts, bruises, sprains and strains. Some of the synthetic medications like Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen can provide temporary pain relief, but they come along with side effects such as stomach upset or stomach ulcers. With Heal and Soothe, there is no risk of addiction or kidney and liver damage. One bottle of 90 pills costs 50 dollars a month, or 59 dollars for just one bottle.

Heal and Soothe offers a free trial bottle though so that patients can test out the supplement and see what it does for them. For those who want to experience less pain by using natural herbal ingredients, Heal and Soothe may be just right.

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Dr. Mark Mckenna & His Innovative Thinking

Do you live in the cities of New Orleans or Atlanta? Have you ever heard of a guy named Mark McKenna? If you haven’t heard about this extraordinary man, then you’re not along. Mark McKenna is a successful medical doctor, and he has earned his license from the Louisiana and Georgia Boards of Medical Examiners. Dr. Mark McKenna has always had a passion for wellness and health. By working in this exclusive industry, he has been able to help many people in his communities. The Tulane University Medical School graduate has certainly made a name for himself thanks to being a dedicated community servant.

Would you believe that this guy is also a successful businessman? That’s right! Dr. Mark McKenna has a broad educational background in business/finance. Thanks to this extensive background, he has been able to parlay his intelligence into extra income. The New Orleans-native has helped to change the game by offering a wide range of weight-loss solutions. In addition to that, Shape Med offered services such as laser-hair removal, Juvederm treatments, Botox injections and other invasive surgeries. Dr. Mark McKenna has stated that “I consistently set goals as well as practice visualization.” This is one sure way of personifying those ideas. He also does a good bit of meditating and brainstorming.

This loving husband and father is also a voracious reader, and he loves to train in JiuJitsu. Dr. Mark McKenna is a member of the New Orleans Industrial Development Board, and he’s a board member of the New Orleans Jazz Festival. All in all, the future is looking extremely bright for Dr. Mark McKenna because he always seem to have a progressive-plan, and he knows how to implement his plan to better mankind.

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Protect Your Health With Regular Lifeline Screenings

If you are getting ready for health screening, the best way to prepare for Lifeline Screening is to adhere to the information provided by the facility’s staff. It is important for people of all ages to have the appropriate tests run to ensure nothing goes undetected that could put their health at risk. There are many risk factors that could go undetected without the assistance of today’s modern technologies. Technologies such as ultra sound can find small problems before they can become larger ones.

Your primary care physician may have ordered specific screenings to determine what risk factors exist in your body, or you may have decided to find out on your own. Both ways, all you need to do is provide the facility with your doctor’s contact information and the staff will send the results to them. With the test results, your doctor can then prescribe necessary medication or other appropriate treatment or lifestyle changes.

The five screenings offered by Lifeline Screenings include a test to determine if the carotid artery is being clogged by the build up of fatty plaque. This is an important test this build up of plaque can eventually block the artery completely if not properly dealt with. Your doctor might prescribe a drug to reduce cholesterol in your blood which is thought to be responsible for the condition. Your health care professional may even prescribe surgery to clear the block if it is serious enough.

While the Carotid Artery screening may not require any special preparations, it could help save your life. At the same time, some preparations are required when an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm is the subject of Lifeline Screening. Those preparations involve refraining from eating food for a few hours before the test is scheduled. You will also want to wear loose fitting clothing that can easily be removed for easy access to the abdomen and put back on after the screening is finished.

The expert staff at Lifeline Screening will always be your best source for information concerning what they do. Why not go further than the usual exams and include health screenings to your regular yearly check ups.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny Establishes Oncotarget To Help In Sharing Of Information

Science is essential in the society as it helps to answer some of the significant challenges that face the entire world. For instance, aging is an issue that scientists have been trying to understand for a very long time. The complexity of the human body makes it impossible to understand some of the hidden concepts. However, Mikhail has worked hard to ensure that some factors about the human body can be understood much better. One of these aspects is the how cells of the human body respond to cancerous conditions and age.Through Oncotarget, Mikhail tries to bring scientists together, and this enables sharing of information from different organizations on how research is being conducted. Most importantly, Oncotarget is primarily used to resolve the numerous cases of cancer in patients all over the world.

The establishment of Oncotarget was motivated by the need to help people in the society and ensure that some of the major diseases can be overcome.Different doctors came together to establish Oncotarget, and they foresaw this as a breakthrough in the process of sharing medical information. At the moment, Mikhail edits all journals that are posted on Oncotarget, and this is an effort to ensure that the shared data is credible and verifiable. Different methods of research exist in the world, and when the critical information from research is shared, then it will be possible to obtain success in a field that tends to be associated with technicality.Cancer is one of the few ailments that tends to take away all the hope from a person.

However, Mikhail works to ensure that the expectations of those who have the disease in the society can be rejuvenated. Mikhail is significantly committed toward ensuring that people can adopt better methods of nutrition in the society. He believes that age and the related complications can be resolved once people start eating healthy food.The impact of the medical research should be felt across all areas of the society, and this is what Mikhail tries to ensure. Oncotarget is continually growing due to the health complications that keep developing within the community and the need to share information.