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Capitol Anesthesiology Association Serves Many Medical Facilities in Texas

Anesthesiology is a very important service for so many patients that go into the hospital. Capitol Anesthesiology Association offers these services. They were established in 1973. They have over eighty physicians working for them in the field of Anesthesiology.


Capitol Anesthesiology Association offers many different services. They offer general Anesthesia. This is the type of Anesthesia used in surgeries that require the patient to not be awake and moving. They also offer Regional Anesthesia. This is the type of anesthesia used if only one part of the body needs to be pain free. This can include many different parts including legs, arms, and the abdomen. They offer Pediatric Anesthesia which is for children. They also offer Obstetric Anesthesia, Cardiovascular Anesthesia, and Thoracic Anesthesia.


Capitol Anesthesiology Association serves a lot of different medical facilities. All of the medical facilities that they serve are in Texas. They help many different hospitals in Austin and others in Round Rock, Cedar Park, and Kyle. They also help ambulatory surgery centers located in the same places.


Capital Anesthesiology Association is very involved in helping people. They have helped several different charitable organizations. They help Austin Smiles, Dell Children’s Surgical Global Outreach, Eels on Wheels, Operation Smile, Children’s Medical Center Foundation, Family Eldercare, and Partnerships for Children. This organization and their doctors participate in these wonderful programs.


Capital Anesthesiology Association is very dedicated to providing hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers with the best possible anesthesiologists. They only hire experienced medical professionals. They are an amazing company.

Capitol Anesthesiology’s Twitter @capanesth is a great way to stay up-t0-date.