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The Bitcoin Merchanting of Malcolm CasSelle

Although OPSkins, the current top bitcoin merchant in the world and top world dealer in online video games, is perfectly qualified to be a decentralized marketplace, it operates as the world’s top marketplace for virtual assets. However, it makes perfect sense for OPSkins to eventually move to decentralization since centralized technology is more limited in its capabilities. Still, OPSkins continues to grow and do extremely well. They recently launched a blockchain platform for virtual asset trading known as WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange).

OPSkins is led by its CIO, Malcolm CasSelle. He is also president of WAX. WAX is touted to unify the present chaotic virtual trading ecosystem with all of its payment systems, languages, and country-specific security issues. WAX makes it so that a traders country of citizenship does not matter. It also streamlines the whole process and makes trading easier for traders. CasSelle entered adult life by earning degrees in Computer Science. He earned his B.A. from MIT and his M.A. from Stanford University. It also during these years that he learned and mastered both Japanese and Mandarin.

He entered professional life by co-founding and serving as CTO of NetNoir beginning in 1995. This was one of the first media companies in history to focus entirely on Afrocentric cultures. In 1998, he became the senior vice president of the Hong Kong-based telco service provider, Pacific Century CyberWorks. He would hold this position until 2002. In 2006, he began managing the private direct investments of various web-based companies. He would do this until 2013. During this year he became CEO of MediaPass, a role he continues to hold.

It was also in 2013 that he co-founded social media tracking company, Timeline Labs. In 2016, he became CTO of new ventures at Tronc. And in 2017 he accepted his present positions as president of WAX and CIO of OPSkins.