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How Ted Bauman is Impacting People Positively by Writing

Ted Bauman is a writer and editor who has dedicated his career to providing insights on investments and analyzing the latest markets developments for his readers. He is an economist by training and communicates his two cents mainly through his publications, The Bauman Letter, and the Plan B Club. He provides insights meant to help readers in asset protection, low-risk investments, and international migration. With more than two decades of experience in the finance industry, his advice has shown its worth by helping many achieve their desired success.

While acquiring wealth could be outright comfortable most people forget about securing and protecting the wealth. According to Ted Bauman’s recent article, one should have a plan that can work in both bear markets and bull markets. This plan will ensure the security of assets and maximum gains on investments. Ted Bauman suggests these three steps in the protection of investments. First one should create a wall of protection around an investment by avoiding risky ventures that promise overnight success. Secondly one should protect investments by investing in bonds and stock. He noticed many investors are not aware of bonds which guarantee a monthly dividend. Lastly one needs to invest in both stocks and bonds to reap from both worlds of investment. The shares will benefit the investor during market gains while the bonds will protect his investment portfolio when the stock market crashes.

Before becoming a writer, Ted Bauman had gained experience in the world of finance in various countries. Even though he was born in the US, he started his career in South Africa after attaining his college degree in economics. He was employed as a fund manager and worked with some NGOs like Slum Dwellers International. Later in the 90 and 200s, he consulted for international entities like the Government of South Africa, United Nations, the World Bank plus more others. Bauman relocated to the US in 2008 where he worked briefly as a Director for International Housing Program for an NGO before he quit to venture fully on writing. His experience in these different entities has equipped him with a lot of wisdom on financial investments that he uses to impact thousands of readers worldwide.


Stream Energy’s Philanthropy just Another day in the Office

For many, Philanthropy might seem like something that’s only done once in a while or not at all. Stream Energy makes it their business to serve and enrich their community through charitable endeavors. After Hurricane Harvey, there were lots of people trying to repair their lives at that point and were in need of some assistance. Stream Energy was the first on the scene by giving donations to the charitable organization Hope.

These people specialize in making the lives of those inflicted with a disaster more bearable by providing much-needed resources and emotional support. Not only do they provide outstanding business for their local area in what they do by selling affordable clean energy and other services; they take pride in giving back to the community at large by assisting the customers and potential clients in creating a better life from the ashes. Stream Energy was at the heart of the storm and was a present support for those who had the misfortune of their homes getting destroyed.

No one can help when nature decides to go ballistic on the environment, and Stream Energy understands the happenstance of the world and the need for a big heart in the midst of a gloomy storm. They are truly a rainbow for all those children who are without food or supplies and have given then hope to continue life as normal by their generous contribution to society and their personal community.

They set the example of a business that shows empathy and genuine hospitality for those in need. Stream Energy takes pride in their work and has done so for over four years of generous contributions. They are truly experienced in the art of helping people and make a habit of getting involved in the lives of their clients. This is going above and beyond what is required which is exceptionally admirable for such a large company. They continue to push recovery efforts and assistance for the victims of the tragic storm. Their work for the needy and homeless is especially important to the face of the company because it shows immense kindness.

Former Investment company CEO Shervin Pishevar Is Tweeting And It’s Not Good News For Investors

Shervin Pishevar is a legend in the startup investment industry. Pishevar has a magic touch when it comes to picking startups that turn into major profit makers. Shervin was one of the first investors to put millions into Uber. His original investment is worth billions now. Shervin Pishevar decided Elon Musk was on to something when Musk decided to build a Hyperloop between San Francisco and Los Angeles. That project is still in the infancy stage, but Pishevar believes Hyperloop One will be a huge success.

Most investors are playing safe when it comes to investing in new startups that don’t have any real investment legs to stand on. But Shervin Pishevar is not one of those investors. He likes to gamble, and he usually wins. And now that his 21-hour tweetstorm is over, he seems ready to jump back into the investing limelight. Resigning his CEO position with Investment company was a difficult thing to do, but if his tweetstorm is any indication, he is back and ready to make a difference in the investment world.

His 50 plus tweets covered several topics, but the tweets about the stock market losing more than 5,000 points this year was a wakeup call for new investors who have most of their money in the stock market. Pishevar doesn’t have much faith in bonds either. Some investors say Russia’s decision to get rid of most of their U.S. Treasury notes may be an indication that Shervin Pishevar is on to something. Some investors are ignoring the signs, but Pishevar isn’t one of those investors either.

Other investors thought Shervin Pishevar was crazy when he took a shot at Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon on Twitter. Shervin’s tweet said those giants are too powerful. Not everyone agrees with Pishevar’s 21-hour tweet extravaganza, but it was entertaining as well as enlightening for new investors who need help understanding the current trend in investing. A lot of hedge fund managers feel the same way about the economy and the stock market. There is an adjustment coming, according to those big hedge fund managers. Pishevar is just letting people know it’s coming through his tweetstorm.