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Many pet owners are beginning to say no to that old time putrid canned and dry food. Opening a can of food now smells closer to Thanksgiving dinner, and those brave enough to try it, say the taste is not far off something we humans may eat. Blending up quality meats, grains, and vegetables is not a new concept to the pet food industry; however, seems as though the healthy “fresh is best” movements has crossed the line from human to pet. Every company seems to be competing to create the freshest, and most unique flavors such as lasagna and stroganoff and all their competing has pet owners opening their wallets. The sales of premium dog food have risen 45 percent in the U.S. since 2009 according to wikipedia. Fresh and premium dog food sales now account for more than half of the market. You can read more about what’s going on in the fresh gourmet dog food industry here. Purina has gone to the extent of creating a website for owners to visit where they can create tailor-made food for their pets. According to their website, “the best nutrition is customized.” Beneful, also created by Purina, has concocted 14 different tubs of meals for dogs. It’s tough to even call Beneful’s creations dog food with mouth watering names like “Simmered Chicken Medley” and “Savory Rice and Lamb Stew” It seems as though Beneful has jumped aboard the new dinner table fresh dog food movement. Taste is not the only thing pet owners seem to be concerned with when it comes to their beloved pets. The food choices of pet owners still keeps health as the number one factor when purchasing, just before palatableness. Leading dog food companies, such as Beneful, are taking measures to ensure pets are receiving proper nutrition from their tasty dishes. Beneful has a whole team of professionals in the Nestlé Purina Nutrition Research department, which evaluates the safety and ingredients of Beneful dog food. Their lead nutritionist, Janet, confirms that everything that goes into Beneful, has a specific, beneficial purpose in the pet’s body. It can become pricey for companies to use fresh healthy ingredients. This leaves some on Wall-street skeptical about the potential of the products ; However, the way most in this niche of dog food sees it, with the movement of families into a more healthy lifestyle, it’s only right to bring along the family pet. They are, after all, a part of the family.