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Republican Accepts Contribution from George Soros

In politics as in life, the enemy of my enemy is my friend and that seems to be the case when it comes to the recent major contribution that was made to the PAC, New Day for America, which funds the presidential dreams of Ohio governor John Kasich by famous liberal George Soros according to The Political Insider. It would seem a contradiction for all parties involved until you consider the current political climate that exists in the Republican race and providing the ultimate defeat of Donald Trump brings people from all ends of the political spectrum together to make sure that there is little chance that Trump can win the nomination.
The political season has shown that there is a faction of voters who will listen to the rhetoric that Donald Trump has produced over the course of his campaign. However there are more people who are concerned and even a little frightened by the specter of Trump ending up in the White House. His statements that disparage immigrants and Latinos are chief among them. That is how funds from George Soros found their way into the political coffers of John Kasich according to Latino Fox News. There was a belief that if Kasich could win the primary in his home state of Ohio then it would be much more difficult for Trump to gain the required number of delegates to secure the nomination.

George Soros is an experienced player in the field of politics and saw the chance to provide a small bump to a Trump rival and lead to his ultimate demise. This is probably part of a grander scheme in which he sees whomever the Republicans nominate be destroyed by the Democratic nomination in November. It looks more and more like that will be Hillary Clinton. Soros has been straight forward in his support of liberal leaning democratic practices throughout his life. Born in Hungary in the 1930’s, Soros survived the Holocaust to become one of the most successful financiers in the world. He has proven to be intelligent and savvy in business.

Soros has supported the ideas of freedom across the globe throughout his life, so it should be no surprise the narrow minded sputtering of Donald Trump is a threat to his beliefs. He supported oppressed black South Africans during apartheid and Eastern Europeans during the Cold War. Today according to much of his philanthropic efforts are driven through creating organizations called Open Societies. These are dedicated to protecting the individual freedom and rights of all people while at the same time demanding transparency of government. After his life experience with the Germans in World War II there is little wonder. Today his organizations have spread across the globe.

With all this in mind the contribution of George Soros to John Kasich is really a small surprise in a big game of politics in the United States. With the desired outcome a Democrat in the White House, Soros is showing foresight and creativity in defeating a potential threat to America before he has the chance to get close to becoming President of the United States. John Kasich is receiving this gift but ultimately the winner of the game will be the Democrats and Soros.